Music Stars Asian Music Stars Asian CoCo Lee CoCo Lee in a advert ,and fine she looks too. 30268925 Kelly Chen /Stylish index album cover Kelly Chen who is also a major Hong Kong film star as well as atop selling music artist in the far east. 30270810 CoCo Lee / Exposed album cover CoCo Lee's exposed album which is sung in English throughout .Pretty good too. 30270811 CoCo Lee I think this may be from a album cover or some promotional picture;s .Nice though. 30270812 Cyndi Wang A shot from Cyndi's album cover .A very upbeat album 'lots of happy tunes. 30270813 Jolin Tsai Jolin Tsai a major Asian pop star in a promo shot. 30270814 Jolin Tsai / album shot /X AGENT Another cover from a album ,Jolin Tsai looking sexier then ever .Not heard this album but do have one of her albums .Very Good. 30270815 Boa A nice shot of Korean pop queen Boa 30339271 Boa And another nice shot of Boa. 30339272