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Project X still in motion with Jackie Chan and John Cena

Posted by THE SNAKE on September 4, 2021 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Latest news is that the long awaited film with Jackie Chan and John Cena is still in production. Going as far back as 2018 when it was announced , it seems the Pandemic has stopped this one going ahead, But from news at the beginning of August about Jackie and his cast and crew members being in a real World disaster when torrential flooding and landslides not only stopped production but also saw them all in grave danger .

Luckily they where all rescued and where able to relocate.

The film is the mysterious Project X , previously Known as SNAFU.

The story is a terrorist attack in IRAQ at a Oil field secures the attention of Chinese Security officers, but upon inspection the lead officer (Chan) finds out it's all a big cover up so they can steal Millions of Dollars in Oil.

Chan teams up with a US Marine ( John Cena ) to stop the heist . Below is a Poster which just looks preliminary , no stars faces , just a trauck and fire.

Expected release now is December 2022. It's still filming now , so I supose by the time editing and special effects are laid in it still has a way to go. I can't see the West getting this till early 2023. 

Another film Jackie has starred in is Indian Drama film Nair San about a famous Indian freedom Fighter , the film stars Mohanlal as the lead character Nair San and Jackie Chan as his co-star. The film is expected to release in December 2021. But this is a film aimed at the Indian market .

Jackie also is starring with many other Chinese and Hong Kong Film stars in a film about the Covid 19 Virus, It's a film about a group of people who are confined to a hotel at the heart of the outbreak and how through their isolation they bond and friendships and romances are made. It's a charity film by the filmmakers to help the Industry and it's workers who have been affected by the pandemic. 

Jackie also has a voice over part on the go to for a new animation called Once Upon a Zodiac.

And also announced is a new Chinese /USA  film starring Jackie as a politian who aims to clean up his town after his father is killed , Five Against the Bullet is directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff ( Day After Tomorrow - Replicas - Hosatges ) , think this will be a little way off,but sound interesting.

Other then that the only other film Jackie Chan has in the works as far as any body knows is a drama film he has Wrtten,Produced and is Directing by the name of The Diary,which stars Kevin Cline and Andy Lau, Jackie won't be starring in this one .. I reckon like Sammo Jackie may take a behind the camera seat now, he can get to direct and write films for others that his own audience don't want him to star in.

But who nows Jackie Chan has always said he loves making movies , he may just suprise us still with more announcments.

Pioneering Martial Artist Shinichi 'Sonny ' Chiba Dies

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 19, 2021 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all ,
I am back again and news just in a few hours ago is that Pioneering Martial Arts Legend Shinichi ' Sonny ' Chiba has passed away  . Sonny Chiba is a Japanese Icon who made Martial arts a world wide phenonemum before the Bruce Lee's films made it to the West.

Born in Japan in 1939 Chiba was athletic at School and this led to his interest in Sports and Martial arts.

Sonny Chiba studdied Martial arts under Kyokushin Master Masutatsu Oyama and attained a 4th Degree Balck belt in the art. Chiba also held Black Belts in Shorinji Kempo Karate , Ninjitsu , Judo and Gujo Ryu Karate as well as kendo. 

Sonny Chiba started his film career in 1960 and had been in around two hundred films. He was most prolific in the 70's in Japan with the Street Fighter movies and many others including Golgo 13 , Bullet Train , Karate For Life Trilogy where he played his Karate teacher Master Oyama.

In the 80's he got more attention overseas starring in Hong Kong productions , USA productions as the years went on. 

For Western viewers of non martial art films he is most famous for his role in Kill Bill vol 1 as the swordmaster Hanzo Hattori. 

I have been a stalwart fan of Chiba's for years , he started up the Japan Action Club ( Now JAE) this was a place where filmakers could get help with making fight scenes and martial arts action in Japanese films look more exciting and real.  Chiba was behind many great artists like Hiroyuki Sanada aka Henry Sanada ( Ninja in the Dragons Den )  and Sue Shihomi of Sister Street Fighter fame. 

