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Next Gen Approaches as SONY and Microsoft ready for launch

Posted by Bruno B on September 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

   Hi all as We near the launches for next gen gaming , all eyes are on what the two big rivals do. Yes we know Microsoft have said they don't see Sony as rivals.

But this is good old Console wars and no matter how you look at it , this is what where heading for. Sony's confidence has been noted since the overhwhelming success of the PS4 after the legendary 2013 balls up by Don Matrick at the Xbox Conferance.

But with a good few years of leadership by Phil Spencer has seen the team in green gain the much needed respect they lost.

Of course this new generation has been hampered by the Global Pandemic , resulting in the usual fan fare associated with console launches , like live events and fans getting hands on with the systems months before launch go out of the window. 

What we have had is a series of digital reveals , outlining the games on the systems and some hardware specs , some of these digital showcases have been ok while others have not revealed enough or the right infomation.

But in the end the past month has seen both companies reveal more info on the systems and the all important launch dates and price which both held up on until recently and really only got revealed because of leaks from Microsoft's end . 

So yes with Xbox where getting two consoles , one a super uber Series X which is aimed at 4K gaming and those wanting the best in performance at the highest resolution. Also in Xbox's court is the smaller more affordable digital only console ( Xbox Series S)  aimed at the more casual purchase and people who are going to play on a standard HD TV or Moniter up to 1440p .

Sony have gone with two consoles as well , but there two consoles are identical apart from one being a disc based unit and the other being a digital only unit. Both of Sony's units aim for 4K gaming , they share the same hardware.

The big thing this generation is that these uber consoles don't come cheap at a whopping £449 .00 ( $499) for both Microsofts and Sony's Disc Based units and Sony's Digital unit coming in at £359.00 ($399) , while Microsoft's Smaller Xbox series S comes in at a affordable £249.00 ($299).

Both consoles launch in November.

But where as Sony has lined up a couple of specific launch day exclusives like Spider Man Miles Morales and Demon Souls , Microsoft has had to delay their big hitter , HALO INFINITE due to a poor recpetion in digital events and not wanting to release a sub par game which is vital to showcase the system . This basically means Microsoft have no Xbox studio launch days games , or launch window for that matter. 

Yes other compaines have Launch games for both systems , but many are cross gen titles .

But where Microsoft have been translucent with the new system , offering as much infomation as possible the past month, Sony on the other hand still have details they have not disclosed to their fans and customers. .

At time of writing Xbox and the team in green seem to have the upper hand , not only are they releasing two consoles aimed at two completely different price points and consumers they have also made sure their new console is fully back ward compatible with all Previous Xbox one games , and all 360 and OG Xbox back ward compatible games that currently work on Xbox One, as a bounus most of these games run with improved frmae rates , lighting and effects just from the bog standard edition. 

Add to this many games getting free upgrades as you transition from one eco system to the next and you have a forward thinking concept.

But that's not all Xbox's game pass has been a marvelous addition to the Xbox eco system which offers great value to try out new games and all Xbox Studio games on day of release. 

Then add in Included Xcloud play for Android devices , the inclusion of EAPLAY being included as part of the gamepass subscription from Xbox Series launch day .

Then the big one happened when a day before the Tokyo Game show , Xbox announced they had purchased Zeniax , the company who own the likes of Bethesda , Id Software , Arkane Studios and more . this means all the IP associated with these developers are now owned by Microsoft . 

It means the likes of Doom Eternal.,Wolfenstien series , Fall Out and more are going to be coming to Gamepass . this will of course take time but Doom Eternal already has a date .

Xbox seems to be off to a flying start , they even have review units in the hands of reviewers and digital foundary have done a couple of videos on the new system , showcasing it's power.

Sony seem intent on keeping silent after a good showing of games , which was diluted the next day when suppossed exlcusives where found out to be coming to PS4 as well ( Spider Man Miles Morales / Horizon Zero 2 ) , where as Xbox uses the same Operating system as the current Xbox One range , it has been upgraded with new features and a new shop experiance which have been launched on the previous gen as well.

So gamers know what to expect. . Sony's Operating system seems scarce and in reality potential purchasers have pre-ordred not knowing vital info or what even the UI looks like on Sony's system.

