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UK stance on COVID19 not unique

Posted by THE SNAKE on March 15, 2020 at 10:30 AM

Hello all , 

With most of Europe going into lockdown in response to the virus Covid19 many seem it odd that the UK stance is somewhat less dramatic at the moment,  Italy is in full lockdown, Spain and France are bringing in new measures from Monday, With non essential shops told to close along with Cinemas and and basically anywhere people congregate for entertainment. 

Though the UK has not been so severe at the moment ,we know this could all change. at the flick of a switch. At the time of writing ,shops are open, ,schools are open as are most places. Even bans on large gatherings are not compulsery yet even though many fottball matches and public events have been cancelled by the organisers . It looks like many are self policing. 

But where not the only Country that has gone this route , South Korea  which at the time of the outbreak was at the centre of the outbreak have worked with China and other countries in the area . They have let people go about their daily life as best possible and by doing so , has dampened the impact of the virus on daily life for those not infected. 

But the one thing South Korea has is a very high test rate raito and have remarkably tested over 250'000 people for the virus and keep track of those infected by a phone app where they can moniter the persons symptoms .

In all intense and purposes , in South Korea it is working. Time will tell if the UK's stance is right , But one things for sure the next few weeks will effect everyone and in the end it's best to go with the flow , be careful and all will be fine . And don't forget to wash your hands.


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