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Chuck Norris turns 81 on March 10th 2021

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 9, 2021 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

On a high note  I'm sure all martial art fans will wish Chuck Norris a Happy Birthday on March 10th 2021 when he turns 81 .So tomorrow is Chuck's day and we wish him all the best at Kick'em in the Ghoulies.  With all the recent misfortune it's good to see the legendary Martial artist and Actor break the 80 mark.

And we wish him many more. 

Veteran Hong Kong Actor Ng Man Tat dies age 71

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 9, 2021 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Another sad post as we report that Veteran Hong Kong Actor Ng Man Tat has passed away at the age of 71, Ng Man Tat had become a stalwart of the Hong Kong film industry starring in more then a hundred films and television series.

For Western Viewers he's most famous for playing Golden Leg Fung in Shaolin Soccer with Stephen Chow. Though this was the last time the two had worked together they had a long partnership where Ng Man Tat would co-star opposite Stephen Chow in many films including Fight Back to School  , Royal Tramp , Tricky Brains and King of Beggers among others. 

Tat was also a frequent co-star to Chow Yun Fat in the past as well. . Tat's big break proably came with the late Benny Chan's Moment of Romance where Tat won the Best surporting actor award opposite Andy Lau in 1990 , a film role recommended for him by Chow Yun Fat , even though the two had fallen out at the time due to Tat's gambling problems. 

Tat also starred in the late Brandon Lee's debut film ,Legacy of Rage.. Tat was so versatile from Comedy to high intense drama that he kept getting the work, He crops up in many classic films from God of Gamblers ,Portland Street Blues,Gangland Odyssey and Overheard 3. 

Ng Man Tat had been ill since 2014 after suffering a heart attack , and even though he recuperated,  viral infections later took hold which resulted in Liver Cancer. , He miraculously continued to work in to 2020 but was looking very frail.

Ng Man Tat passed away in his sleep on February 27th 2021 in Tai Wai hospital in Hong Kong. 

A memorial servcie was arranged and was attended by old friends Stephen Cow, Chow Yun Fat and others with many floral tributes being sent from many other stars of the industry like Jackie Chan.

RIP Richard Ng Man Tat - The True God of Gamblers

New Mortal Kombat Movie Inbound

Posted by THE SNAKE on February 22, 2021 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes Mortal Kombat is Back ! 

But this is no game , this is a reboot of the film franchise , this time coming from Warner Bros. With a Street Date of April 16th 2021 and listed as only in Cinema's , so no early streaming of this one folks.

Though Stateside it will stream for a limited period on HBO . 

So it's not only in cinemas.  

For a film that's been in development  for a few years and had most of it's principal photography done in late 2019 it's been a long wait for this one and this is of course due to the global pandemic. 

But as Vacines get rolled out and the hope of life returing to normal at some point , what better way to start off then with a film about Fatalities .

Heading the cast is Hiroyuki Sanada who plays Scorpian , Joe Taslim as Sub Zero and Lewis son of Phillip Tan as Cole Young.Also appearing as Raiden is Tadanobo Asano.

(c) Warner Bros Pictures 2021

Produced by James Wan and directed by Simon McQuiod it looks set to surprise fans and hopefully live up to the hype. 

For Fans in the UK due to current restrictions cinemas are not allowed to re-open till Mid May at the earliest , so it looks like we will be waiting a little longer . 

But what a way to come out of Lockdown. . Your Soul is Mine.

Sertes Nake 

Jackie Chan's VANGUARD comes to DVD December 15th 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on December 12, 2020 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

On a lighter note , those wishing to watch Jackie Chan's new film VANGUARD on DVD / Bluray can import the film on December 15th 2020. Of course you must have a Region free DVD or Bluray Player to watch the film . 

The Region 3 DVD can be bought for around £12 - £14 depending on sites and the Bluray which is Region A is around £23.00 on some sites .

We hope to be picking up the DVD for view but won't probably have it arrive before Christmas i doubt. 

I find it much more reasonable to pick up the DVD on import and usually buy the Bluray when it gets released in my own region at a much lower price. Plus we don't possess a Region Free Bluray Player here at Kick'em in the Ghoulies . It's also nice to have the different versions as they often have alternate content on disc .

Will you be importing VANGUARD?