Sony and Microsoft have less then six weeks to launch and Sony seem to be lacking in communication at present.

Xbox Series X  / S launches on November 10th 2020 worldwide  / X =£449 ($499) -  S =£249 ($299)

Sony PS5 launches November 12th in the America's and the USA  and on November 19th in all other regions  £449 (499) Disc - £359 ($399) Digital.

Are you entering the next gen early or are you waiting ?

As of writing all preorders have sold out , though both compnies say more stock would be arriving after launch day. 

This is Bruno B , your gaming expert giving you the lowdown .

I'll be back with more news on the next gen of gaming shortly.

Our next article will feature the debacle of using the new SSD drives , the pro's and the con's for gamers. and how to manage that data.

Yakuza Kiwami out now on XBOX

Posted by Bruno B on April 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

  My final news of the day,  Just a slight bit of info , for those who have been playing Yakuza 0 on Xbox will be pleased to know that Yakuza Kiwami  ( the remake of the original game)  is out now on Xbox One in digital format at a reasonable £14.99  .

Plus Gamepass subscribers can also play the game on their subscription along with the Prequel .

Of Note * Yakuza Kiwami requires approximatley 22gb of storage space on Xbox One , and require roughly 44gb for the install on PC.

We will give a update once Kiwami 2 releases on Xbox as soon as we know. 

This is Bruno.B signing off. Be Safe everyone.

Copyright(c) SEGA

Bandai Namco offer Free Pac-Man Game

Posted by Bruno B on April 25, 2020 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

  Yes more news for you all , Those lovely people at Bandai Namco are giving away a free digital copy of Pacman Championship edition 2 on PC /PS4 / and Xbox One  , in  a mesaage to get people to play at home amidst the covid19 outbreak. 

Unfortunately Nintendo Switch owners have been left out as Switch has the Plus edition of the game and is not in the offer. 

Pacman is a classic iconic game and even though this edition may not be the best , it's a welcome gift. 

All i have to say is Thank You very much Bandai Namco and may you all be safe. 

copyright (C) Bandai Namco

Streets of Rage 4 launches on April the 30th

Posted by Bruno B on April 25, 2020 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

  Hi All I'm back with more gaming news,  April the 30th sees the release of STREETS OF RAGE 4 , yes the long awaited sequel to Sega's arcade classic.  Developed by Lizardcube and Produced by Sega the title looks to be a great homage to the classics. So come April 30th Owners across Xbox One  / PS4 and Switch will be able to get down and gritty in this new iteration of the classic beat'em up and at Kickemintheghoulies we can not wait. .

Big Bonus for Xbox One owners is the title is coming to Gamepass on launch day , so subscribers to the service get to play right away. , it seems Phil Spencer and the Xbox team have pulled out the stops once again with Gamepass getting a plethora of Sega titles these past couple of months or so. Of course we don't know how long these titles will remain in Gamepass , so play them while you can.

Image copyright(c) Lizardcube / Sega

Heated Gaming Battles as PS5 takes on Xbox Series X

Posted by Bruno B on March 18, 2020 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

  Hi all , The past couple of days have been big for the gaming Community , if there's one thing the worlds lockdown on COVID19 is doing is bringing gamers together across the world as online portals are spiking with more players online then ever before. And looks like it's going to get busier with the announcement today that all UK schools will be closed by the end of the week to curtail the virus outbreak.

We should see more gamers online for the next few weeks at more times of the day. 

So This week we have had Nintendo reveal a indie showcase with many titles arriving this year and many timed exclusives for the Switch. Of the ones where most impressed by include Baldo and The Last Campfire.. 

 The Last Campfire is by Hello Games  ( No Mans Sky) and arrives on Switch and other consoles this Summer

Baldo is a Anime inspired RPG which looks adorable ( C)  NAPS TEAM

But also in the news is the SPEC Reveals for Xbox Series X and PS5 . Microsoft where out of the gates first on Monday confirming the 12 Terraflop beast with a 1TB SSD , a new controller with capture button and the systems Raytacing abilities and iterating Full backward compatability with all XBXO ONE titles and all excisting compatiable Xbox 360 and Xbox OG titles. .

