Snake in Action Snake in Action SNAKE CONFUSING YOU 32510624 SNAKE KICKS OUT 32510198 SNAKE NEARLY HEADBUTT FLOOR 32510619 SNAKE LOOKING MEAN 32510621 SNAKE ? 32510622 SNAKE LOOKING MEANER 32510623 SNAKE GIVES IT SOME 32510626 SNAKE IN FLIGHT 1 32510627 SNAKE IN FLIGHT 2 32510628 SNAKE IN FLIGHT 3 32510632 SNAKE DOING DANCE 32510620 SNAKE AT THE READY 2 32510625 SNAKE BEING A ROBOT 32510629 SNAKE NEARLY KILLS CAMERA 32510631 GET READY WAIT FOR IT 32510197 Snake sticks it to ya! Watch out for those Kali sticks 39374638 Snake in Pole Madness Snake with Jo 39374639 That's a Long one It's a Pole bigger then Snake 39374640 Controlling the Pole Snake controls the Pole 'you gotta be careful of those Pole's 39374641 Snake regains momentum Trusty Pole . 96031568 Ready for action Double sticks improve matters 96031569 Snake gives it ! I'm Gonna Get Ya! 96031570 Snake in Motion Told you so. 96031571 Snake Twirls sticks Or at least i try to. 96031572 Snake and Jo Jo the staff ,a slightly smaller pole ,so i don't samsh up the place. 96031573 Come on Then! If i don't hit you with my sticks ,i might just throw the Radiator at you. 96031574