Sertes Nake

Kim Ki Duk Passes away from COVID age 59

Posted by THE SNAKE on December 12, 2020 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

It seems each time I post here in 2020 that it's all sad news , on December 11th South Korean Director Kim Ki Duk ( Moebius) passed away in Latvia from complications after contracting COVID 19 . The Director whose films and life have been surrounded by controversy was one of the New age Directors of South Korea and directed a vast array of films , Many of which with quite distressing stories and ''scenes that have caused controversy from Animal mutilation to violent scenes that many would find nearing the mark of good entertainment.



But this is why his films have done so well and why he made a name for him self through out his career as a one of the pioneers of Korean cinema .



Kim Ki Duk went to Latvia in November 2020 to house hunt as he was making a new film in the region and planned to live there while the film he was making was produced. After buying a house on December 5th the director became impossible to reach and died under going treatment for Chronic Covid 19 symptoms in the region and sadly passed away on December 11th 2020 at the age of 59 , Just days before his 60th birthday.

Another sad day for the film Industry , and with still three weeks left of 2020 we hope that everyone can stay safe, as there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sertes Nake 

Next Gen Approaches as SONY and Microsoft ready for launch

Posted by Bruno B on September 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

   Hi all as We near the launches for next gen gaming , all eyes are on what the two big rivals do. Yes we know Microsoft have said they don't see Sony as rivals.

But this is good old Console wars and no matter how you look at it , this is what where heading for. Sony's confidence has been noted since the overhwhelming success of the PS4 after the legendary 2013 balls up by Don Matrick at the Xbox Conferance.

But with a good few years of leadership by Phil Spencer has seen the team in green gain the much needed respect they lost.

Of course this new generation has been hampered by the Global Pandemic , resulting in the usual fan fare associated with console launches , like live events and fans getting hands on with the systems months before launch go out of the window. 

What we have had is a series of digital reveals , outlining the games on the systems and some hardware specs , some of these digital showcases have been ok while others have not revealed enough or the right infomation.

But in the end the past month has seen both companies reveal more info on the systems and the all important launch dates and price which both held up on until recently and really only got revealed because of leaks from Microsoft's end . 

So yes with Xbox where getting two consoles , one a super uber Series X which is aimed at 4K gaming and those wanting the best in performance at the highest resolution. Also in Xbox's court is the smaller more affordable digital only console ( Xbox Series S)  aimed at the more casual purchase and people who are going to play on a standard HD TV or Moniter up to 1440p .

Sony have gone with two consoles as well , but there two consoles are identical apart from one being a disc based unit and the other being a digital only unit. Both of Sony's units aim for 4K gaming , they share the same hardware.

The big thing this generation is that these uber consoles don't come cheap at a whopping £449 .00 ( $499) for both Microsofts and Sony's Disc Based units and Sony's Digital unit coming in at £359.00 ($399) , while Microsoft's Smaller Xbox series S comes in at a affordable £249.00 ($299).

Both consoles launch in November.

But where as Sony has lined up a couple of specific launch day exclusives like Spider Man Miles Morales and Demon Souls , Microsoft has had to delay their big hitter , HALO INFINITE due to a poor recpetion in digital events and not wanting to release a sub par game which is vital to showcase the system . This basically means Microsoft have no Xbox studio launch days games , or launch window for that matter. 

Yes other compaines have Launch games for both systems , but many are cross gen titles .

But where Microsoft have been translucent with the new system , offering as much infomation as possible the past month, Sony on the other hand still have details they have not disclosed to their fans and customers. .

At time of writing Xbox and the team in green seem to have the upper hand , not only are they releasing two consoles aimed at two completely different price points and consumers they have also made sure their new console is fully back ward compatible with all Previous Xbox one games , and all 360 and OG Xbox back ward compatible games that currently work on Xbox One, as a bounus most of these games run with improved frmae rates , lighting and effects just from the bog standard edition. 

Add to this many games getting free upgrades as you transition from one eco system to the next and you have a forward thinking concept.

But that's not all Xbox's game pass has been a marvelous addition to the Xbox eco system which offers great value to try out new games and all Xbox Studio games on day of release. 

Then add in Included Xcloud play for Android devices , the inclusion of EAPLAY being included as part of the gamepass subscription from Xbox Series launch day .

Then the big one happened when a day before the Tokyo Game show , Xbox announced they had purchased Zeniax , the company who own the likes of Bethesda , Id Software , Arkane Studios and more . this means all the IP associated with these developers are now owned by Microsoft . 

It means the likes of Doom Eternal.,Wolfenstien series , Fall Out and more are going to be coming to Gamepass . this will of course take time but Doom Eternal already has a date .

