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Win a Blue PS3 and Bioshock Infinite

Posted by THE SNAKE on April 28, 2013 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

As you might have guessed from the banners on site ,where affiliates with Music Magpie. Well at the moment there running a stupendous competition to win a Blue Playstation 3 slim with a copy of Bioshock Infinite to play. There's even runner up prizes to. Check out Music Magpie's blog for more details.click this link

Review of Tekken Tag 2 on Wii U up on site now

Posted by Bruno B on March 14, 2013 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Just a quickie to let everyone know my review of the Wii U editiion of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is up on site now , click the picture to go there.


Press version of Shenmue II sells on ebay for 112GBP

Posted by Bruno B on March 11, 2013 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Folks,

Yes Bruno B back with another game infused feature ,well snippett . You just can't keep a good console down,  Sega's Dreamcast has fast become one of the cult classic consoles to own, Dreamcast's constantly sell on ebay at a alarming rate, very few don't sell .

Now of course it's the great back catalog of games that the system has that keeps people using them ,or in many cases collecting them. Recently on ebay there was a pre releases press version of Shenmue II up for sale , it conatained the press versions of the games (white discs) and had no manual , and a front and back cover printed for press release. .

Now good copies of Shenmue II can go for up to £50 on ebay if there pristine, not bad since the retail price of the game when released in the UK was £29.99.

Now i watched this auction and saw it go up to thirty two pounds , not bad for a release the original person probably got for nothing. But i was astounded when i saw it actually sold for a whopping £112.

Now Shenmue maybe was not issued in large numbers ( it never released in the USA on Dreamcast) but you can find good numbers for sale on ebay at times. There's quite a few other Dreamcast titles that are rarer that never reach that kind of money.

Bruno B.

PS4 - we still don't know how it looks and how much!

Posted by Bruno B on February 28, 2013 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Logo , nothing new here ,oh wait ''4'

After the excitment ,oh was there any. yes Sony's big build up to their PS4 announcment in New York went well ,but left fans waiting and wanting.

Of course the strangest thing is the actual console was not shown , though they did show some forthcoming game developements and we got to see the new controller ,which basically is a dualshock 4 with a built in LCD screen ( not very groundbreaking, but familiar), they did confirm that the system would play second hand titles ,which brought a sigh of releif from many fans .

They did also say that it would not be backward compatable with PS3 games ,due to complexaty with the the new engine.

The new controller - keeping it retro but with a modern twist

Now another feature is that games could be played off TV if games developers intiated the feature , it  will be done by utilising the functionality of the PSVITA . All this ties in with the recent price drop of the system in Japan which will be implemented through the rest of the world this March/April.

They need to as the Vita has been a bit of a failure ,being outsold in most terrortories by it's older PSP brother.

Using one of these for off screen play may be cool ,only if you have one already .

Of course price is a another big issue with the PS4 ,another thing not mentioned at the event. many suspecting a price point of around £400 , so if you want of screen play and don't have a Vita ,that's another load of wonga to dish out.

I'm sure E3 will give us much more news ,but until then where wait on the shelf on this one.

Bruno B.

PS4 WONDERS, KNACK is a new franchise from Ratchet and Clank creators

KillZone Shadow Falls ,looks amazing, but i personally disliked the PS3 versions

Ubisoft attempt to please Wii U fans

Posted by Bruno B on February 28, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

After the backlash Ubisoft recieved from Wii U fans after they delayed the Rayman Legends release ,it looks like Ubisoft are tring their hardest to calm the fans down. For starters the new exclusive demo of Rayman has been scrapped and now fans will recieve from April a exclusive free downloadable Rayman challenge game from the creators ,whether this will appease the fans ,time will tell.

But Ubisoft has not stoped there ,last week at the  at the New York PS4  announcement they iterated that their new game ''Watch Dogs'' was another multi platform game comiing to PS4 /PS3/ PC/ 360 and Wii U .

Watch Dogs - coming to Wii U

Watch Dogs is great news for Wii U fans as it looks to be one of the best games of the year .

But as of 27th March Ubisoft has confirmed that the next in the Assassins Creed series is bound for Wii U . Yes Assassins Creed IV Black Flag will be released November 2013 as a multi format release.

It does show that Ubisoft are surpporting Nintendo's new console well , so maybe we should give them a break .

More news as we get it

Bruno B.

The next in the Assassins Creed series should make fans who bought Assassins Creed 3 happy

Sign the Release Rayman Legends on Wii U now Petition

Posted by Bruno B on February 8, 2013 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Looks like Ubisoft has caused upraor amongst Wii U owners .Sigh this petition to let them know how many consumers they have angered. it's at over 3000 the last time i looked ,thats like about £104'000 if evryone bought their game from the cheapest on the net which was shopto at 34.85.

sign the Petition now  -----


And you know Ubisoft have announced they will release another Wii U exclusive demo for owners to play to appease them ,Don't think it will some how. Wii U owners are not getting bombarded by games at the moment ,have Ubisoft not noticed.

