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Nintendo's E3 Fanfare and Sega Surprises

Posted by Bruno B on June 24, 2021 at 2:25 PM

 Hi All BrunoB here with more on E3 , Gaming ,Birthdays and everything else. 

So after all the fanfare of E3 was it all worht it , staying up late in the night , catching up with all the streams and taking in all the infomation on what's coming to our little entertainment boxes that sit under our TV's .

Well the last day of E3 was Nintendo's turn to showcase and showcase they did .

Though they did cover some titles that had previously been shown and where nearing release like Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD there where a lot of other surprises in store for Nintendo fans and even though they may have not been what many where hoping it was still a good show from Nintendo.

I suppose the big reveal was a New Metroid Game for Nintendo Switch , but this was a new 2D adventure in the vain of Metroid Fushion and the direct sequel to the Gameboy Advance game . Named Metroid Dread and developed by Mecury Steam and Nintendo EPD. 

The game looks very appocalyptic and has very nice lighting effects. , it may not be the mystery Metroid Prime 4 but this one will tide fans over till more news on that arrives. . And the great thing is the game releases this October 8th , so not long to go. 

Other surpises where a reboot HD version of Advance Wars , which though a rather niche title from Nintendo's past will please fans of the originals as you get both Advance Wars 1 and 2 in this pack. , subtitled Re-Boot Camp the game releases again for the Christmas period on December 3rd 2021.

A new Wario Ware game was also announced , comprising a coolection of new Mini Games and Called Wario Ware Get it Together it launches this September 2021 and though many where saying is it really worth spending £50.00 on such a game , i have seen pre-orders as low as £34.99 .

Another mini game collection is Mario Party Superstars , this is another coolection of mini games from the N64 Mario Party games , remade in HD and with online play. , again at £50.00 i think this is a bit steep for a rehash of old mini games given a gloss of paint but I'm sure fans will lap it up and there will be discounts I;m sure for pre-ordering from certian sellers. 

Another title and another port of a Wii U title. Yes Fatel Frame Maiden of Black Water is coming to Switch , re-jigged to take into account the lack of a seperate screen for the camera . Of note this is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well. 

More surprises came in a new iteration of Cruis'n is coming to Switch as a exclusive. Cruis'n Blast a port of the arcade game arrives on Switch this fall.  Fans of the Cruis'n game will be pleased at this title being unleashed on Switch as we all have memories of Cruis'n USA  and Cruis'n World.

All in all Nintendo's Showcase was pretty good , they also showed some indies and of course Mario and Rabbids was also shown ,a the enwe ganter sneak peak at Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 , ( what it be called at laucnh no one knows)  it was more  cinematic then actual gameplay but was very nice looking. , it did flash up a 2022 release but this could change we all know it. 

One Publisher that had loads of snipets at E3 and before was SEGA , I truly beleive they could have had a great little showcase if they had gathered all there reveals into one small showcase , It could have worked with the new Sonic Game , the second Movie, and Sonic Colours Ultimate.in one event and add in the Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown , Two Point Campus reveal and that Yakuza Like a Dragon was coming to Gamepass and the newly launched PSO New Genises.

And the fact that their Olympic Tokyo 2020 game was launching in the West  Not forgetting their PC titles like Total War and Humankind showcases. 

I know Sega usually go big at the Tokyo Game show with reveals but a combined showcase for western audiences would have been nice. 

One thing E3 showed me was that there are a lot of games I would like to try , luck be I do have a Xbox and can try some of them on Gamepass. But yes of course the likes of Nintendo's fare and Sony's at present are not in my reach as I don't have their current consoles at present. But being a Wii U owner i do have many of the Switch's great titles. 

This is BrunoB signing of till the next one . Be Safe all 

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