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Xbox at E3 hit or miss?

Posted by Bruno B on June 15, 2021 at 7:15 AM

 Bruno B here back with more from E3 .  So did XBOX and Bethedsa deliver or did they miss the mark. Considering before their aquisition of Bethedsa each company would host a Ninety minute conferance , here we have one combined confernace showcase at Ninety minutes or just under if where being picky.

Theres' No doub't that Bethedsa took a huge chunk of the show , they even opened up the show with the first reveal of their new game StarField which opened up the show and confirming that it was a Xbox Exclusive and coming 2022.. It looked interesting , but little is really known what the games about and how gameplay will be. We know it's set in Space and that's it..

Next up was the reveal of Rare's Sea of Thieves update with a new free expansion featuring Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean , it looked really good i must admit. , but no news on Rare's Everwild which apparently has been rebooted in development with a new lead , the guy behind Banjo Kazooie. So don't be expecting this for a long while , or any news on it. 

Then we had the reveal of Yakuza Like a Dragon coming to Gamepass , making the entire series available to play on Gamepass.

We had news on Elder Scrolls Online getting updates and a cute Smash style combat game called Party Animals which looked well crazy. 

Then the big one hit , the most important game for Xbox and Halo Infinate in it's current state after the low key reception it got before Xmas last year. Even though i thought it looked ok.

With restructing at 343 and anew lead in the form of the guy behind the original Halo games it looks like it's looking truly next gen , even thopugh it's still coming to Xbox One as well.

The engine looks better and even though we did not see single player campaign gameplay they did show of the Multiplayer Gameplay to good extent and it looks lush . Really looking forward to this one. 

In all thirty games where shown for Xbox and twenty seven of those are coming to Gamepass day one. 

Slime Rancher 2 looked amazing and so bright and welcoming and a really cool Snowboarding game called Shredders  which is Xbox Series only , no Xone. It looked really cool and a style of game we have been misiing on Xbox .

Age of Empires got a update on PC and looks really nice for those on PC and Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series after it's PC launch last year looks wonderful and the new expansion Top Gun Maverick also looks like a fun diversion for it.

Then we had what was rumoured that Playground Games would unleash Forza Horizon 5 before Turn Ten got the rebooted Forza Motorsport ready for Series X./ S  . Yes it was true and launching before Christmas to and on both Xbox Series X / S - Xbox One  - PC . Set in Mexico this time round and not Japan as previously rumoured . 

It does make me think that Japan might have been intially the place but due to Covid that Mexico was easier due to having teams needing to travel to these places to get locations right. . Hopefully FH6 is set in Japan as i was hping for that but I settle for Mexico as the game looks stunning and how Playground has done this in the short time i don't know.  Well looking forward to this. 

But that was not all the ending of the show revelaed a new IP from Arkane studios  ( Prey / Dishounoured ) a new Single or Multiplayer Vampire Hunting game which looks pretty cool. Named REDFALL it's due to come 2022 if where lucky. 

So yes we had no news on Perfect Dark after the reveal last year and no new gameplay from HellBlade 2 from Ninja Theory , but it was rumoured to be shown but was cut. 

So yes Xbox had a good showcase and Halo and Forza Horizon 5 along with Redfall probably gave it the edge they needed , was it outstanding or their best , I don't think so but i think time with a combined show probably limited it somewhat. 

But they are having a stream on Thursday 17th at 6PM BST , where devs will talk about upcoming projects and it's here we might see more of Perfect Dark, Everwild and HellBlade.

This is BrunoB signing of . Next up Sqaure Enix - Future Games Show and Capcom.

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