Just had to post this , go sign the petition.

Bruno B

Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 stay Wii U exclusive

Posted by Bruno B on February 8, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes Good news for you Wii U owners ,Platinum games has confirmed that Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 will remain Wii U exclusive titles ,the only people that can make them Multi Platform are Nintendo as they have finaced part of the games , So unless Nintendo have a crazy minute ,the exclusives from Platinmum games are Wii U ONLY.

       Bayonetta 2 stays exclusive ti Wii U as well as Platinum games other title The Wonderful 101. Hooray!

On another note Rebellion has been finalising the port of Sniper Elite v2  for Wii U . Word up is it's the best verison ever due to certain things you can do with the game pad. Yes better then PC. Looking forward to this one a lot.

Sniper Elite V2 releases this Spring on Wii U  from 505 Games and is delveloped by Rebellion

So Wii U owners do have things to rejioce about, Truth is there are some great games to come to Wii U ,and there are some good ones already on the console, the many happy players on Miiverse atest to that.

Bruno B .

Wii U , The Games that got away

Posted by Bruno B on February 8, 2013 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

If your one the early Wii U adopters ,then your probaly wondering where are the games. Even though the last Nintendo Direct from President Iwata provided much buzz in the Wii U community about it's forthcoming games and the new updates to speed up the system ,it's the games of the moment and the next couple of months that concern us.

Now January and February has seen a little to no content for the new console , we have had a couple of demos on the Eshop and Sega released ''The Cave'' which is actually a good little game ,though it has no Game pad specific fearures at all ,not even game pad play.

So first the news that Tecmo Koei's Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge is coming to PS3 and 360 with added scenarios and costumes may be a blow for the Wii U , but one things for sure they won't be able to include the Game Pad features in the Wii U version , and the fact that Wii U has the game now and the other consoles don't get it till April.

Razors Edge coming to PS3 and 360

So Not a big deal as far as where concerned here, anyway the original on PS3 and 360 where a tad easy and they deserve somethign abit better.

Now for some more not so good news , many (including us) where waiting to see Scribblenaughts arrive in the UK and Europe this very day ,but Nintendo has delayed the launch to address some issues, word up is there's something not politcally correct in the game and needs to be rectified for the Europe release, even though the USA has had since before Christams. Thing is we don't know when it will come out now . Though Nintendo has included it on the Eshop this very morning ,don't buy it folks it may not be there ,wait for official news .

Hopefully soon it will arrive !

Now your thinking Ohh OK , but no there's more ,one of the major launch games ,RAYMAN LEGENDS ,which was put back from launch to February 26th Europe and March 1st UK has now become a multi platform game and will be released on PS3 and 360 in September .

Rayman Legends goes Multi Platform ,and gets delayed Months, Ubisoft must Hate Nintendo.

But that's not all Wii U owners won't get it  till September now as well. ahhhhhhh!

Apparently one of the developers who is responsible for the game (who left Ubisoft after completion of the game) is fuming that they where forced to work to get the game ready for February Launch and now Ubisoft has kicked them in the teeth and is holding back their title.

Now when Sepetember comes people will be playing Pikmin 3 ,Lego City Undercover,Monster Hunter 3 and more . And do they really think their gonna sell loads on the PS3 and 360 after the announcements of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Looks like Rayaman Legends will become a Bargain Basement propersition ,ebay here i come.

Ubisoft why not kick Nintendo in the back ,there the last real video games company out there.

So there you go Things don't look to rosy a the moment on Wii U ,but then things have a wierd way of turning round and it seems many are in the market of writing negative articles about Nintendo's new console.

But for Ubisoft you have let the gamers down and Nintendo,  and when Rayman Legends does not sell as many as you expect ( you cannot replicate  the game pad scanrio for two players on PS3 and 360 ) because people are buying bigger franchises like Zelda ,Mario and more then your blame Nintendo's Console for not having a big enough installed base ,though i reckon it will grow drastically during the Spring when key titles get released , it may have grown drastically in March with Rayman Legends a game considered to be a console seller at Launch , in September it won't be.

Ubisoft shame on you.

Bruno B.

SEGA Wii love U

Posted by THE SNAKE on January 3, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So you endulged and purchased a new Nintendo Wii U for Christmas or even got one as a present. Or did you visit your local Game emporium and ask for one of those Wii U 's for your Wii Console.

Nintendo Poster for Wii U ,Copyright Nintendo 2012

This is the underlying factor in the sales for the Wii U console i feel, many people just don't know about it. It's a problem SEGA of Europe made with the Dreamcast , by having stupid TV adverts that showed nothing ,but a man having his hair cut or some other stupid scene ,only to be left at the end with this peace of hardware and a Blue Swirl on your screen ,No Sega signs in place ,then what did they do? ,they spent the rest of their budget sponsering Arsenal football club ,what a waste of time.

