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Gaming hots up ,Nintendo ,PS4,Xbox One ,Road shows.

Posted by Bruno B on July 17, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Yes Bruno B. back with another gaming wonder, with all the rumours ,Woes and show stealing antics of the last three weeks ,it looks like it's a great time to be a gamer .

Nintendo seems to be set on ressurecting their Low Wii U sales , Nintendo have their Unleashed tour happening in the UK at events like Hyper Japan,MCM,Eurogamer Expo  and other media shows. The Unleashed tour gives gamers a chance to play the latest releases and a few of the forthcoming games coming to Wii U and 3DS.

Pikmin 3

So if you want to play PIKMIN 3 ,MARIO 3D WORLD, Animal Crossing and more then you should not miss these events in the UK. Also in the UK Nintendo are doing another tour ,Called the Nintendo Roadshow ,calling at various alternate events like airshows and festivals through out the summer . Here the focus will be more on showing currently available titles on Wii U and 3DS.

Not to be out done Nintendo of America have revealed their be at the San Diego Comic Con showing more then twenty titles ,some of which have not been shown outside of E3 yet.

Pikmin 3 has launched in Japan with big success ,selling over 163'000 copies in the first week ,it has also sparked a boost in Sales of the Wii U console as well.

Pikmin 3

Pikmin releases in the west on July 26th in Europe and August 4th in the USA. I'm sure it will have the same effect.

Yes unlike some dedicated gaming websites ,who seem intent on reporting negative stories on Nintendo (and these are Nintendo dedictaed sites)  we feel optimism  is key .

Other news of course is the DRM issue for XBOX ONE ,with such bad feedback across the internet , and the fact that Xbox One pre-orders where just not really happening ,Microsoft decided they would do a full reversal of all their polices against used games.

Now Xbox One will be able to play used games without incurring a fee ,your not have to sign into the internet  every 24 hours to play games .It has the always on Kinect issue ,but if you want one then your probbaly just put up with it.

Of course this means some features are no longer available on the new console like being able to share your games with up to ten people over the cloud.

In fact some fans have even set up a petition to re-instate the old polices , lol.

CAPCOM's Dead Rising 3 is sure to sell the XBOX 1

Anyway Amazon UK reported that Xbox One pre-orders after the reversal soared and have over taken the PS4 in this region. Whether that represents a overall picture we don't know and i pretty much doub't it as i think Microsoft have done the damage and lost quite a few fans to Sony. I actually hope Nintendo can grab some of those sales to .

PS4 seems to be going from strength to strength and it's not even out yet. It looks like Sony could have another PS2 on their hands after the PS3 struggled to get into homes when launched ,but now Global sales of the PS3 have over taken the 360 . But they still have a way to go to beat the Nintendo Wii ,but it could be done.

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs may be Multi Platform ,but looks like the PS4  version could be definitive.

Also if your a Wii fan your notice that a lot of the social channels are now turned off ,so don't forget to delete those channels from your Wii.

Crazy thing is In Europe and the USA last week the Wii outsold the Wii U ,Nintendo need to address things and hopefully their new advertising campaign may address to some issues.

Hopefully all should work out soon and we should be playing loads of great games ,of course if we can afford them that is.

Bruno B.

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