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Taekwondo - Women's +67kg at Tokyo 2020

Posted by THE SNAKE on July 27, 2021 at 7:40 PM

Last Nights , well for us in the UK anyway was another nights viewing of the Olympics and the Taekwondo +67kg Women's constest.

For Team GB it was another chance for Gold as thier contender Bianca Walkden had spearheded her way through to the Quarter finals and was up against Kazhakstan's Cancel Deniz  which seemed to be a breeze for the British  Fighter , taking the fight to her opponenet and ending it at a score of 17 to 7.

Next up for Walkden was Lee Dabin of South Korea , a slightly lighter fighter and smaller , but Lee Dabin might have been small but she was sneaky and had a very distinct fight style , but then the Korean's did event Taekwondo and it is part of their school curiculam .

Which is why it's surprisng to see so few Taekwondo break through's at the Tokyo Olympics from the Korean's .
Lee Dabin was one of their last hopes for that Gold medal and she wasn't going to go down easy , but neither was Bianca Walkden.

Team Gb's Bianca Walkden battles through the stages

The match was a tense thrashing of feet and punches , the two fighters came together in flurries of  battle , but during this fight , it was as if Walkden was so desperate for the Gold that she forgot the rules of play , Walkden built up a a massive 8 penalty points  ( Ten and your disaqaulified)  , the coaches where playing their dispute cards , points where being given and taken away by the judges. 

It really was a battle of wits , in the final round Walkden managed to claw back a deficit of like five points, she got ahead with like 8 seconds left of play  and on the very last second of the bout  Lee Dabin landed a decisive blow to steal the place in the final .

This was probably the most exciting match of the Women's Taekwondo as the two adversaries where so close in skill that it was anybodies match , but in the end Lee Dabin came through. to get into the final.

Disbelief for Bianca Walkden of Team GB as she misses out on the Gold Medal match in the final second of her Semi final match.

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