Chiba worked up until his death, His cause of death is through contracting COVID 19 at the beginning of August and was treated at home , by the the 8th of August he had worsened and was taken into Hospital , sadly on the 19th of August 2021  Sonny Chiba fell victim to the virus and passed away , he was 82 years old. 

A sad loss to the Martial arts world and our thoughts go out to his family. .
Domo Arigato Sonny Chiba 

James Demile - A Kung-Fu Legend passes

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 19, 2021 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

Sad News again unfortunately one of the Worlds best revered Martial Artists has Passed away . James W Demile who was one of Bruce Lee's first students has lost his fight through illness earlier this week , he was 86 years old.

James Demile met Bruce Lee in 1959 when they both studdied at the same School in Seatle . Bruce was just thinking about starting up teaching his art and was doing demos. James Demile asked Bruce to teach him after they had a friendly spar and Demile was beaten even though Demile was a much larger guy and a former Air Force Heavyweight Boxer. 

James Demile was the guy who introduced Taky Kimura to Bruce Lee , who later became one of Bruce's certified Jeet Kun-do Instructors of which there are only three. 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting James Demile in the late very late 80's at a event in the UK run by Eastern Heroes founder Ricky Baker. 

He was there promoting his book and me and a friend got into conversation with him and he was so friendly and chatted away about Bruce Lee and how they met and how training with Bruce went. ..

Later on in the day we where privaldge to James Demile performing Bruce Lee's One inch Punch on a volunteer from the audience of the cinema we where in . I remember James getting the guy to hold a telephone book to his chest , the crowd was silent and James prepared , he got in position and he was like on top of the guy , sitting you could not see the space between James Demile's fist and the Telephone Book the guy was holding to his chest.  

Then Wham in a microsecond this guys goes flying and james had hardly moved. Impressive to say the least. 

Probably one of the most amazing things I have seen involving the arts and by a great guy. 

RIP James Demile  and thank you for what you have given the Martial art world. 

Sad News - Bradley Allan Passess

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 7, 2021 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi All , 

Sad news confirmed this morning is that Martial artist / Stunt Man / Fight Cordinator and action Director Bradley James Allan has passed away at the young age of 48.

For those in the know he will be remembered for his fast paced fight action and his work on numerous Jackie Chan films..

He was the first non Asain member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team who eventually became it's lead member.

The Late Bradley Allan

Brad also worked in Hollywood as well as being a JCST member and worked in stunts and choreography on many films from Avatar , Hell Boy , Chronicles of Riddick and more. 

Brad had trained in Martial arts from a young age and had aqquired skills in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate and Wushu of which he trained with and under students from Jet Li's old school of Wushu in Beijing.  He was fluent in Mandarin as well. 

Born in Australia in 1973 , this is where he got his first real break after returning from China. Jackie was filming Mr Nice Guy in Melbourne and Brad new some of the film crew and after some calls got a audition to show his stuff .

From this he got signed for work on Jackie's Who Am I film. 

He also got to fight Jackie in a couple of big standout fight scenes in the film Gorgeous where he played the Antagonist for hire to Jackie's Protagonist.. 

His latest work set to release shortly is Marvel's Shang Chi where he worked as Fight Cordinator and 2nd Unit Director. 

A sad loss to the Martial arts world and even sadder that he was so young. 


Sertes Nake 

Update : 10-08-2021 - When reported we did not know at all about how Bradley Allan died,  though not confirmed it has been said now that he fell ill and this illness brought on a Heart Attack . Though we don't know this for 100% certain , the source was a Good friend of his.

Karate Kicks into the Olympics in Tokyo

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 6, 2021 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all,
Karate has kicked it self in to the Olympics and even in this very unusual Olympics in Tokyo it seems to have got of to a fine start .

Day one of the Karate saw the Female Kata's being performed . And in the end it came down to two exponenets . Japan's Kiyou Shimizu and Spain's Sandra Sanchez Jaime. 