Xbox seems to be off to a flying start , they even have review units in the hands of reviewers and digital foundary have done a couple of videos on the new system , showcasing it's power.

Sony seem intent on keeping silent after a good showing of games , which was diluted the next day when suppossed exlcusives where found out to be coming to PS4 as well ( Spider Man Miles Morales / Horizon Zero 2 ) , where as Xbox uses the same Operating system as the current Xbox One range , it has been upgraded with new features and a new shop experiance which have been launched on the previous gen as well.

So gamers know what to expect. . Sony's Operating system seems scarce and in reality potential purchasers have pre-ordred not knowing vital info or what even the UI looks like on Sony's system.

Sony and Microsoft have less then six weeks to launch and Sony seem to be lacking in communication at present.

Xbox Series X  / S launches on November 10th 2020 worldwide  / X =£449 ($499) -  S =£249 ($299)

Sony PS5 launches November 12th in the America's and the USA  and on November 19th in all other regions  £449 (499) Disc - £359 ($399) Digital.

Are you entering the next gen early or are you waiting ?

As of writing all preorders have sold out , though both compnies say more stock would be arriving after launch day. 

This is Bruno B , your gaming expert giving you the lowdown .

I'll be back with more news on the next gen of gaming shortly.

Our next article will feature the debacle of using the new SSD drives , the pro's and the con's for gamers. and how to manage that data.

Sei Ashina Dead at 36

Posted by THE SNAKE on September 15, 2020 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

2020 definetly has been a tough and sad year for many. And the sad news continues to arrive. After our last post about he death of Benny Chan I did not think my very next post would be about another death .

Japanese Actress Sei Ashina star of various Film and TV productions has been found dead at her apartment in Tokyo .

Police are currently investigating . Her Family became worried when she failed to answer phone calls or messages .

Her body was found on September 14th 2020 , Sad News indeed and even more so when Police suspect apparent Suicide .

Sei Ashina was the third Japanese Celebrity death since May with the other two also contributed to Suicide.

Sei Ashina came to fame in the turn of the Millenium when she starred in Kamen Rider Hibiki in film and TV .

Other Notable roles where in 2007 film 'Silk' and  Kamui Gaiden 2009 .

Sad News indeed

Sertes Nake 

Director Benny Chan Dead at 58

Posted by THE SNAKE on August 30, 2020 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Sad News this month is the passing of  Director Benny Chan who was repsonsible for some of Hong Kong's greatest action cinema.

Benny Chan was diagnosed with  Nose Cancer ( nasopharyngeal cancer)  last year whilst  filmimg '' Raging Fire ' with Donnie Yen.

Benny Chan got his break under Johnnie To as his Assistant in the 90's at TVB.

Benny Chan had directed some of the greats in Action cinema from Jackie Chan in Who Am I , to Andy Lau in Shaolin.

Benny Chan Passed away on  August 23rd 2020 , he was Just 58 years old..

We will be doing a series of film reviews as a tribute to the director shortly.

I am sure all readers send their condolances to his family.

Thank you for  all the joy you brought to the big screen Mr Chan.

Sertes Nake August 2020


Yakuza Kiwami out now on XBOX

Posted by Bruno B on April 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

  My final news of the day,  Just a slight bit of info , for those who have been playing Yakuza 0 on Xbox will be pleased to know that Yakuza Kiwami  ( the remake of the original game)  is out now on Xbox One in digital format at a reasonable £14.99  .

Plus Gamepass subscribers can also play the game on their subscription along with the Prequel .

Of Note * Yakuza Kiwami requires approximatley 22gb of storage space on Xbox One , and require roughly 44gb for the install on PC.

We will give a update once Kiwami 2 releases on Xbox as soon as we know. 

This is Bruno.B signing off. Be Safe everyone.

Copyright(c) SEGA

Bandai Namco offer Free Pac-Man Game

Posted by Bruno B on April 25, 2020 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

  Yes more news for you all , Those lovely people at Bandai Namco are giving away a free digital copy of Pacman Championship edition 2 on PC /PS4 / and Xbox One  , in  a mesaage to get people to play at home amidst the covid19 outbreak. 

Unfortunately Nintendo Switch owners have been left out as Switch has the Plus edition of the game and is not in the offer. 

Pacman is a classic iconic game and even though this edition may not be the best , it's a welcome gift. 

All i have to say is Thank You very much Bandai Namco and may you all be safe. 

copyright (C) Bandai Namco