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This is the K,I.T.G. news feed ,so as and when it happens ,find out the latest news happening on site and from the world of Martial arts. Members can post Blogs but they are Approved prior to being published.

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See you all at MCM Comic Con in May for Gaming,Stars and Wrestling tips

Posted by Bruno B on May 3, 2022 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

   Yes more info for all , I'll be at the May MCM Comic Con at Excel to cover any gaming news, not quite sure which companies will be appearing at present, but hopefully there should be some cool news to report on from the gaming side. 

I will also be doing a feature of the show covering the Cosplayers, Star panels and more . More news in is the appearence of the British Pro Wrestling Champions wh will be giving tips on their art and doing interviews and demos across the weekend. So look out for the likes of Bullit, Alexander Roth, Simon Miller and Claudia Bradstone..

Hope to see you all there.

Shadow Gangs comes Q3 to Dreamcast from Wave Game Studios

Posted by Bruno B on May 3, 2022 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

 More game news , recently funded on Kickstarter the game Shadow Gangs is coming to Dreamcast in Q3 2022 . Once again  Wave Game Studios of Norwich are on the case with the publishing rights. I was curious about this title as it plays like a Shinobi game and has wonderful hi rez graphics. It already released on Steam and current platforms in 2020 and 2021 .

But here Dreamcast owners will be able to get a nice physical release of the game by the end of the year, JKM Corp the developers are also including some bug fixes and upgrades to the gameplay as well. So the Dreamcast version will be the definative one to play. 

But if you can't wait you can grab a digital copy on Steam,Switch,Xbox One/S/X, PS4 and PS5 via backward compatability. 

Here at KITG we will be doing a review of the game on Dreamcast when it launches. 

JKM Corp's Shadow Gangs - Dreamcast bound in 2022

DREAMCAST Indie feature , New games for Dreamcast

Posted by Bruno B on May 3, 2022 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

   Hi All, Yes Bruno here with some more game news , Currently putting together a review of a few New Dreamcast games from indie developers, and all published by UK based publishers Wave Game Studios in Norwich.

I have currently been playing these games and will give a overview of the games and what I thought of them very shortly. 

The games in Question are Senile Team's Intrepid IZZY ,  Retro Sumas's Xenocider , which is the first fully fledged 3D action game for Dreamcast in twenty years. And finally a lower key title, but still fun in the crazy named Yeah Yeah Beebiss II . This game is from Independant game dev John Riggs and it's theme is one to bring a smile to any Jiangshi style  Hong Kong Cinema's fans face.

Won't be long now , I will update as soon as the feature is live. 

A colourful platformer from SENILE TEAM, Intrepid IZZY is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Around five years in the making, Xenocider is one of the most exciting releases on Dreamcast in years

Yeah Yeah BeeBiss II has a very retro look from the 8 bit era , but is so much fun.

A Legend Passess- Kenneth Tsang

Posted by THE SNAKE on May 2, 2022 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

              It's always sad when news of the passing of someone and once again the world has lost another legendary actor who came to fame in Hong Kong Cinema. 

Kenneth Tsang has been one of the msot prolific actors of his generation in Hong Kong Cinema. From playing opposite Chow Yun Fat in the Better Tomorrow Films and Jackie Chan in Police Story 3 and Rush Hour 2 . 

His career started in 1955 with a film named The Feud at the age of sixteen. Since then he has given stellar performances in well over a hundred films. He even played a Villian in the James Bond Film Tomorrow Never Dies. 

Mr Tsang conitnued to work up to his death.

He had just returned from Singapore and had gone into Quarantine in Hong Kong for Covid 19 . He started to have chest pains ( common with Covid 19)  He also suffered from Hyper Tension which he took medication for. 

On the morning of 27th April 2022 the health authorities had visited to give him a PCR test and his family found him dead, he was 87.

It seems tragic that his death was so sudden.

Our respects go out to his family and the memory of Kenneth Tsang. 


MCM Comic Con Guest 2* Janet Varney-Legend of Korra

Posted by THE SNAKE on May 2, 2022 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

   I'm Back,

More Guest News for the Upcoming Comic Con is the appearence of Janet Varney who voiced the character of Korra in the Anime series The Legend of Korra.

Janet is another versatile actress who as well as voice acting for various roles has also starred in many live action series as well including Warehouse 13, Stan Against Evil, Bones and even played a party Girl in the 2004 DC comics live action adaptation of Catwoman. 

Again where try and get in on the Press interview for Janet for a more indepth look. 

MCM Comic Con Guests - Avatar Dante Basco

Posted by THE SNAKE on May 2, 2022 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

    Hi All, 

Just a update on one of the guests of this MAY's MCM Comic Con, leading the star line up is actor / Voice Actor Dante Basco who played ZUKO in the Anime Series AVATAR The Last Airbender.

And as Iam currently watching the series where be doing a full feature on the series with a review as well as showcasing Dante himself. 

For fans of Martial arts cinema Dante also played opposite Jeff Speakman in the film Perfect Weapon and Gary Daniels in the Fist of the North Star live action film.

Hopefully where get in on the press Interview with Dante to get a more indepth view of his career and his choice to play Zuko.

