Come Drink with Me- 1966- Shaw Brothers Come Drink with Me- 1966- Shaw Brothers Trapped 192202323 Whoa ,Whoa up she rises 192202324 Cheng Pei Pei as Golden Swallow 192202325 The bandits- anyone look familier 192202326 Show time 192202327 The Drunken Knight played by Yuen Hua Yueh Hua had also starred in the Monkey films produced by Shaw's and was actually simultaneously filming one while filming this film. 192202328 Caught at the temple 192202329 The Jade Faced Tiger played by Chan Hung lit 192202330 Old foes 192202331 Swallow 192202332 Another Trap 192202333 Oh he's very Jade Faced 192202334 A duel 192202335 Interfering Monk 192202536 Drunk he may but deadly. 192202537