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Tokyo 2020 -Judo Women's 57kg Winner Nora Gjarkova

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 27, 2021 at 6:40 PM

Women's Judo 57kg Contest

I am running a few hours late on some of the Olympic Martial art news , mainly because I'm of not getting to see the matches in their entirety , often I'm scouring the Internet  as in the UK the BBC concetrate on their own athletes as with all the other countries , But today i got to see the fianl of this contest all though i had seen the other bouts, 24 hours ago. 

The Gold bout for this one was a controversal one I find , not taking away from Kosovo's Nora Gjarkova's abilities , as she had demonstrated in the previous bouts that she new her game . 

Her opponenent for the Gold was France's Sarah Leonie Cysique .  and even though i thought the beginning of the match was in favour of the Kosovo fighter a takedown at the edge of the matt saw Gjarkova takedown Cysique where unfortunatly the French fighter landed on her head in a clinch , Cysique obviously rolled to protect herself from possibly being hospitalised  , at this point Gjarkova had jumped away from the technique to give space as she could she what was happening .

But unbelievably , what I though might mean another penalty , ended up with the French fighter being disqaulified and the Gold instantly went to Gjarkova.

You should all watch the match as the bemusement on the French contestants face and their instructor was one of puzzlement and really not the way to finish a Gold medal match.

So what I can see is if Cysique had broken her neck she would have been aloowed to continue , but hey she would have not as  she would have been dead. 

Sometimes throws go down wrong , you can't always protect yourself and you have to take evasive measures to get out of it , as a Jiujitsu practioner I know what I'm talking about . 

I just thought this was a bad ending to the 57kg Women's contest and one that shows the rules in play are more of a hinderance when it comes to martial arts .

Kosovo's Nora Gjarkova celebrates her Gold win which came via disqualification of her opponent ( Sarah Leoine Cysique ) trying to get out of a bad takedown which nearly injured her very seriously. 

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