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Posted by THE SNAKE on March 20, 2020 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

      NEWS JUST IN - Crossmedia have announced that the proposed HYPERJAPAN FESTIVAL due to take place at Olympia on July 10th-12th has been postponed due to the COIVD19 outbreak. 

Now seeing as Many events have been postponed ,you may think this is the norm, but many events have been reschedualed , MCM London Comic Con May was recenlty postponed till the 10th -12th July , in effect clashing with Hyper Japan Festival , Seeing as many of the exhibitors at both events are the same it seems some sort of compromise had to happen , also many on social media had aired their unhappiness about the events clashing with the new dates. 

Seeing as MCM in effect does attract more visitors ( 200'000 in a weekend) ,exhibitors would of course take more money at MCM . I reckon if both events would have gone ahead , my bet would be that Hyper Japan would be the one to suffer losses in lost exhibitors and visitors.

I have attended both events for years , it will be interesting to see how close the new date which is coming shortly is to the potponed one. They might go for a August date , we should find out in the next few days. 

Watch this space for the new date of Hyper Japan Festival 2020. 

Also it was apparent that the Birmingham MCM comic con also clashes with other events , though i am not to sure what they are at the moment, once i find out i will post a update :)


Posted by THE SNAKE on March 19, 2020 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I had a feeling this one was coming, MCM Comic Con London has been postponed till July 10th -12th. , this is in line with Goverment suggestions that people should operate social distancing due to the COVID 19 outbreak. 

I did feel the London show would be next after Birmingham was moved to June.  I guess it's hard to calculate what the end of May will be like at this point and how everything will be operating. 

Once again Reedpop SAY excisting ticket holders need not worry ,your tickets are valid for the July show, And if you are unable to  make July you contact Reedpop to transfer to the October show or get a refund if you can not make either. 

So as we go into isolation i hope all keep well and safe , and remember buy what you need ,not for the next decade. Remember the Older folk can not travel for food and supplies and if everyone hoards it all it's not fair. 

Keep Well , Train Hard ( You can keep fit at home)  and enjoy life as in the end we will all get through this .

And i hope to see many at the MCM London in July where we can party like it's the first one ever.

Sertes Nake aka The Snake

Heated Gaming Battles as PS5 takes on Xbox Series X

Posted by Bruno B on March 18, 2020 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

  Hi all , The past couple of days have been big for the gaming Community , if there's one thing the worlds lockdown on COVID19 is doing is bringing gamers together across the world as online portals are spiking with more players online then ever before. And looks like it's going to get busier with the announcement today that all UK schools will be closed by the end of the week to curtail the virus outbreak.

We should see more gamers online for the next few weeks at more times of the day. 

So This week we have had Nintendo reveal a indie showcase with many titles arriving this year and many timed exclusives for the Switch. Of the ones where most impressed by include Baldo and The Last Campfire.. 

 The Last Campfire is by Hello Games  ( No Mans Sky) and arrives on Switch and other consoles this Summer

Baldo is a Anime inspired RPG which looks adorable ( C)  NAPS TEAM

But also in the news is the SPEC Reveals for Xbox Series X and PS5 . Microsoft where out of the gates first on Monday confirming the 12 Terraflop beast with a 1TB SSD , a new controller with capture button and the systems Raytacing abilities and iterating Full backward compatability with all XBXO ONE titles and all excisting compatiable Xbox 360 and Xbox OG titles. .

They even showed a demo of how fast the Series X loads a game compared to a Xone X. It's fast. 

Other news is that if you buy a title for XONE Xone X , and later upgrade to the Series X you can use the same disc and the system will upgrade the game to the Series X version via the internet at no extra cost. ( Providing developer has taken advantage of the Series X )

So play the latest titles on your excisting hardware and when you can afford to upgrade you can play the same game but looking so much better.

Storage- Series X comes with a 1TB SSD and has a expansion port for 1TB Specific cards . you can still use a USB hard drive for Your XONE and XONE 'X' games . so the most sensible thing to do is have all your Back compat titles installed on the USB drive ( unless it's Series X enhanced)  and leave the console SSD and Expansion for your Series X games. .

Coming Holdiay 2020

Now to todays PS5 deep Dive which today chief architect MARK CERNY  , Big surpise here was the how limited the Deep Dive was with Cerny's focus on how fast the SSD is in the PS5 , it's apparently very fast , like instantaneous.  But the reveal of the the system only being 10.28TerraFlops upset a few PS4 stalwarts from the sounds of it. ( To be honest does it make a difference) , but then they go and reveal the SSD size as 825GB , which seems ludicrous for next gen. especially when some games come in at 100GB , if your lucky it will store ten AAA games or so unless your only buying indies. 

