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E3 2021 A Digital Showcase

Posted by Bruno B on June 12, 2021 at 9:15 AM

Hi All Yes Bruno B here Kickemintheghoulies  own resident Game expert and fan.

Yes I know I have been quite of late but I have been busy behind the scenes sorting out the sites game related pages. And even with the event of the new consoles launching before Xmas I was going to do a over view of events but to be honest felt content was shallow and with so many speculative rumours abound i thought best to avoid..

Plus the scarcity of being able to obtain a PS5 or Xbox Series X even more then five months later is still impossible for many . Though stocks of the Xbox series S seem abundant in both the USA and UK , Proving that the uptake of digital only consoles is not as big as many may think. 

Even Sony's PS5 Disc edition outsells it's digital counterpart even though there's a £100 difference in price. 

But with the Pandemic still going on and restrictions still in place for many supplies and events are still on hold.

Plus this has caused a worldwide Microchip shortage which is effecting not just the new game consoles but phone manafactures , Audio and Video makers and much more. 

This has seen a increase in used items selling and this has pushed the prices up of used items on line across various auction sites and second hand dealers in retail like CEX where prices have risen dramatically . As demand of course drives prices up. 

But as i come to a end of this post we are approaching that time of year where gamers unite and after last years cancelation E3 is back in a digital form starting this weekend. 

As well as that we have the Summer Gamefest which kicked of on Thursday 10th of June and we also have the Future game show incoming as well this weekend. 

So remember it's time to get your game on.

For more on E3 see our next post.

Bruno B . 

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