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Games Galore at this years EGX London

Posted by Bruno B on September 28, 2014 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all,

Bruno.B here with the latest games related news. Having just attended the London EGX ( formally Eurogamer Expo) and played some of the latest games ,sat in on developer previews and sessions , we can confirm it's definitely the year for the games ..

Of course with the holiday season approaching their are some big releases coming our way in the form of Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U, Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One and 360 , though only the Xbox One version was shown at EGX.

The Showfloor at EGX, Xbox One,Smash Brothers,PS4 and more!

Far Cry 4 for both PS4 and Xbox One and it's Last Generation siblings and of course PC is also due this holiday season , in fact from a Publishers view Ubisoft seem to have a vast range of titles releasing prior to Christmas across many formats, two Assassin creed games ,one for 8th generation consoles and one for last generation,though Wii U owners lose out this year as Ubisoft believe Wii U owners don't want to play AC games on the Wii U.

Assassins Creed coming to all Platforms ,oh except Wii U

Shame when many Wii U owners did actually buy the last two iterations ,  Ubisoft also have 'The Crew ' releasing on the next generation platforms and 360 ,but not PS3 or Wii U , their reasoning is because the architecture of 360 is similar to PS4 and Xbox One.

But Wii U owners will be getting Ubisoft title Watch Dogs some six months after the release of the game on other platforms ,it releases in November ,oh wait it's apparently on the same day as Smash Brothers Wii U.  Well that's marketing gone wrong, as it won't sell and Ubisoft will blame Nintendo owners for not wanting their game.

Wiil it Sell? , Will it be up to par of the other version? , or will it burn ?

They would be sensible to release maybe  later in December  or early November , even Sega moved the date for Sonic Boom so it would not clash with Smash Brothers.

Keeping with Sega ,their upcoming game ''Alien Isolation looks set to take the horror genre into another level of scaring the pants off you.

Crafted by thier UK based studio Creative Assembly it looks like that Alien Game you have always wanted is arriving very Shortly on October 7th for both last generation and current genaeration consoles ,but not Wii U.

Be Scared!

More on Alien Isoaltion in our full EGX feature this week.

Other games news is where be reviewing a couple of games in the next two weeks , where be looking at Indie title Armillo on Wii U and where be going back in time with a retro classic.

At least Wii U is getting some great Indie titles

Where be doing two features on this years EGX at Earls Court , one on this very site and another on our sister site Cosplay Heroes ,where the it will be focused on the Cosplay at EGX and the Nintendo Cosplay competiton at the show.

Cosplay at EGX

We have another announcment shortly for all you game fans , but  where keeping stumm about that at the moment. But it should please regular visitors into gaming .

I'' be back soon with more gaming news as we get into the holiday period , remember keep your finger on the button.

Till next time


E3- The biggest game show on earth part 3- Nintendo comes out swinging!

Posted by Bruno B on June 10, 2014 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello I'm Bruno B. back with another segment in our e3 break down. if your wondering where part 2 went to well it's on our sister site Cosplay Heroes and you can view it here..

Right it's the time for Nintendo to reveal their big hitters for the following year.

Again for going a tradditional conference like Sony or Microsoft. for another year , it looks like Nintendo's fresh take on things may pay of.

Riding high of the back off the release of Mario Kart 8 less then two weeks ago, which amassed over 1.2million sales in just three days and saw in the UK alone Wii U sales spike by 666% ,yes you read that right.

Nothing could prepare me or any other game fan for what in just 46 minutes Nintendo gave firm release dates and announced new game after new game for Wii U and 3DS.

But the focus here was on Wii U.

Starting of with a fun filled intro it was Smash Brothers on Wii U and 3DS that got the ball rollin.with more footage and more announcements about the game ,like the use of Mii characters in the game which can take on the form of a brawler ' Swordfighter or Gunner.. Also from the demo on view the game turns your Mii into a fully fledged fighter that's capable of competitng with the best in Smash.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

So now those Mii's of Bruce Lee,Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan can now confront eachother in the greatest battle on earth.