Yes they have NVME EXPANSION cards coming as well , but when buying a new console added cost of extras adds up and many buyers won't have the dosh.

On the topic of Back Comaptability Cerny said they had tested a 100 of the most popular PS4 games and most worked. So what does that say about the other hundreds of PS4 games , will you still need your PS4?

No mention of other systems being back compatable.

No reveal of what the console looks like  ( something XBOX have been early with )

In breakdown the PS5 specs don't match the Series X and with their fan service of Gamepass and their back compatable program and the fatc that all forthcoming games will work on all XBox One systems and the Series X , it looks like Microsoft are ahead.

We wait with bated breadth for more info over the coming weeks as Summer approaches.

This is Bruno B Signing Off 

Keep Well and Safe all

UK stance on COVID19 not unique

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 15, 2020 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all , 

With most of Europe going into lockdown in response to the virus Covid19 many seem it odd that the UK stance is somewhat less dramatic at the moment,  Italy is in full lockdown, Spain and France are bringing in new measures from Monday, With non essential shops told to close along with Cinemas and and basically anywhere people congregate for entertainment. 

Though the UK has not been so severe at the moment ,we know this could all change. at the flick of a switch. At the time of writing ,shops are open, ,schools are open as are most places. Even bans on large gatherings are not compulsery yet even though many fottball matches and public events have been cancelled by the organisers . It looks like many are self policing. 

But where not the only Country that has gone this route , South Korea  which at the time of the outbreak was at the centre of the outbreak have worked with China and other countries in the area . They have let people go about their daily life as best possible and by doing so , has dampened the impact of the virus on daily life for those not infected. 

But the one thing South Korea has is a very high test rate raito and have remarkably tested over 250'000 people for the virus and keep track of those infected by a phone app where they can moniter the persons symptoms .

In all intense and purposes , in South Korea it is working. Time will tell if the UK's stance is right , But one things for sure the next few weeks will effect everyone and in the end it's best to go with the flow , be careful and all will be fine . And don't forget to wash your hands.


Fans of Gina Carano we are!

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 13, 2020 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

With a site covering so much it's sometimes hard to know who to cover and when. Articles take time to write and compile as does watching the various films and reviewing them.. It's the reason why we often review films from many years ago that are not classics but stand out in todays flooded market.

We don't have a endless supply of new releases incoming all the time, so sometimes going back and finding a small collection of films that have made us sit up and take notice often make for a good article. 

Well one such group of films has done just that, and they all star former MUAY Thai and MMA fighter Gina Carano.

And now is a good time to focus on Gina Carano as she is co-starring in the new Disney Web series  Star Wars The Mandarlorian .

So watch this space as we delve into compiling a special on Gina Carano - coming shortly to kickemintheghoulies

MCM Comic Con Postponed till June- COVID19

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 13, 2020 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

New announcement  just in,  After taking advice from the World Health Organisation ,Reed Promotions have decided to Postpone the March Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC..

The new dates in place are for the 27th -28th June, providing the situation of Covid 19 does not escalate. 

All purchasers of tickets will be able to use your excisting Tickets for the March show for replacement in June, there's no need to contact Reed Promotions. . Of course if you are unable to make the June dates then contact Reed Promotions for a refund.

Currently ticket sales are on hold till new tickets  for June are ready to be sold. But current ticket holders need not worry. 

This gives three months to see if the threat of the virus can be curtailed. 

Of course the London Con is on end of May and currently still schedualed to run. But it is advisable to keep a eye on the MCM websites to keep up to date with the progression of the shows in question .

Disney's Mulan premier down scaled in the UK

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 12, 2020 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all, the 12th March was the day that Disney's MULAN was supposed to get it's Red Carpet Premier with stars Liu Yifei and Donnie Yen and the Director in attendance , But about 12 or so hours ago , it was declared that due to the escalating COVID19 virus and new precautions in place that it best to cancel the red carpet event and the appearence of the stars. 

The film did go ahead and screen in a closed contained screening. So at least ticket holders did get to see the film. 

It looks like this is the state of play for many events for the next few months as precautions against the virus become more intense. 

Mulan is set to come to mainstream cinemas on March 27th . As far as Internationally goes it seems it may be only playing in less infected areas as in many countries cinemas are on close down .  It looks like for many of us will have to wait for the DVD /Bluray or streaming service of the film to see it. 

MULAN is a live action remake of the animated 1998 film by Disney and stars Liu Yifei ( Sparrow in Forbidden Kingdom) as the title character , with a surpporting cast of Donnie Yen ,Jason Scott Lee, Gong Li, it also sees the return to the big screen of Jet Li who plays the Emperor. The film also stars Legendary actress Cheng Pei Pei ( Come Drink With Me  / Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)  as the Matchmaker. 