They even showed a demo of how fast the Series X loads a game compared to a Xone X. It's fast. 

Other news is that if you buy a title for XONE Xone X , and later upgrade to the Series X you can use the same disc and the system will upgrade the game to the Series X version via the internet at no extra cost. ( Providing developer has taken advantage of the Series X )

So play the latest titles on your excisting hardware and when you can afford to upgrade you can play the same game but looking so much better.

Storage- Series X comes with a 1TB SSD and has a expansion port for 1TB Specific cards . you can still use a USB hard drive for Your XONE and XONE 'X' games . so the most sensible thing to do is have all your Back compat titles installed on the USB drive ( unless it's Series X enhanced)  and leave the console SSD and Expansion for your Series X games. .

Coming Holdiay 2020

Now to todays PS5 deep Dive which today chief architect MARK CERNY  , Big surpise here was the how limited the Deep Dive was with Cerny's focus on how fast the SSD is in the PS5 , it's apparently very fast , like instantaneous.  But the reveal of the the system only being 10.28TerraFlops upset a few PS4 stalwarts from the sounds of it. ( To be honest does it make a difference) , but then they go and reveal the SSD size as 825GB , which seems ludicrous for next gen. especially when some games come in at 100GB , if your lucky it will store ten AAA games or so unless your only buying indies. 

Yes they have NVME EXPANSION cards coming as well , but when buying a new console added cost of extras adds up and many buyers won't have the dosh.

On the topic of Back Comaptability Cerny said they had tested a 100 of the most popular PS4 games and most worked. So what does that say about the other hundreds of PS4 games , will you still need your PS4?

No mention of other systems being back compatable.

No reveal of what the console looks like  ( something XBOX have been early with )

In breakdown the PS5 specs don't match the Series X and with their fan service of Gamepass and their back compatable program and the fatc that all forthcoming games will work on all XBox One systems and the Series X , it looks like Microsoft are ahead.

We wait with bated breadth for more info over the coming weeks as Summer approaches.

This is Bruno B Signing Off 

Keep Well and Safe all

E3 GETS CANNED AMIDST Covid19 Concerns

Posted by Bruno B on March 11, 2020 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

   Yes I'm back again ,twice in the same day , what's going on? Well it's Official amidst concerns over the Covid19 virus the Worlds biggest Gaming show has been cancelled. . E3  in Los Angelas is NOT happening this year. . Even though over  week ago they where admament that the show would go ahead even with other shows in the area already canned. 

E3 Is the biggest gaming show and even though this year it had already been dealt some blows with Sony Pulling out and key players also abandoning the show  , there still where a lot of content that would have made it viable. 

But being as Los Angelas is on alett surrounding the virus it looks like they can be sure all will be fine by the planned June date of the show. 

Ubisoft and Microsoft have already assured fans that they will showcase their reveals via a  digital event around the time the show was going to happen. Nintendo normally have a digital show anyway , so if all the big players pull together maybe they can all host digital events to satisfy the gaming community. 

Maybe it was on the cards weeks ago as the new style E3 was heading was not liked by many  industry insiders and some cited this as to why Sony Pulled out . But for gamers it is a sad loss of the hype to all the annoucements on the often cringeworthy live stages. 

But as concerns rise over the Virus and how employees of the companies attending such events can be kept safe , it goes without saying thet precaution is the safest way. 

Looks like this year events world wide will be disrupted one way or another. Though across the globe other events are taking place . 

Watch this space and if any other events get canned where be sure to let you know in advance if we can. 

Bruno B 

signing of

Microsoft to give details on Xbox Series X in Live stream

Posted by Bruno B on March 11, 2020 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

   Hi  Everyone Bruno B here , former Miiversesarien and the official games expert for the K.I.T.G. Group of sites. 

So after the cancelation of  the GDC ( Game Developers Conferance)  in the USA  amidst fears of the Corona Virus . Microsoft has announced it will be hosting a livetsream to announce more details on the XBOX SERIES X console ( due to release this fall 2020) . 

The Livestreams will take place on the 17th and 18th March and start at 1pm ET .So that's 1700 hrs for us in the UK . 

