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Ryo Hazuki is Back ! No not in Shenmue 3 ,but as a figurine

Posted by Bruno B on May 1, 2013 at 9:35 PM

Ryo Hazuki the main protagonist in the 1999  Dreamcast game Shenmue is back , but for fans of the series i'm sorry to say that where not talking Shenmue 3. Where not even talking a guest appearence in a new SEGA game ,of which he has starred previously like in Sonic and All stars racing.

Hell i would be excited if they featured him in a new Virtua Fighter game ,but no .

SEGA in association with First 4 Figures are launching two collectable figurines which feature Ryo in a pose, standing in at a whole one foot tall these limited edition figures come in two versions. A standard base version and a special edition with Ryo standing on a Phoenix Mirror.

Now these pre order figures are not pocket money toys ,coming in at approxiamately $170 for the standard and $184 for the Phoenix mirror version. So that's about £100 each ,but i'm sure importers in the UK will put a hefty profit on that if anybody in the UK requires one.

Even though it's nice to see such collectables ,closer look at these particular ones gives  away a clue that Ryo may have been slacking in his training since the end of Shenmue 2. Ryo looks slightly podgy and fuller in the face then i remember him being.

Any Shenmue news always gets the internet buzzing and the SEGA fans typing ,but i can't see many forking out such a high price for a figurine of the intrepid Ryo Hazuki when facially the figure is not quite perfect.

I would actually gladly pay £100 for a copy of Shenmue 3 ,but for a Figurine that just about facially bears a resembelance to our hero ,i don't think so.

Bruno B.

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