Performing the Chatanyara Kata from Shito-Ryu Karate both participants gave their all . But in the end it was the reigning World Champion Sandra Sanchez Jaime of Spain who grabbed the Gold. 

Both performed with intensity and gave impeccable demonstrations of the Kata in question.

Of course us viewers in the UK who rely on the BBc for coverage where given the bare minimum of footage , yes it would have been nice to see the other kata's and sparring but it seems once again the BBC let viewers down with poor coverage of this new entry into the Olympics , but managed to give lengthy coverage of the other new sport of Rock climbing /Boudering..

We will bring more as we view what we can . 
Sertes Nake 

   Sandra Sanchez Jaime of Spain takjes Gold in the Karate Kata's at Tokyo 2020

Events for all in 2021

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 1, 2021 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi all , 

The one thing we have all missed these past Year and half are public events and shows. and though the opening of these are still limited , and I dont see a return to normal till well into next year .

Even though Digital online events have been happenng in many communities , like the recent Hyper Japan Online event with many portals for your fix of Japanese culture , some Free and some pay for via Zoom . We all want one thing and that's to get out there and be at a event in person. Oh how we have missed those. 

I recently went to the cinema for the first time since 2019 Christmas. and it was so surreal being out again.

So some events are happening , Rick Baker of Eastern Heroes has started up his Kung Fu Cafe again with the first one kicking off today , though I was unable to make it , I will make sure I get to the next one. 

Also the Mighty MCM Comic Con is returning to London in October and Birmingham in November of this year . Though some limitations will still be in place as to numbers allowed and all attendees must wear a face covering at the event , it looks like it's slowly coming back to normal.

Tickets for Comic Con are on sale now and the Weekend tickets are sold out already. But single tickets are avaiable . Will I be attending to cover the show? I 'm not sure yet . As Stars and events for the show are still to be announced I really need to know what's happening first. 

But I will be applying for a press pass and see if i can attend. But if I'm unsuccessful in the Press pass request because their pretty random how they apply these each time , some times i get them and some times I dont. 

Thing is if I'm unsuccessful it may be to late to get tickets due tot the limitations on numbers this year . We shall see. 

But hopefully a few more events will happen before Christmas and the KITG team hope to meet old and new friends at some of these .

Till then Stay Safe , Train Hard, and above all enjoy Life as it's The Only Way To Survive.

Sertes Nake 



The Wolf secures Gold for Japan at Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 31, 2021 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Judo and the Men's -100kg category was a mamoth match , a match of Titans . In the White Wolf Aaron fighting for Japan  and in the Blue South Korea's Cho Guham . 

Both men had come to claim Gold  , For Japan it was a hope for another Gold in a sport they invented which would take their tally up and give them another medal in Judo .

For the South Korean it was a chance to prove their superioty in Martial arts after they had failed to grab a gold in the Taekwondo .

This was a a tense match where Wolf took his time to figure out his opponent , But Wolf was taking the risks  with some good technique , While Cho attacked it was a battle of wits  but Cho did make a couple of mistakes and penalties where awarded. But at the end of normal time of four minutes there was no winner .

In to Golden score the two fighters new they had to attack and get it right. As one mistake and all could be lost . Or at least that's how it would be. 

As time ticked by and we where three or so minutes in to Golden score the two fighters where tiring , they had been going for over seven minutes , Cho had made a couple of mistakes in poor execution of technique where he just dropped to the floor , but amazingly the referee let it go and go again to the disbelief of the commentators . Four times were they thought the match had to be  over via penalties the referee let them continue and to his credit the ref made the right choice in giving the South Korean the chance to carry on . 

It would have been demoralising to lose on penalties in a Gold Medal match .

The two carried on and in the end the Wolf came through with a Ippon to secure Japan another Gold , the two fighters had been at it for 9 Minutes and 35 seconds .

Yes these where two titans fighting for honor and in the end the Wolf won . 

