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                               Film Review
Black Mask 2 ''City of Masks''

Starring: Andy On, Scott Adkins

Directed By: Tsui Hark



The original Black Mask with Jet Li ,was quite a good film with Jet playing the Genetically modified soldier who feels no emotion on the run from his creators .The film pitted Black Mask against people like himself ,which gave the film a Universal Soldier appeal but with a Hong Kong flavor.

Shooting forward 6 years Tsui Hark wants to film a sequel ,but Jet Li is not interested in returning to the story (by then he was looking at the States).

Enter Andy On to take on the lead role as Black Mask ,but here is where any relation to the first film vanishes other then Andy playing the character Black Mask.

The film see's Black Mask trying to find a cure for his genetically enhanced body ,as he escapes his creators ,who happens to be a large brain ,with the help of trusted Soldier Lang (played by Scott Adkins).

But while this is going on ,there is another element that involves a man who is mutating wrestlers in to animals for monetary  gain. He uses the mutated wrestlers to put on shows ,but when the mutation goes out of control and one of the wrestlers turns fully in to a Iguana and nearly kills another all hell breaks loose ,which see's Black Mask coming to the rescue of the victims son.

Trying to help the wrestler ,Black Mask fails and he dies in a tragic fall.This puts Black Mask in danger from revenge from fellow wrestler Chameleon (played by Traci Lords) and the organizer of the wrestling matches ,Moloch.

With Black Mask in the limelight it also gives Lang a chance to track him down.

now if that's not confusing ,then lets add another side story ,Black Mask is trying to find a cure for his genetic body.he approaches a Doctor ,a young woman named Marco Leung who when touched by a man goes in to a state of paralysis.

The promoters of the wrestling matches think they can lure Black Mask to them by announcing that Black Mask will be fighting in the matches.Plus we have Lang who finds out about Moloch and his mutations who under instruction from the Brain want to combine there genetics and create a DNA bomb turning mankind in to a race of mutants..Why? i ask.

This results in Lang and his men infiltrating Moloch's headquarters and basically turning Moloch in to a jarred head with no body.

Meanwhile Black Mask has been in confrontation with the wrestlers and been injected with the Mutant serum ,as Black Mask tries to fight the effects he gets in to trouble ,in the end he gets the help of our Paralytic Dr,Leung who works out a suppressor for the effects .

It will be up to Black Mask to save the day by confronting the mutated wrestlers and Lang in the final showdown.

The film bears more resemblance to the Guyver stories then the original Black Mask,but it does not mean it fairs any worse ,it's just different.I think it lacks less actual martial artistry then the first film as special effects are used quite a bit more in this.Which is a shame when you consider the talent within the film could have done with less effects and more brawn in their fighting.

It does not show as much as in the final fight between Black Mask ( Andy On ) and Lang ( Scott Adkins),as these two fighters just doing their own thing would have been more entertaining then the special effects ending we are given.

All in all Black Mask 2 is a enjoyable flick ,but don't go expecting 'Once Upon a Time in China'' (another more coherent martial arts film from Tsui Hark).

Score out of Ten = 6.5

Dated : 09-09-2010 


Stills from movie

The Wrestlers get ready for action

One of our wrestlers has gone to far ,He's got a rubber suit

Traci Lords                                       Scott Adkins

 Lang and his Henchmen                                   Black Mask Kicks Out

 Andy On as Black Mask (above & Below)



Cast and Crew
Directed by Tsui Hark
Produced by Tsui Hark
Written by Jeff Black
Charles Cain
Starring Andy On
Tobin Bell
Traci Lords
Studio One Hundred Years of Film
Film Workshop
Distributed by China Star Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)
Sony Pictures



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