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Below are a list of pages on features i have compiled on various artists.

I hope you enjoy them

Lam Ching-Ying

The Late Great Lam Ching-Ying-  A feature on this popular Peking Opera star.

Carlos Ray ''Chuck'' Norris

Chuck Norris  - a retrospective on this martial arts legend who was a champion 7 years running ,then went on to become one of the eighties biggest stars.

Sammo Hung Kam Bo

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo - Our Banner star for July 2010 gets his own page ,and a informative one it is ,detailing the works and life  of this Legendary Star and Martial artist.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan needs no introduction ,he is a legend in Martial arts cinema and one who has inspired many ,and the genuine Mr,Nice Guy.

*Note ,this profile is still under construction so not all details are present.

Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock ,another of our official Banner stars.In the world of Martial arts cinema ,there is one woman who broke the mold and took Hong Kong by storm,why? because she is a Caucasian American.And as well as being a top flight Martial arts film star is also a champion in the arts prior to starring in any films. 

Andy On Chi-Kit

Andy On is a guy who I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of.having starred in films with Jackie Chan and many other stars,he has come to the for front in roles in such greats as 'True Legend' and the new 'Bad Blood'.

He's also another one of our Banner stars ,and a nice guy too.

Loren Avedon

Loren Avedon the star of such films as Raging Thunder ,King of the Kick-boxers and Silent force honors us by being one of our banner stars .This high flying Taekwondo and Hapkido  exponent has entertained many with his talent and to boot he's a Great Guy. 

Hwang Jang Lee

Hwang Jang Lee is one of the most accomplished Taekwondo men in the world ,having Trained the Military and starred in a plethora of films with the likes of Jackie Chan,Conan Lee,Loren Avedon and many more. 

Richard Norton

Richard Norton has more then 45 years experience in the arts ,from training in Judo,Jiujitsu,Karate,BJJ and versatile in several Japanese Weapons ,he has achieved a great deal within the arts.On top of this he is also a established Martial arts Film star and Fight Coordinator.Oh and he's one of our official banner stars to.

Don'' The Dragon'' Wilson
Don''The Dragon''Wilson is one of the all time greats in the field of Kick-boxing ,having won numerous championships and retiring World Champion ,Don set his sights on the Lucrative Action Film Market ( A hard nut to crack),But Don has continued to work in the industry while others vanish from our screens.Having starred in classics Like the BloodFist series and Ring of Fire.
Keith Vitali

Keith Vitali is a Champion Three Point Kick-boxing Champion and World Champion Kick-Boxer ,he has also written a series of books on the Instructional side  of the art.

Keith has also featured in films for Ng See Yuen and Keith W Strandberg ,Having starred in Blood Brothers NRNS3 and SUPERFIGHTS. Add to this a film with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung,plus producing the Gary Daniels vehicle BloodMoon.

Also a Child Activist ,Keith has also written books on this subject too.

Olivier Gruner

Olivier Gruner a former Marine Commando in the French Marines is also a Retired World Champion Kick-boxer ,who came to fame in the film ''Angel Town'' Since then Olivier has made some 30 odd films and continues to work at a steady pace,Also taking up training duties by getting fellow artists into shape ,and has recently worked with Aaron Eckhart  for the film Battle Los Angeles 

David Onuma        

David Onuma -A look at this versatile Martial artist ,which has a background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ,Wing Chun,JKD Concepts and Philippineo  Stick Fighting.

Professor Wally Jay

Professor Wally Jay was the founder of Small Circle Jujitsu and responsible for promoting Jujitsu through out the USA and beyond, with his unique two way wrist action and finger locking techniques he brought a system that could be applied not just to Jujitsu but any Martial art. 

Michael Nelson Cole -coming soon
Michael Nelson Cole  is a Martial arts instructor and Personal trainer ,he specializes in teaching Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu and Shuao Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) .With a versatile program suited for all Michael can Visit you at home or you can attend his classes in North London.
Bey Logan              COMING  SOON

Bey Logan is one of the worlds experts on Hong Kong Cinema ,as well he has been  a editor for Martial arts Publications ,he is a writer, Producer ,martial artist and genuine Mr,Nice Guy. 

Coming Soon

Profile pages take time to compile ,so in time look out for more pages on the likes of ,Bruce Lee (so much information to go through),Sonny Chiba,,Jeff Speakman,Keith Cooke,Michael Nelson Cole and many more. 


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