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Andy On Chi-Kit

Born: May 1977 

Place :Providence Rhode Island United States

I first Saw Andy On in the 2003 Movie ''Looking for Mr,Perfect'' where Andy plays a mercenary type character on a Mission in Malaysia.The film was a light weight Action fest with Shu Qi and Simon Yam also starring.

Amongst the comedy and the fun filmed action scenes it was a showcase for Andy's fighting skills and it was this i noticed .

So now when new films came out , I  looked if Andy was in them,in much the same way I must view all of Jackie's or Simon Yam's movies or any other star that catches my eye and sends me on a trip of escapism for 90 minutes.

Andy was scouted in 2002 when Charles Hueng and Tsui Hark wanted to Film a sequel to Jet Li's Black Mask . 

I think because of the time frame between films , Jet did not want to reprise the role , so Andy was approached and cast in the role .

The film did not share much from the first film other then the return of the character Black Mask.Plus the film was shot in English then later translated to Cantonese ,as the original was shot the other way round.

But it was in 2003 that a film came out that would win Andy  Hong Kong's Best new actor award ,the film Starrunner .The film was a showcase for Andy's talents and left you waiting for the next film to star this rising star.

Andy trained and prepared for the film with Billy Chau a former World Kickboxing champion.On top of that Andy has trained in Wushu and film fighting under Nicky Li of Jackie Chan's stuntmen group.More recently Andy has been studying Wing Chun.

In 2004 Andy got to star in ''New Police Story '' as one of the villains of a group who end up mentally torturing Jackie's Character.when they wipe out his entire squad.The fight between Jackie and Andy in the final reel is a blinder.

Since then Andy has been busy having roles in high profile films such as 'Fatal Contact'(2006) , Invisible Target ,Mad Detective (2007) and Three Kingdoms 'Resurrection of the Dragon'.

But it is in 2010 True Legend directed by Yuen Woo Ping that Andy really gets to shine and show his ability when he plays the evil Brother to Vincent Zhao's character.

This must be one of the best films of the year and repeat viewings are essential to capture everything that goes on.

Then Andy is also a singer and released a duet with Jolin Tsai, add to this his martial arts training and his love of video games , Andy is a busy man.

I'm sure we will all be seeing a lot more of Andy in the future as he gets more lead roles and becomes one of the new leading lights in the action genre.

K.I.T.G. will be there keeping you up to date on the future projects of Andy On .


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Andy in True Legend in 2010


Andy on continues to deliver the goods

As predicted by myself , Andy On continues to be at the forefront of action cinema.  From is turn in the epic Lost Bladesman in 2011 opposite Donnie Yen.

And again in Special Identity again in 2013 again opposite Donnie Yen, Andy got the role after Vincent Zhou and Donnie Yen fell out , it was quite a big deal in the Chinese media at the time where Vincent Zhou ( who Andy had worked with on True Legend ) questioned Donnie Yen's work ethic and saftey on set. Vincent left the project and Andy On got the role . In the end it gave Andy a hard core fight scene with Donnie at the end of the film which I'm sure helped his workload even more.

2014 saw Andy Co-star opposite Phillip NG in the remake of Shaw Classic ''The Boxer from Shantung'' with fight action from Yuen Woo Ping and Sammo Hung on board , it gave the film a real hardcore feel about it. 

The film was a big headliner at the time and a great role for Andy On to land. 

Also in 2014 among others Andy starred with Daniel Wu in That Demon Within , a dark thriller with some good action scenes. 

2015 saw Andy in a American thriller with Chris Hemsworth in the lead. 

2016 saw Andy in a League of Gods , a Chinese fantasy film with a ensmeble cast with Jet Li and Tony Leung .

2018 saw Andy cast as Master Hou YuanJia ( the famous Martial arts Master from Fist of Fury who got murdered) , this was a film by Jeffery Lau and it was a crazy one at that, Playing for laughs Andy On joined Vincent Zhou and Dennis To as a one of four famous Martial art masters who are transported through time to help a young asspiring comic book writer and Martial artist earn the heart of his true love. 

2019 Abduction is another of the wall film for Andy , but with loads of action, also starring is Scott Adkins who in the West is cast as the lead star and in the East Andy On is the lead star. In truth  Andy On is the main star here as he gets the better scenes and has more screen time. It evolves around two men who have lost there loved ones through a mysterious dissappearence , could it be Aliens? 

Andy has a couple of features on the Horizon for 2021 and beyond , we will try and keep you posted here.

That Demon Within - 2014

Andy On in Special ID 

Andy On in 2018 film Kung Fu League  as Hou YuanJia


Various Posters and Pictures of Andy On 

  • Andy On in Star Runner - a blistering film
    Andy On in Star Runner - a blistering film
  • The Film that introduced me to Andy on
    The Film that introduced me to Andy on
  • The Lost Bladesman -2011
    The Lost Bladesman -2011
Andy On in Star Runner - a blistering film
Andy On in Star Runner - a blistering film
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White Vengeance 2011 - Andy plays Han Xing in this epic feature by Daniel Lee.

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Bad Blood 2010 -A group of Triads fight for money ,in a battle for control.

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Looking for Mr,Perfect 2003 - A fun filled Action film by Ringo Lam

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Official Banner star for September 2010

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Andy is one of many friends of the site who are in the martial arts /film industry with whom without sites like this would not exist , Artists like Andy know that without the fan base their fame would be not as successful, we thank him for his friendship. 

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Thanks Andy

Here at K.I.T.G. we would like to thank Andy for his friendship to the site and being our official Banner star for September 2010.

Thanks Andy