Twin Dragons Jackie Chan 1992 Twin Dragons Jackie Chan 1992 Title shot 177860002 Jackie Chan as Boomer 177860003 Jackie Chan as John Ma 177860004 Jackie and Teddy Robin Kwan Teddy Robin plays Tyson 177860005 Jackie with Nina Li Chi Nina Li Chi made starred in over 30 films in Hong Kong. Nina retired in 1992 after making this film and Kid from Tibet with Yuen Biao . In 1999 she married Wushu star Jet Li. 177860006 Maggie Cheung Maggie Cheung Plays Tammy, Maggie is famous for her roles as May in the Police Story series of films with Jackie 177860007 In disgusie 177860008 Twin Jackie's Can you see the join? 177860009 177860010 177860011 Hot! Hot! Hot! 177860012 177860013 Jackie in action 177860014 177860015 177860016 177860017 177860018 Jackie mid flight 177860019 Hmmm! 177860020 Gotta hurt 177860021 I'm gonna get Ya! 177860022 Bring it on 177860023 Jackie delivers 177860024 Jackie in distress 177860025