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Taekwondo Women's 67kg - Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 27, 2021 at 7:05 PM

More on the Taekwondo , this time the Women's 67kg Contest where Team GB's Lauren Williams made her way through the rounds with some very good fights to get to the final against Croatia's Matea Jelic .

Like Kosovo , Croatia is ranking up some very good Taekwondo and Judoka fighters who are bringing the sport some good press. As is Team GB over the past few Olympics. , But  it seems this Olympics is really the time for Kosovo and Croatia Martial arts in Sport. 

The Gold match for the 67kg Women's Taekwondo was a fun watch which saw each combatent fire shots at eachother and you really couldn't see which way it was going to go

In the end within vital seconds Croatia's Matea Jelic got the points to clinch Gold leaving Lauren Williams to settle for Silver. 

Both fighters put on a great show and deserved their places what ever way it ended. 

Bronze Medalists where Ruth GBagbi of Coti d' Ivoire  and  Hedaya Wahba of Egypt

Matea Jelic of Croatia Goes for Gold

Lauren Williams from Team GB  Loses out to Gold agaianst Matea Jelic of Croatia

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