E3 GETS CANNED AMIDST Covid19 Concerns

Posted by Bruno B on March 11, 2020 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

   Yes I'm back again ,twice in the same day , what's going on? Well it's Official amidst concerns over the Covid19 virus the Worlds biggest Gaming show has been cancelled. . E3  in Los Angelas is NOT happening this year. . Even though over  week ago they where admament that the show would go ahead even with other shows in the area already canned. 

E3 Is the biggest gaming show and even though this year it had already been dealt some blows with Sony Pulling out and key players also abandoning the show  , there still where a lot of content that would have made it viable. 

But being as Los Angelas is on alett surrounding the virus it looks like they can be sure all will be fine by the planned June date of the show. 

Ubisoft and Microsoft have already assured fans that they will showcase their reveals via a  digital event around the time the show was going to happen. Nintendo normally have a digital show anyway , so if all the big players pull together maybe they can all host digital events to satisfy the gaming community. 

Maybe it was on the cards weeks ago as the new style E3 was heading was not liked by many  industry insiders and some cited this as to why Sony Pulled out . But for gamers it is a sad loss of the hype to all the annoucements on the often cringeworthy live stages. 

But as concerns rise over the Virus and how employees of the companies attending such events can be kept safe , it goes without saying thet precaution is the safest way. 

Looks like this year events world wide will be disrupted one way or another. Though across the globe other events are taking place . 

Watch this space and if any other events get canned where be sure to let you know in advance if we can. 

Bruno B 

signing of

Microsoft to give details on Xbox Series X in Live stream

Posted by Bruno B on March 11, 2020 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

   Hi  Everyone Bruno B here , former Miiversesarien and the official games expert for the K.I.T.G. Group of sites. 

So after the cancelation of  the GDC ( Game Developers Conferance)  in the USA  amidst fears of the Corona Virus . Microsoft has announced it will be hosting a livetsream to announce more details on the XBOX SERIES X console ( due to release this fall 2020) . 

The Livestreams will take place on the 17th and 18th March and start at 1pm ET .So that's 1700 hrs for us in the UK . 

Details are sketchy at present but it looks like their getting more into talking about the systems Raytracing effects , Cloud Gaming with Project X Cloud.  I'm sure your all excited to see what's let out of the bag. 

I'm currently working on this sites gaming pages with Sertes and where soon have a new look for all game related pages going live soon. 

Bruno B signing of. 

Mini Review - BLAST- 1997- Linden Ashby

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 6, 2020 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's another Mini review for you all. Here we look at a film from 1997 which harks back to a time of the heyday of B-movie action films.



Starring Linden Ashby / Andrew Divoff / Rutger Hauer 

BLAST  is a budget action film starring Actor / Martial Artist Linden Ashby , for those unfamiliar with him , FYI he played Johnny Cage in the live action Mortal Kombat film alongside Robin Shou and Chistoper Lambert

Blast plays like your usual one guy against a army of bad guys , inspired by the lkes of Die Hard no doubt.

Linden plays Jack Bryant a ex competiing martial artist who got badly injured and had to give up on his career , he fell on hard times and now works as a Janitor .

But Jack just happens to be  a Janitor at the forthcoming Atlanta games . And just happens to be on duty at the Swimming halls while the USA team are going for their practice , And lo- and behold his ex wife just happens to be the coach of the team.

At this very time a group of terroists infiltrate the Swimming halls, plant bombs and hold the team hostage. 

They are led by a crazed terroist played by Andrew Divoff. 

Only one man can stop them and it's Jack , Atlanta is in  lockdown as the terroists have planted bombs across the city , Plus their goal is one of deception as their main objective is march larger. 

But have no fear Jack has help at the end of a phone , a adversary of of the terrorist  who was presumed dead  , it's Leo who has no legs and long colouful drealocks  and goes around in motorised wheelchair. . All is not lost.

And yes Leo is played by the late Rutger Hauer.

Blast is a film that's OK to watch while you eat your dinner , it's no showcase for martial arts and compared to other films in the genre around the same time looks baron . They really needed some more extra's to fill out the scenes. 

Linden Ashby rarely gets to show his ability in martial arts , even though he is versed in Taekwondo,Karate and Kung Fu. There's a few nice little moves as he runs around avoiding terrorists and taking them out one by one. There's no real fight scene that offers any substance and the final is a letdown 

If you took Jean Claude Van Damme's Sudden Death , took out all the crowds , and left just a few people in a empty building , for go any of the bigger combat scenes  and add  Rutger Hauer's quite comic style character to the proceedings then your have this film. 

Here at Kick'em in the Ghoulies we watched this on our Amazon Prime subscription , whatever you do don't spend money on this because it really is just fodder for lunch.

Review by Sertes Nake