A amazing match and a great end to the Men's -100kg Judo at Tokyo.

The Wolf of Japan takes the Gold from Cho Guham of South Korea at Tokyo 2020

Lasha Bekauri grabs Gold at Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 31, 2021 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

More excitment at the Judo in Tokyo in the Men's -90kg category as Georgia's Lasha Bekauri went up against one of the firm favorites in the Gold medal match . His opponenet , Evard Trippel from Germany .

This was another great match with the two fighters attacking in tandem to grab the medal , but in the end it was the Georgian who grabbed the gold . 

The Georgian looked as suprised as the German when he scored the deciding point. 

Congratulations must go to Lasha Bekauri for giving such a entertaining demonstration.

Lasha Bekauri (right) Grabs Gold from Germany's Evard Trippel  ( Left) in the Men's Judo -90kg category at Tokyo

Shori Hamada Strikes with Ippon at Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 31, 2021 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

After the breath taking Ono Shohei battle I thought that i had seen the best match of the Judo at the Olympics , but how wrong could I be as  the the Women's -78kg would go down as a devastating match to secure Japan another Gold in the Judo at Tokyo 2020..

Up against France's Madeline Malonga  Japan's Shori Hamada would wow the crowds by taking on the French fighter and mind blowingly take her out with a Ippon in a staggering 1 minute and 10 seconds of the match. 

And it was a breathtaking Ippon delivered with a excecution of perfection. .
The French Fighter liturally was staggered by the event .

While Hamada looked unphased by the proceedings and like it was a walk in the park.

Shori Hamamda proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Women's -78kg weight class and we look forward to seeing more of her in the future. 

Ono Shohei Goes for Gold in Judo at Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 27, 2021 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Thus so far one of the most exciting Judo matches must be the battle for Gold in the Men's 73kg category .

In the White we have one Ono Shohei , a Judoka who has reached near legendary status in Japan and much of the World. . Even though he does not compete as much as others in the sport , when he does he always comes out winning . 
Here he is defending his Olympic title from 2016 . 

Plus he has been unbeaten on the circuit since 2014. Which is a unbelievable concept in the sport of fighting arts. 

But he has taken some time out to train for this Olympics and has not fully competed in every other tournament. 

His goal is to bring Judo back to Japan as a national sport where it has declined and the West has embraced it. 

This is a man whose goal is not just about winning for sport but for the passion of Judo and the honor of Japan and Judo's founder Jigoro Kano. 

The Man in Blue is one Lasha Shavdatuashvili of Georgia and a powerhouse fighter who became the World Champion at 73kg in Budapest in 2021 earlier this year.

Now both Fighters have contested at 66kg and 73kg. . The Georgian won Gold in Judo at London 2012 and Bronze in Rio 2016. 

Stepping onto the matt the newly crowned World Champion new what he was in for as he has much respect for Ono and the two seem to share the same passion and goals for Judo.

This was a crazy match which exhausted me just watching. , it went the full distance without score as Lasha attacked and attacked while Ono defended and countered each time. Going into Golden Score Ono started to turn up the heat after some time  and I say time as the Golden Score time went over five Minutes. and they had previously been fighting for four minutes. 

Every time Lasha got the hook to get Ono  , Ono would redirect himself away at blistering speed. But then that's the thing with Ono he looks like he's going slow then BAM !  he flies into action and pulls of moves no other Judoka would try in such circumstances. 

When Ono goes out to win he likes to win big and win big he did , getting the drop on Lasha more then nine minutes after they started fighting.

But you know Lasha didn't seem to mind as the two came together to say thanks and they both looked at each other as if to say  , bloody hell that was a long bout. , both looked exhausted as I was from just watching. 

The world Champion had just been dropped by a Japanese modern day legend and he new it  and you could see the admiration the two men shared for each other. 

Both men are Champions of Judo and both will go down in history as some of the finest Judoka the world has seen . 

Ono Shohei taking it to Lasha Shavdatuashvili