Live events for 2022, MCM Comic Con,Hyper Japan Festival, and more.

Posted by THE SNAKE on May 1, 2022 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

       Yes those events are starting up again, and even with the  Worlds Unrest currently its good that live events are back so people can get out and enjoy life a bit more after the two plus years of the Pandemic restrictions. 

Though there where quite a few towards the end of 2021, 2022 is starting fresh with live events all over the country from films shows, Comic Con's and culture shows. 

So Hopefully where be covering some of these events on site in features and our first attendance of the year is MCM Comic Con London which we will be attending for a couple of days, maybe even three at the end of May.

After that we have Hyper Japan Festival at Evolution London in July on the weekend of the 22nd and we hope to be covering that one in some form, .

Both shows have been added to our events calender under Upcoming Events on the home page, and you can find out the dates and times and official site links on the page. 

We will be updating on the guests to appear with the MCM Comic Con getting priority first. Next update on the MCM show will be on the 2nd -05-2022.

The Passing of two legends

Posted by THE SNAKE on February 27, 2022 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

 Hi All

It seems I fill this news stream with sad news more then good of late. The Martial art and Film world have lost another two legends .

Sadly on January 30th the Martial art world lost one Robert Wall (Bob), star of Enter the Dragon, Bob Wall was taught Martial arts under the late Gordon Dovasola, a Hawaiian Okinawan Karate exponenet as well as the late  Joe Lewis and his friend Chck Norris, attaining a 9th Degree Black Belt under Chuck. Bob Wall also set up the World Black Belt Inc soceity. 

From teaching the arts to starring in films Bob Wall was a champion for the Martial arts world, of course his standout film was Enter the Dragon  where he played the legendary Ohara charcter opposite Bruce Lee. 

A sad loss to the Martial arts world, he will be sadly missed , he was 82 years of age.

Then on 21st February the sad news of the passing of Hong Kong film director Chor Yuen, who had started his film career in the 1950's , he directed some 120 films and wrote and starred in many others. From greats like ''Bloodshed in the Valley of Love -1957 to Killer Clans-1976 and 1982's Heroes Shed No Tears. 

Many will know him from his role in Jackie Chan's Police Story where he played the antagonist Chu Tao aka Tom Koo. In fact he starred in four films with Jackie in total. 

A prolific director and screen writer, Chor Yuen passed away at age 87.

Blaze releases new EVERCADE VS in UK December

Posted by Bruno B on November 16, 2021 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

  Back again with more gaming news, Blaze the makers of the Evercade handheld are releasing their new VS Home console in the UK on December the 8th.

The system utilises the same catridges as the handheld and is launching with a new series of ARCADE perfect ports which come in Purple colour boxes as opposed  to the Red ones associated with the console ported games.

All of the excisting cartridges excluding the the two NAMCO ones play on the new system, apparently Namco only licensed those games for use on the handlheld.

You have a choice of a standard pack with one game cartridge and one controller for £89.99 or the Premium pack with Two controllers and two game cartridges for £109.99, both game packs are one or two of the new ARCADE packs of which there are four releasing at launch.

The system has wifi for firmware updates, holds two cartrdges at once and displays at 1080p via HDMI and comes witha USB power cable.

If your interested then check out most game sellers like Smyths Toys, Amazon, Argos ect.

This is BrunoB signing of . 


XBOX celebrates 20 years with 76 new backward compatable titles

Posted by Bruno B on November 16, 2021 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

 Hi all, Bruno B here with another dose of gaming news. XBOX celebrated 20 years of Xbox on Monday 15th November with a special half hour show announcing a whopping 76 new backward compatable titles available to play on your Xbox One / One S / One X / Series S, and Series X.

Included are a mix of OG Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, bringing the 360 titles playable to over four hundred titles now.  Among these games where some real gems like Timespitters Future Perfect and its sequel, three games from the Dead or Alive fighting series, Max Payne 1/2/3, and a few titles from Sega's back catalogue including Binary Domain, OTOGI 1 & 2, and GunValkyrie.

The list is extensive and though it does contain some games that where released digital only on the 360, its still a impressive list, especially for those with a collection of OG Xbox titles. Whether all of these titles will be able to be purchased via the storefront is unknown at present, so it may be better to track down a original disc to  be able to play the game. 

But you can bet your bottom dollar that the savvy people on ebay and second hand games sellers like CEX will be reviewing there prices on some of these games as their now available to a new audience. 

Sad news is that it seems that might be it for the backward compatable program, as licensing some of these old games is quite dificult as some of these IPs have changed hands since they launched and the biggest titles to suffer are games with Licensed cars, sports peronalites and Movie or TV licensed product..

Yes many are still wishing for the likes of PGR, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ralisport challenge to re appear but it looks like these games are relegated to being played via the original disc on original hardware only. 

Also Xbox have released a series of new controllers in various finishes with the XBOX 20th logo on to commemorate the twenty years, these come in wired DUKE versions and Series S/X wirelesss versions. 

I will be back shorlty with more gaming content going live on site, and also where be covering the Game Awards from the comfort of our armchair on the 9th December.

This BrunoB signing of.