Non Official K.I.T.G. banners Non Official K.I.T.G. banners January 2011 We went all old school in January 2011 with a look at some great classics. And our Banner reflected this. 115576625 February 2011 Our first Animated Banner featuring various film shots and the Snake of Course. This is not the animated version as they don't animate in the Photo galleries. 115577766 May 2011 May's banner featured a bevy of Beauties from martial cinema and has the new logo with The Snake in the middle . 130560364 July 2011 July's Banner was to tie into the Hyper Japan show in London ,so we went for a Japanese theme showing Japanese icons. 155101167 September 2011 Jumping to September after our Official August Banner of Conan Lee, here we featured a mix of Chinese and Japanese stars as reviews of the Lost bladesman with Donnie yen and Classic Stephen Chow film King of Beggars. 155101168 October 2011 For our Halloween special we got all spooky with a review of Sammo Hung's Spooky Encounters 2. 155101169 Christmas 2011 A new start , from here our banners cover roughly about six weeks on site,so this special Christmas banner for November and December ,showcased The Christmas Snake,Yuen Biao and Rina Takeda . 155102496 New Year 2012 Our new year banner brought in the Chinese new year which was early this year, our big film of the month was ''Shaolin'' ,the remake by Benny Chan. 155102467 February / March 2012 The end of February saw the Hyper Japan show hit London again ,with Video-games and Cosplay playing a big part in the show ,our banner showcased those very elements. 155102468 April / May 2012 With the Terracotta Far East Film Festival and the Birmingham Martial arts show taking place in these two months,our banner featured stars of film and stars of the arts who where featured or are appearing at either of the shows. 155102357 July / August 2012 178986967 178986872 November /December 2012 178986969 January / February / March 2013 178986968 April/May 2013 178987396