Releasing in OCTOBER on 3DS and in the holiday season on Wii U. Why sucha big gap you ask ,well Nintnedo's next announcement answered that in one word....

''Amiibo''   Ammibo is Nintendo's answer to Disney's Infinity or Activision's Skylanders. but  the comparisons are thin when you start to look at Amiibo.  Using Nintendo's NFC tech bulit into the Nintendo Wii U ,yes that little emblem on the left  of your Wii U Gamepad is the NFC ( Near Field Communication) emblem , Yes using figurines of your favorite Nintendo franchises your be able to personalise each of your players yur using in the forthcoming Smash Brothers for Wii U.

By placing the figure on the gamepad NFC reader the charcter will appear instantly within the game giving extra abilities to help combat your opponents, but your also be able to train your fighter and and as he progressess and improves your be able to take your figure to saya friends house and import the data to his game and use your charcter their , why ? because the Nintendo Figures not only transfer data from the figure to the game they also collect data and save to the figurine , thus making each figures abilities unique to you.

Nintendo are also working on bringing the Amiibo figures to the 3DS version of Smash by use of a portal which will come in 2015.

But Amiibo does not stop there ,these figures are not just used for one game ,the very same figures with what ever data transferred to them will also be used in other game styles ,thus making the figures you buy usable in a vast range of games.

And the next game to to get Amiibo abilities after Smash will be the recently released Mario Kart 8 which will be upated once the figures are released .

If you watch the Amiibo announcment your also get other clues to what games may take advantage of the characters ,but one things for sure ,Nintendo are on to asure fire winner here and they know it.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

So already Nintendo had announced some cool new ideas and a new concept ,but it didn't stop there.

The offical announcment and showing of of Yarn Yoshi or what is known now as Yoshi's Wooley World looked amazing with textures i have never seen in a video game to the effect that the programmers have gone to. Releasing in 2015 Yoshi looks set to warm the hearts of thousands.

Yoshi's Wooley World - out 2015 on Wii U

But one game many Wii U owners have been waiting for and many have also tried at various gaming  events is Bayonetta 2 by Platinium Games..  With a new trailer shwoing some cool gamplay it 'was announced that the game will arrive this fall but that's not all ,many Nintendo owners where asking Platinium to port Bayonetta One so they could play the series from the start , you know maybe a eshop release at a special price. . But no Nintendo go one better ,Bayonetta One will be included on the Bayonetta 2 disc free .  Now we know why the wait was so long . we can't wait.

Bayonetta on Wii U - twice the fun for the price of one.

The games kept coming to with announcmenet after announcment ,but to find out the rest your have to wait for part 2 of this our Nintendo at E3 breakdown , which will be appearing on our sister site Cosplay Heroes.

This is Bruno B calming down before i have a Nintendo meltdown ,it's just to much to take in..

Back soon

EA reveal Bruce Lee in their latest UFC game.

Posted by Bruno B on June 9, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Electronic Arts also had their showcase today at E3 ,with the likes of Battlefield and Dragon Age which we mentioned below.

But one of their main reveals was showing footage of the Bruce Lee Content in their new UFC game on Xbox One and PS4.

Enjoy the trailer.

The Dragon Lives On ..

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The Biggest Game show on earth has arrived- E3 is here- XBOX ONE Special

Posted by Bruno B on June 9, 2014 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes folks it's that time of year again where gamers worldwide wait with baited breath to see what must have and exclusive (if any) titles will be making it to their console of choice.

It may seem like nothing to non gamers,but to a game fan who has spent his hard earned cash on a particular console ,he needs to know that it's going to deliver.

Today we look at some of the titles coming to XBOX ONE.

