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Japan Mourns for Shinzo Abe

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 9, 2022 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

 Hello All,

It's always sad when someone passes, but when someone is taken away before their time the shock can be hard to bear, and even more so in the case of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was the longest serving post war Prime Minister of Japan.

Coming to power in 2006 after winning a tight election Shinzo Abe of the Liberal Democrat Party appealed to many with his views on how Japan should move forward. Though also controversial in many of his policies he had a vision that would bring Japan out of the delcine they where in. 

Unfortunately due to ill health he had to step down just a year after taking office in 2007. After getting better through the use of a drug that at the time was not available in Japan, he soon got back into politics and aiming for the top.

In 2012 he would re-enter the election race and become the Prime Minister of Japan. He advocated the return of the Japan Self Defense Force by revising Article 9 of the Pacifist Japanese Constitution, he set up a new economic Policy, which became known as Abenomics which went about dealing with Japan's Monetary problems, a fiscal policy to help growing business in Japan, helping out small business as well as larger firms.

Growth and structal reforms to shape a modern Japan. At the heart of it all  in 2013 he also set out to make a society where  all women can shine, and vowed that by 2020 thirty percent of all leadership roles should be filled by females. 

In Japan this was a big thing, as their culture is a very male dominated society when it comes to the workplace.

But it was these type of policies that made him a very popular Prime Minister not just in Japan but worldwide .

This is why Shinzo Abe was once again elected as Prime Minister in 2014, and 2017..

In 2020 Shinzo Abe had a re-occurance of his illness and felt the only way he could get better was to step down as Prime Minister. In August of 2020 he announced his retirement  and his successor Yoshihide Suga took office in September 2020.

Sadly on July 8th 2022 while campaigning at street junction for upcoming parliament elections in the city of Nara, Shinzo Abe was shot twice in the back by a assailant with a homemade gun.

Security tackled the perpertrator to the ground, whilst staff attended to Mr Abe. Shinzo Abe was airlifted to a hospital where doctors worked for  four hours to try and save his life, but due to the amount of blood he had lost and trauma Shinzo Abe passed away on the 8th July 2022, he was 67 years old.

Shinzo Abe's body was returned to Tokyo so arrangements could be made for his passing.

Mr Abe was a true inspiration to many in Japan and thousands of mourners are out paying their respects to a visionary Politician with which the world could do with many more like.

Shinzo Abe will be remembered as a icon of Politics, may he Rest in Peace. 

Former Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe who passed away on July 8th 2022 after being shot.

XBOX Series S Star Wars Editions

Posted by Bruno B on May 7, 2022 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

 Hi All, 

Just had to post this, amazes me how Xbox come up with something that will sell by the bucket load and then announce that the only way to get hold of that item is in a competition to win one. 

What am I referring to? well the Limited Edition Lego Star Wars Xbox Series S consoles that their giving away to a few lucky winners across Twitter. 

They Come in various guises and there's only one of each.

Put these in production and they would sell loads, .. Sometimes I wonder who does their marketing. Gotta smile though. 

Good luck to those that win one though. 

Shadow Gangs comes Q3 to Dreamcast from Wave Game Studios

Posted by Bruno B on May 3, 2022 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

 More game news , recently funded on Kickstarter the game Shadow Gangs is coming to Dreamcast in Q3 2022 . Once again  Wave Game Studios of Norwich are on the case with the publishing rights. I was curious about this title as it plays like a Shinobi game and has wonderful hi rez graphics. It already released on Steam and current platforms in 2020 and 2021 .

But here Dreamcast owners will be able to get a nice physical release of the game by the end of the year, JKM Corp the developers are also including some bug fixes and upgrades to the gameplay as well. So the Dreamcast version will be the definative one to play. 

But if you can't wait you can grab a digital copy on Steam,Switch,Xbox One/S/X, PS4 and PS5 via backward compatability. 

Here at KITG we will be doing a review of the game on Dreamcast when it launches. 

JKM Corp's Shadow Gangs - Dreamcast bound in 2022

DREAMCAST Indie feature , New games for Dreamcast

Posted by Bruno B on May 3, 2022 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

   Hi All, Yes Bruno here with some more game news , Currently putting together a review of a few New Dreamcast games from indie developers, and all published by UK based publishers Wave Game Studios in Norwich.

I have currently been playing these games and will give a overview of the games and what I thought of them very shortly. 

The games in Question are Senile Team's Intrepid IZZY ,  Retro Sumas's Xenocider , which is the first fully fledged 3D action game for Dreamcast in twenty years. And finally a lower key title, but still fun in the crazy named Yeah Yeah Beebiss II . This game is from Independant game dev John Riggs and it's theme is one to bring a smile to any Jiangshi style  Hong Kong Cinema's fans face.

Won't be long now , I will update as soon as the feature is live. 

A colourful platformer from SENILE TEAM, Intrepid IZZY is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Around five years in the making, Xenocider is one of the most exciting releases on Dreamcast in years

Yeah Yeah BeeBiss II has a very retro look from the 8 bit era , but is so much fun.

Judoka Siblings take Gold for Japan -Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 25, 2021 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Back again with more from Tokyo 2020 , Japan has taken two more Golds in Judo as sister and brother  Abe Uta and Abe Hifumi take the prize in the Women's 52kg and Mens 66kg category's .

Abe Uta got through to the final against  France's Amandine Buchard after beating Brazil's Pimenta witha Ippon in the first round she swept her way through coming up against the UK's Chelsie Giles  winning by Waza-ari and the same against Italy's Guiffrida which went to Golden Score. 

Her match with Buchard went into Golden Score and she won with a Ippon against the European Champion to clinch the Gold.

