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The Biggest Game show on earth has arrived- E3 is here- XBOX ONE Special

Posted by Bruno B on June 9, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Yes folks it's that time of year again where gamers worldwide wait with baited breath to see what must have and exclusive (if any) titles will be making it to their console of choice.

It may seem like nothing to non gamers,but to a game fan who has spent his hard earned cash on a particular console ,he needs to know that it's going to deliver.

Today we look at some of the titles coming to XBOX ONE.

Also announced recently is the XBOX ONE without the Kinect option,Which is available Now for only £349. Thing is you can if you search around pick up one with Kinect for that money ,in fact Amazon had a one day special the other day ,they where selling the Titanfall edition with Kinect for that very price.

Also the UK advert on TV for the new bundle is a bit misleading, why you ask , well the advert shows a young man talking to his XBOX (via the Kinect) ''XBOX ON,xbox TV, so on you know the idea, then it goes to the headline now avaiable for the new low price of £349 ,showing the Kinectless version, well if you have no Kinect you can not talk to the XBOX ONE CAN YOU ?

Unless you can use a head set,but that would be silly.

Anyway where here for games , and i know i am a few hours late posting this. i was in fact impressed with some of the titles coming ,OK i know a few are Multiplat ,ie,on PS4 /xbox One and PC.

First up is ( and i know it's the one game that's on last gen as well)  Dragon Age Inquisition, this Bioware Action role playing game looks set to give next gen some of the best looking graphics this year from what we saw on the stream we watched.

With a slightly new combat system involving more team play it should be quite cool , and from a personal point of view i think the Xbox one  controller will suit it better. Also Xbox One gets some exclusive content to.

Ubisofts next iteration in the Assassins Creed series looks set to take the franchise one step further, being only on the XBOX one /PS4 and PC.  Sorry Wii U owners looks like your not getting treated to the next AC game.

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You can not deny this does look cool.

Looking as beautiful as ever it still retains the AC gameplay and character movement. what's changed is the scope and amount of characters on screen at any given time ,and i am talking large crowds here. All with individual AI. Also multi player will be a big part with you playing as part of a team to reach your goal . And it's all set in the time of the French Revolution in Paris. It does look nice.

Those Xbox 360 owners who where harking on about getting Bayonetta 2 ,when they know they can not because Nintendo has helped finance it themselves. Well Platinium games are hard at work on ''Scalebound''  and i  did not know of this one, and when i saw it,  i thought ''Bayonetta'' and what do you know it's by Platinium games. Well see if it sells ,something tells me Bayonetta 2 will do better on Wii U , well the lead characters prettier .

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is another current gen title only and which looks set to be all the better for it. Claiming to be the biggest RPG ever ,with over a hundred hours of gameplay ,making it bigger then Skyrim and a third bigger then previous titles in the series. It's definetly one to watch..

But the surpise was the announcement of the next in the Tomb Raider series.. Rise of the Tomb Raider, announced at the Microsoft E3 event. Though it will come to PS4 and PC as well. But it looks nice ,but your have to wait a while as it's coming Holiday 2015.

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Well thats' our pick of E3 today on Xbox One. There where a couple of indie games but where cover all the indies together later in the week.  Back tomorrow for the big Nintendo event ,oh we just can not wait.

Bruno B firing off.

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