Also announced recently is the XBOX ONE without the Kinect option,Which is available Now for only £349. Thing is you can if you search around pick up one with Kinect for that money ,in fact Amazon had a one day special the other day ,they where selling the Titanfall edition with Kinect for that very price.

Also the UK advert on TV for the new bundle is a bit misleading, why you ask , well the advert shows a young man talking to his XBOX (via the Kinect) ''XBOX ON,xbox TV, so on you know the idea, then it goes to the headline now avaiable for the new low price of £349 ,showing the Kinectless version, well if you have no Kinect you can not talk to the XBOX ONE CAN YOU ?

Unless you can use a head set,but that would be silly.

Anyway where here for games , and i know i am a few hours late posting this. i was in fact impressed with some of the titles coming ,OK i know a few are Multiplat ,ie,on PS4 /xbox One and PC.

First up is ( and i know it's the one game that's on last gen as well)  Dragon Age Inquisition, this Bioware Action role playing game looks set to give next gen some of the best looking graphics this year from what we saw on the stream we watched.

With a slightly new combat system involving more team play it should be quite cool , and from a personal point of view i think the Xbox one  controller will suit it better. Also Xbox One gets some exclusive content to.

Ubisofts next iteration in the Assassins Creed series looks set to take the franchise one step further, being only on the XBOX one /PS4 and PC.  Sorry Wii U owners looks like your not getting treated to the next AC game.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

You can not deny this does look cool.

Looking as beautiful as ever it still retains the AC gameplay and character movement. what's changed is the scope and amount of characters on screen at any given time ,and i am talking large crowds here. All with individual AI. Also multi player will be a big part with you playing as part of a team to reach your goal . And it's all set in the time of the French Revolution in Paris. It does look nice.

Those Xbox 360 owners who where harking on about getting Bayonetta 2 ,when they know they can not because Nintendo has helped finance it themselves. Well Platinium games are hard at work on ''Scalebound''  and i  did not know of this one, and when i saw it,  i thought ''Bayonetta'' and what do you know it's by Platinium games. Well see if it sells ,something tells me Bayonetta 2 will do better on Wii U , well the lead characters prettier .

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is another current gen title only and which looks set to be all the better for it. Claiming to be the biggest RPG ever ,with over a hundred hours of gameplay ,making it bigger then Skyrim and a third bigger then previous titles in the series. It's definetly one to watch..

But the surpise was the announcement of the next in the Tomb Raider series.. Rise of the Tomb Raider, announced at the Microsoft E3 event. Though it will come to PS4 and PC as well. But it looks nice ,but your have to wait a while as it's coming Holiday 2015.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Well thats' our pick of E3 today on Xbox One. There where a couple of indie games but where cover all the indies together later in the week.  Back tomorrow for the big Nintendo event ,oh we just can not wait.

Bruno B firing off.

May's Game with Gold on 360

Posted by Bruno B on May 1, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion on XBOX live goes from strength to strength . Having been labeled a bit not so good with some quite old lacklustre games in the past ,even though i have personally enjoyed some of the past offerings and some i have not even got into yet.

Last Month saw the game step up a bit with the release of  Hitman Absolution free for download and at a whopping 7GB there abouts . Another game i have to start yet.

This month sees another two titles blast onto the program with the first being Arcade title Dust Elysian Tale and comic book looking side scrolling fighter .it looks all very classy and the download size won't fill your hard drive.

That's avalable right now for free download till the 16th of May,normally it would cost you £15.99

But from the 16th of May another of the fully fledged retail releases gets the Gold treatment ,this time Saints Row the Third is the offering and maybe the best in the series so far.

Just make sure you have the space at it's another game at around 7GB ,so you may have to clear some old games of or even some demo's as we all collect these don't we.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Footage of Saints Row The Third on 360

What i like about games with gold is the fact the games are yours to keep ,even if you don't renew your subscription .and unlike the PSN version ,even though they have more up to date games i admit ,if you don't renew due to what  ever reason. You can be part through a game only to find you can no longer carry on with it.