Damn ! I hated the UK Dreamcast adverts. what was this guy seliing again?

OK Nintendo's new Wii U may not have the greatest launch games only a couple are exclusives and quite a few of the others are poor relations to thier PS3 and 360 counterparts.

But saying that the good titles are good, and the inovation of the game pad is a unique game play revalation that many are forgetting. Being able to play a good proportion of the games on the Game Pad when the TV is in use by others is a master plan and one Microsoft and Sony should not scoff at.

Sega have released a definitive version of the Sonic Racing Transfromed on the console which surpports up to five players on the console ,with one using the game -pad as a screen.

Sonic is back and this time he brought friends

Namco Bandai have released a great conversion of Tekken Tag Tournament 2  which plays host to some lovely Nintendo exclusive content. .

Darksiders 2 is a great game for all the Zelda fans as it surrounds a magical fantasy world and the game plays great,

Even a couple of the Eshop games are of high quality and with Trine 2 you get a exteneded exclusive version and if you where lucky enough to purchase by 31-12-12 ,it was at a  reasonable price to.

Now sales in Europe and the UK especially have been lower then expected ,you can walk into most sellers and buy one today, and online auction site Ebay has quite a few up for sale from business sellers and private buyers who looked liked they pre oredered a load to make a fast buck. . But repeorts suggest Nintendo has shifted over 2 million consoles world wide so far ,so that's not to shabby.

Nintendo have never used the same name for a console before and i think this is something it has to overcome to get consumers to realise it has new hardware and it;s out now.

It's a shame the rumour  behind the Nintendo merger or buy out of Sega was not known as think of it we could have had the'' Dream U''.

Dream U on the left , no actually it's Chinese Dreamcast Portable - only £300.00 to you

I for one am glad i purchased my Wii U , i bought some  games at good prices (all under £30.00) and all this at a time when my 360 RROD (Red Ring of Death)  for the second time. 

Buying a 360 ,well among it's features are these 3 Red Lights which  =  Crap Console

To be honest i am reparing my 360 with a kit ,i wont be giving Microsoft £90.00 to fix it so it breaks again.  But with games like ,Need for Speed Most Wanted confirmed for Wi U and some other great gems to come our way  Nintendo may have another winner on it's hands in the long run.

 And any way as the only remaining Videogame Console maker of traddional values you got to surpport them ain't U .

Bruno B

Video Game writer for the Kick'em in the Ghoulies group of web sites.

Hold of on Pre-odering Games for Wii U

Posted by THE SNAKE on November 14, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all

Right many will be waiting to see if they actually recieve a Wii U on launch day or even in the first couple of weeks ,even though you may have pre-ordered, in  fact if you have not pre-ordered your chances of getting one before Christmas looks pretty slim ,unless of course you want a basic pack ( why you would i don't know) , sites like Zavvi and Amazon are still taking pre-orders for the system.

But how many of you have pre-ordered your games? Now ones things for sure ,there won't be a shortgae of a games for the system . Hell your be lucky enough to get a console. So DONT buy your games till you have the system ,hell if you have gone for the Premium pack (sensible)  then your have Nintendo land to keep you happy for a few days and your be able to download a couple of games to on the E shop.

I would say it's pretty much a cert that online retailers will shift their prices on the games as their going to have hell of a lot more games then they are consoles that have been placed with customers .

I have been looking around and have seen quite big price differences on games across different sites ( of course if you buy in a retail shop your going to pay through the nose) , for instance i have seen three different price points for Tekken Tag 2 on Wii U , with Zavvi offering it at under £30.00 with most other places going with around £35 but one site offering it at £40.00.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2  - big price differences on the net

Sega's Sonic Racing Transformed is another game with varying prices ,with  Play.com offering it at £29.95 with other sites in at around £35.00. 

Sonic Racing  - bargain at £29.95 on Wii U  - Tank Tank Tank - another resonable priced game for launch ,one online retailer had it at under £25.00

Many other games are structured at around £40.00 when they have rrp of £49.95. ,so a saving of around ten pounds on the rrp price.  But many of these titles are cross platform titles all of which are launched on the other consoles and are out now, they also seem to be selling for around ten pounds less on the PS3 /360 consoles , so unless they offer a unique experience on the Wii U  i would save your money for Exclusive Wii U titles and not overpay for something you can get cheaper on  a older platform .

Also there are a few announcement's to follow from Nintendo of exclusive titles coming to Wii U within their launch window which no one knows about yet.  So be paitent ,you have waited this long ,a little bit longer won't matter ,not if it means quality titles exclusive for your new system.

More Wii U news as and when it happens ,plus look out for our feature page on the console when launched ,providing our pre-order turns up .:D

K.I.T.G. team.