Details are sketchy at present but it looks like their getting more into talking about the systems Raytracing effects , Cloud Gaming with Project X Cloud.  I'm sure your all excited to see what's let out of the bag. 

I'm currently working on this sites gaming pages with Sertes and where soon have a new look for all game related pages going live soon. 

Bruno B signing of. 

Sega's Yakuza 0 arrives on XBOX

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 1, 2020 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

For years Playstion owners have been the envy of rival box owners who have longed to play Sega's long running Yakuza series of games but have always held off buying a Sony System.

Other then a Japan only Yakuza 1 &2 Wii U collection ( which sold poorly) Playstation has been the only place to play the series. .

But before Christmas at Microsoft's X019 EVENT in London it was announced that the first Two Games would be coming to the  XBOX One group of Consoles in February 2020 in their remastered versions . They would be accompnaied first by the newer Prequel of the first two games , the widely Popular Yakuza '0' .

Well Last week the first of the three games where released on the Xbox store front. Yes Yakuza '0' Zero has arrived on a non Sony Console , and to boot Microsoft have struck a deal with Sega and brought it same day to Xbox's Gamepass service .

As well as being able to buy the game digitally for under £15,.00 you can even play it if you subscribe to gamepass.

So if your longing for some Yakuza shennaghians where you get to beat thugs with your fists then Yakuza will be right up your street. 

Where not sure when the next two in the series will be coming yet but we hope that Sega publish a physical box set of the the three games for Xbox owners to buy as well. 

Here at Kick'em in he Ghoulies where be diving into the game over the next couple of weeks and your find a review by our resident games expert Bruno .B when he's finished dealing with those thugs.

Nintendo's first direct since Iwata's passing hits this Thursday

Posted by Bruno B on November 10, 2015 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Nintendo is set to host their first Nintendo Direct on Thursday November 12th at 10pm UK time.

The Nintendo directs are famous for their coverage of the latest upcoming titles on Nintendo systems, they often reveal special dlc and upcoming releases.

Satoru Shibata will be hosting the European direct as he has always done ,but this time of course he will be missing his counterpart and past boss Satoru Iwata .

For the America's it has not been announced as yet as to who will host ,but  Bill Trinen has always been a firm favorite in the past along with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils Aime often making a appearence .

Also not known is if new President Tatsumi Kimishima will make a appearence .

Satoru Iwata - who passed away in July 2015

But one thing for sure fans are expecting some sort of tribute to Iwata San .

Nintendo have also iterated that the direct will be focused on Wii U and 3DS  software and news ,no content will be on the Dena mobile games or their NeXt piece of hardware.

So book the times - their all listed below.

UK - 10pm - 12th November

Europe - Germany time -  11pm - 12th November

USA - New York time  - 5pm - 12th November

USA - Los Angeles -  2pm - 12th November

Japan - Tokyo - 7am - 13th November

Australia - Western Australia - Perth - 6am - 13th November

Australia - New South Wales - Sydney - 9am - 13th November

Australia - South Australia - Adelaide -  8.30am - 13th November

Australia  - Queensland - Brisbane  - 8am - 13th November

Sega unleashes the Fighting Climax on PS4/PS3/PSVita

Posted by Bruno B on November 6, 2015 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Fans of 2d fighting games  and Anime and Manga should be rejoicing as  Denko Bunko Fighting Climax  has been released in the West.

Avaialble on all current Playstation formats ,yes including the PS3 . This 2d fighting game is a 2D fighter which has a roster of twelve playable characters and twenty two assist characters from various light novels and Sega games Virtua Fighter and Valkyrie Chronicles.

You have to fight using three buttons which are assigned to the force of the attacks strength .Fill up your surport gauge to unleash your assist opponent. Once unleahsed you have to continue fighting to refill your gauge to use  your assist partner again.

Powered by Sega Ringedge in the Arcades this is a full on arcade fighter with it's rootes firmly in arcade origins.

A updated version was released in July 2015 in Arcades in Japan entitled Denko Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition. It is due to release on all Playstation formats in Japan in December , the new version adds a bigger roster for playable and assist characters  with 18 playable and 28 assist ,  whether the West will see all iterations of the Ignition version released is yet to be known .

Maybe it will depend on how the recently released original performs.

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