Nintendo don't have a feature like this at the moment on their systems but who knows what they might do in the future ,but with some of the promotions they do ,like the forthcoming Mario Kart 8 one ,that might be better for them and the consumer. See my post on our sister site Cosplay Heroes.

Till next time ,keep bashing those buttons.


Play Expo Blackpool / Wii U,PS4,Xbox One at war

Posted by Bruno B on April 9, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all ,i know not been on here in a short while, but been busy at compliling a dedicated gaming site for the K.I.T.G. Group.

Anyhow quite a lot has happened over the past three months ,well in one way but nothing to get to excited about.

Yes the PS4 is selling like hotcakes ,but why is the question, with very little exclusive content and most of the big new games coming to PS3 and 360 anyway it seems spending all those bucks on a new console to play something you could have played on your old one makes no sense to me.

To the same extent it applies to the Xbox One to with only the recent Titanfall giving any reason to own the console (though even that's on 360 and PC) ,also the recent price drop on the Xbox may have sold a few more consoles to ,though i feel sorry for those who only three months ago spent £429 on the console only and if they had waited could have got the console with Titanfall for £399. .

£399.99 with Tiatnfall - not bad if you ask us.

Of course the current gen console with the best games line up now is the Humble Wii U ,which still struggles to gain ground and is fighting a losing battle against the competiton.

But then Nintendo always said they where not in competetion with the other two.

Wii U has a stella line up of  games inc Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Wii U party and the recent Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

We can't wait for Eight

With Mario Kart 8 just 7 weeks away it should be a interesting time for gamers.

Wii U also has a lot of indie games in the pipeline ,as does the PS4

Of course the Wii U biggest problem is third party surport but  Owners have Lego Hobbit and Amazing Spiderman 2 coming before Mario Kart 8 ,so at least  that's a couple of games to look forward to.

But fear not you can get back to your roots in gaming by visiting the Play Expo in Blackpool on the bank holiday weekend of May 3rd and 4th.

Being held at Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre , get to grips with that Coleco vision console you yearned for as a child or play some retro Imports on the classic PC engine or relive your youth on the classic consles of our time from the Snes,Megadrive,NES ,Dreamcast and many more .for more info visit the official site below.

Play Expo Blackpool website.

Scott Adkins to appear at Birmingham Comic Con

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 21, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka  in Undisputed 3

Scott Adkins star of Ninja ,El'gringo ,Expendables 2 and more is set to appear at the Birmingham Comic con at the NEC on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of March 2014.

Along with many other stars from TV and film Scott will be on hand for a photo shoot and Autograph signing.

MCM Comic Con is a great media event to see the latest games,meet the stars and hear about up coming projects from TV and and Film production companies.

Along with a vast range of Media sellers as well as film collectables on offer to buy as well.

A great day out for all.

Visit the site for more info. Click the MCMC logo

Where heading to Play Expo

Posted by THE SNAKE on October 11, 2013 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi All

This weekend where of to Play Expo ,a Retro Gaming event by Replay Events  like no other. Where be getting hands on with machines from the past right up to the present.

Classic Arcade action

So if you crave the Old Arcade games from jamma or even the have a soft spot for the Master System from Sega ,your find it at Play expo. But it's not just retro .

The big boys are here to ,Nintendo will be showcasing there latest forthcoming titles for Wii U and 3DS including Super Mario 3DWorld and Pokemon X&Y.

Super Mario 3D World -playable at the show

Ubisoft are here with Assassins Creed IV on the PS4 ,yes play it on Sony's new uber console beofre it's out .

With Cosplay shows and Fighting game tournaments featuring Street Fighter IV  and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Injustice Gods. .

Fighting Game Tournaments

Full Feature by our Games expert with loads of photos to follow.

The Place :Event City Manchester

The Dates: 12th and 13th October 2013.

The best Christmas for gamers .