Abe Uta scores Ippon in Golden Score

Her Brother later went on to beat Geogia's Margvelashvili with a leg sweep in the final match to get a waza-ari .

So That makes three Gold  Medals in the Judo for Japan so far , Jigoro Kano would be proud.

Abe Hifumi strikes a double for the family 

Chelsie Giles claims Team GB's first Medal , with a Bronze in the 52kg Judo Competiton

Congrats also to Briton's Chelsie Giles who got through to secure a Bronze medal for Team GB
Giles got her chance in the Repachage and won against Switzerland's Fabienne Kocher to secure Team GB's fiirst medal of the games

Kyokushin Karate Legend Hanshi Steve Arneil passess

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 6, 2021 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Another piece of sad news for the Martial arts community is the sad passing of Hanshi Steve Arneil who was responsible for setting up Kyokushin Karate in the UK. 

Born in South Africa in 1934 his family moved to Rhodesia when he was ten years old.

Hanshi Arneil studied martial arts from a young age in Zambia ( formerly Nothern Rhodesia) , from Kung Fu to Judo , later on moving to Durban in South Africa he studdied Karate and gained a Black Belt in Judo. 

In 1959 he left for the fareast , arriving in Japan he studdied various karate styles and it was here he learnt of one Masutatsu Oyama and sort him out so he could learn his art. 

In 1961  Hanshi Arneil began training in Kyokushin Karate under Oyama. 

Hanshi Arneil was the first man to complete the one Hundred man Kumite after Mas Oyama himself. 

in 1965 Hanshi Arneil came to England to promote and set up a Kyokushin school. He ended up staying and throughout the years has become a pioneer of British Martial arts and Karate. 

On July 2nd 2021 Hanshi Steve Arneil passed away in London  , he was 86 years old.


We will feature a dedicated page  

on Hanshi Arneil in the future as we delve more into Karate and it's styles. ..

Sei Ashina Dead at 36

Posted by THE SNAKE on September 15, 2020 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

2020 definetly has been a tough and sad year for many. And the sad news continues to arrive. After our last post about he death of Benny Chan I did not think my very next post would be about another death .

Japanese Actress Sei Ashina star of various Film and TV productions has been found dead at her apartment in Tokyo .

Police are currently investigating . Her Family became worried when she failed to answer phone calls or messages .

Her body was found on September 14th 2020 , Sad News indeed and even more so when Police suspect apparent Suicide .

Sei Ashina was the third Japanese Celebrity death since May with the other two also contributed to Suicide.

Sei Ashina came to fame in the turn of the Millenium when she starred in Kamen Rider Hibiki in film and TV .

Other Notable roles where in 2007 film 'Silk' and  Kamui Gaiden 2009 .

Sad News indeed

Sertes Nake 


Posted by THE SNAKE on March 19, 2020 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I had a feeling this one was coming, MCM Comic Con London has been postponed till July 10th -12th. , this is in line with Goverment suggestions that people should operate social distancing due to the COVID 19 outbreak. 

I did feel the London show would be next after Birmingham was moved to June.  I guess it's hard to calculate what the end of May will be like at this point and how everything will be operating. 

Once again Reedpop SAY excisting ticket holders need not worry ,your tickets are valid for the July show, And if you are unable to  make July you contact Reedpop to transfer to the October show or get a refund if you can not make either. 

So as we go into isolation i hope all keep well and safe , and remember buy what you need ,not for the next decade. Remember the Older folk can not travel for food and supplies and if everyone hoards it all it's not fair. 

Keep Well , Train Hard ( You can keep fit at home)  and enjoy life as in the end we will all get through this .

And i hope to see many at the MCM London in July where we can party like it's the first one ever.

Sertes Nake aka The Snake

UK stance on COVID19 not unique

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 15, 2020 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all , 

With most of Europe going into lockdown in response to the virus Covid19 many seem it odd that the UK stance is somewhat less dramatic at the moment,  Italy is in full lockdown, Spain and France are bringing in new measures from Monday, With non essential shops told to close along with Cinemas and and basically anywhere people congregate for entertainment. 

Though the UK has not been so severe at the moment ,we know this could all change. at the flick of a switch. At the time of writing ,shops are open, ,schools are open as are most places. Even bans on large gatherings are not compulsery yet even though many fottball matches and public events have been cancelled by the organisers . It looks like many are self policing. 

But where not the only Country that has gone this route , South Korea  which at the time of the outbreak was at the centre of the outbreak have worked with China and other countries in the area . They have let people go about their daily life as best possible and by doing so , has dampened the impact of the virus on daily life for those not infected. 

But the one thing South Korea has is a very high test rate raito and have remarkably tested over 250'000 people for the virus and keep track of those infected by a phone app where they can moniter the persons symptoms .

In all intense and purposes , in South Korea it is working. Time will tell if the UK's stance is right , But one things for sure the next few weeks will effect everyone and in the end it's best to go with the flow , be careful and all will be fine . And don't forget to wash your hands.


MCM Comic Con Postponed till June- COVID19

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 13, 2020 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

New announcement  just in,  After taking advice from the World Health Organisation ,Reed Promotions have decided to Postpone the March Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC..

The new dates in place are for the 27th -28th June, providing the situation of Covid 19 does not escalate. 

All purchasers of tickets will be able to use your excisting Tickets for the March show for replacement in June, there's no need to contact Reed Promotions. . Of course if you are unable to make the June dates then contact Reed Promotions for a refund.

Currently ticket sales are on hold till new tickets  for June are ready to be sold. But current ticket holders need not worry. 

This gives three months to see if the threat of the virus can be curtailed. 

Of course the London Con is on end of May and currently still schedualed to run. But it is advisable to keep a eye on the MCM websites to keep up to date with the progression of the shows in question .