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Since the new logo here at K.I.T.G. we have tried to attain permission from various artists and stars to use their image on the sites Banner for a Month.

This also entailed giving the star a profile page and a link back to their website if available. If a Artist that had done films we would feature reviews on their past and present films to.

On this page you can view the past stars / Artists  Profile through the links below .

Hoping this page will increase in size over the coming months as we try and attain permission from various artists around the world.

At the same time doing justice to the star / Artist in question and creating a lasting relationship with them.

 *Members Can view the full size Banners by clicking the small Banners below.

Our August 2011 Banner  -  Conan Lee Yuen -Ba

For our August 2011  Banner we have Martial arts legend Conan Lee,star of the Tiger on the Beat films and the 1982 kung fu classic ''Ninja in the Dragons Den.

This also our Second animated Banner two ,the first was Keith Vitali

Got to Conan Lee's Profile Here!



Our June 2011 Banner David Onuma

 Founder of Combined Fighting Systems Guro David Onuma is a UK/European and World BJJ champion and versatile in many arts from Wing Chun to JKD Concepts and more .

Click here for his profile.



Our April 2011 Banner   -   Olivier Gruner

April 2011 sees French Kick-boxer,Martial artist,World Champion ,action film star 

Olivier Gruner

View Profile Here!


Our March 2011 Banner Star    -     Keith Vitali

Yes another Banner star hits the site in the form of 

Mr,Keith Vitali 

View Profile Here!


Our December 2010 Banner Star  - Don''The Dragon''Wilson
View the profile of Don''The Dragon''Wilson Here!



Our November 2010 Banner Star - Richard Norton

View the profile of Richard Norton Here!

Our October 2010 Banner  - Loren Avedon

View the Profile of Loren Avedon Here!


Our September 2010 Banner  -  Andy On Chi Kit 

The Profile of Andy On Chi-Kit ,Click Here!



Our August 2010 Banner - Artists and The Snake

The Snake profile page Click Here!

Artists - the Martial artists of Harts Taekwondo



Our July 2010 Banner  - Sammo Hung Kam Bo

Sammo Hung Kam Bo profile page Click Here!



Our June 2010  Banner  -   Cynthia Rothrock

Our First Star Banner was Cynthia Rothrock ,Queen of Martial arts .

To View Cynthia's Profile click here


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