Posted by Bruno B on October 10, 2013 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all ,Bruno B back with another dose of gaming fun. after the  excitment of Eurogamer Expo in London you would think it would be plain sailing for us gamers. No chance , this Christmas looks set to be the best for gamers all round .

With the new consoles launching in Novemeber ( though getting one may be harder then you think if you have not pre-ordered) there will be six gaming systems from the big boys on sale all vying for your money. It's the first time that current gen and next gen have competed so closely.

And i have not even started on the handhelds yet.

It seems Sony and Microsoft won't have trouble selling their new consoles as demand so far seems to be quite phenomenal . But also people are still buying the PS3 and 360 in large numbers due to there good price point , especially for casual gamers. Even the Wii is still selling ,though production for Japanese models is due to be  stopped shortly.

Selling like hot cakes and thier over six years old now.

Nintendo are determined to push their Wii U console after low sales this year ,most partly due to having no software launched since it's debu't last November .

And it looks like it may pay of with the recent price drop of around fifty pounds in the UK and equivelent in dollars in the US .

Also new SKU's will be where Nintendo will grab the customers ,the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Premium pack seems to be selling well since it's release on 4th October .The game also as a standalone has done remarkably well to but not in it's home country.

Zelda Wii U bundle with Zelda themed gamepad

But also we have a Lego City Premium bundle coming on the 18th October and a further three bundles which where announced today which are a Mario and Luigi Premium bundle and two basic bundles which include Wii U Party or Just Dance 2014, both basic bundles come with a Remote and sensor bar as well . And all these bundles retail at £249.99.

Mario and Luigi  and Lego City Premium Bundles out Novemeber and October at £249.99

There where rumours of two new coulored SKU's in Cherry and Mango ,but Nintendo does not commnet on rumours.

The new  2DS

Also we have the 2DS launching ,which is Nintendo's answer to offering a lower price point handheld for younger kids and without the 3D element which is unsuiatble for younger children.

But to get the price down it has eliminated the clamshell case and it comes in more like a wedge shaped tablet. , it sells for £109 ,but then you need the case to protect it  which will set you back another tenner. So for £120 you can have the 2DS which plays all DS games and 3DS games in 2D .

Many have siad why is it not a clamshell design ,but truth be told it only has one screen which is utilised for both screens ,it's one big touch screen with a piece of hardlex on the top screen to iliminate the touchscreen on the top half.  So making it a clamshell would snap the screen in half.

But is it worth it is my question , considering the normal size 3DS ,which has the same size screens is only another £15.00 once you have bought the case for the 2DS.

I'll be back with more game news soon ,where of to PLAYEXPO  in Manchester this Saturday. Plus the first part of our Eurogamer Expo  feature should go live this weekend on here and a second part will feature on our sister site Cosplay Heroes .

For more info visit Nintendo's new Online UK store here :)

Keep Gaming

Bruno B.

Get Hands on with Assassins Creed IV at PlayExpo

Posted by Bruno B on August 27, 2013 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Ubisoft have confirmed they are attending PLAYEXPO in Manchester in October. What's more Gaming fans will be able to get hands on with Assassins Creed IV Black Flag on the show floor.

In the Game our hero Edward Kenway will visit three main cities; Havana, Kingston, and Nassau, which reside under Spanish, British and pirate influence, Another  aspect of  the game is the ship the player will captain, Named  the Jackdaw.The ship  will be upgradeable throughout the game.

Where looking forward to getting a hands on experience of the game prior to it's European Launch on Novemeber 1st. North Americans can get the game a tad earlier on October 29th ,while Japan gets it towards the end of November on the 28th. Meanwhile our Pal region cousins in Australia can play on the 31st October.

Of course the game is coming to Sony's new PS4 and Microsofts Xbox One when they appear in November.

Copyright Ubisoft 2013

For more on Playexpo visit the official site by clicking the link below.

PLAYEXPO website