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                           Film Review
    Blood & Bone

Starring : Michael Jai White , Eamonn Walker, Julian Sands

Directed By : Ben Ramsey - 2009

Sony Pictures Entertainment © 2009

Blood and Bone is the new film from Michael Jai White ,a Martial artist of exceptional talent ,Most films Michael has starred in ,he has played a co-starring or villain role.He's starred with Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme in one of the Universal Soldier films.But before those he had Played the Boxer Tyson in the 1995 TV film of the same name and was also the lead as the hero in the film Spawn released in 1997.

On top of that he was in Kill Bill 2 (but the scene was deleted ,but appears in the special features DVD) add to this the Dark Knight and you have probably seen him but known who is .Now he was in the sequel to Undisputed 'Last Man Standing' and now this film .

In Blood and Bone Michael plays Isaiah Bone a ex con who after leaving prison ,gets involved in the underground fighting scene.Winning his first fight by a single knockout he gets noticed ,but still has to work up the ranks by defeating ever more tougher Fighters.

I say tough ,but Bone kepps on dealing with them in little time .When a local mobster (James)  who has a fighter called the Hammer Man ,has his fighter destroyed by Bone he thinks he can get him to fight for him in the big leagues ,which is run by a consortium lead by Franklin McVeigh (Julian Sands).

After getting Bone to agree to a meeting ,he puts up the offer to Bone,now Bone says he'll think about it.But the thing  James does not know is that Bone has another agenda.

After James convinces his girlfriend (come slave) to be nice to Bone ,Bone agrres to the fight.James now thinks he's on a earner and approaches McVeigh for the fight ,which will cost James 5 big ones to enter.When James arrives at Bone's digs ,Bone says he's changed his mind and James goes ballistic ,threatening the lives of the people Bone is living with.

Now Bone has other plans ,he plans to destroy James and his network of drugs and abuse and the reason behind this lay at his prison spell where his friend in jail was killed  ,Now his friend having been framed by James in the first place was innocent and James was now with his girl (Slave Girl).He took away there son and got her addicted to drugs .His friend gets Bone to promise to take care of his family and that's what Bone does ,by trying to get his friends girl away from James whilst destroying him in the process.

Apart from the back story ,the film is pretty much like many other Underground fighting film ,A.W.O.L. or the recent DAMAGE with Steve Austin. But where it excels is the fighting is so well done ,as most of the fighters in film are real life contenders ,add to this the directors abiltiy to understand how to shoot a fight scene with none of that fast editing found in many fight flicks nowadays. In fact if you replaced all the cast with Stars from Hong Kong from the 80's ,that's pretty much how good it is .

With brilliant displays of Ariel kicking to Jiujitsu and grappling the cast show that you can make a American martial arts film which captures the spirit of the classic fight flicks.

The story is nothing new ,but the rush of the action more then makes up for any shortfalls.

Here's hoping the new Mortal Kombat film can get made ,You can catch a glimpse of Michael in the short film Mortal Kombat 'Rebirth ,Below.


Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : 05/09/10 



Bone Leaves No man Standing

Training for Justice

 Bone on the attack (Above & Below)


 Michael Jai White ... Isaiah Bone
 Julian Sands ... Franklin McVeigh
 Eamonn Walker ... James
 Dante Basco ... Pinball
 Nona Gaye ... Tamara
 Michelle Belegrin ... Angela

Bob Sapp ... Hammerman

Dick Anthony Williams ... Roberto

Francis Capra ... Tattoo
 Ron Yuan ... Teddy D

Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson ... JC (as Kimbo Slice)
 Gina Carano ... Veretta

Maurice Smith ... Fasthands

Ernest Miller ... Mommie Dearest (as Ernest 'The Cat' Miller)

Kevin Phillips ... Danny
 William Washington ... Weepy

Andre L. Walker ... Curtis
 Erik Betts ... Ratchet
 Justice Smith ... Razor

Jontille Gerard ... Monique
 Louie Torrellas ... Kevin

Quinton Medina ... Clay (as Quentin Medina)
 Shannon Kane ... Chanel (as Shannon Kaye)

Brody Nicholas Lee ... Jared (as Brody Lee)

Cody Benjamin Lee ... Jared (as Cody Lee)

John Flores ... Motorcycle Driver #1

Jermaine Holt ... Motorcycle Driver #2 (as Jermain Holt)

Stuart F. Wilson ... Cowboy (as Stuart Wilson)

Melvin Anthony ... Jeffrey
 Larnell Stovall ... Trey
 Zedric Harris ... Woody

Marcus 'Big Ship' Bell ... Bead
 Mary Christina Brown ... Anastasia

Saladin ... Deke

Imani Lee ... Big Lamont

Eric Von Doymi ... Darryl
 Michelle Lee ... Shelly

Kumiko Nagano ... Marcie
 Tanoai Reed ... Gold Tooth
 Sam Hargrave ... Manuel
 David Chan Cordeiro ... Carlos (as David Cordeiro)

Esteban Cueto ... David
 Sala Baker ... Jesus

Holland Diaz ... Lorenzo
 Tony Donno ... Thug

Tsuyoshi Abe ... Thug

Michael Endoso ... Thug
 Thayr Harris ... Thug

Tim Storms ... Thug
 Kevin Lee Lewis ... Thug (as Kevin Lewis)

Lin Oeding ... Thug

Roel Failma ... Thug

Joel Jimenez ... Thug

Khristian Lupo ... B-Zerk
 Matt Mullins ... Price

Natasha Ward ... Rehab Supervisor

Luke LaFontaine ... Fencer #1

Jason Heck ... Fencer #2

Shawn Stockman ... Cop
 Troy Brenna ... Viktor (as Troy Benna)

C.C. Taylor ... Thug #1

Wayne King ... Thug #2 (as Wayne King Jr.)

Gene LeBell ... Attendant

Peter Storm ... Referee

Robert Wall ... O'Hara (as Bob Wall)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

David Aldridge ... Thug

Sachandra Grandoit ... Girl on Balcony

Robbie Alexander ... Thug #1 (uncredited)

Daniel Arrias ... Carlos (uncredited)

Jae Baxley ... Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Veronica Bennett ... Ashley Von Kraus (uncredited)

Fallon Brooks ... Fight clubber (uncredited)

Alvin Ellie ... Prison Inmate (uncredited)

Adele Jones ... Girl On Balcony (uncredited)

Wittly Jourdan ... Hot babe (uncredited)
 Rosemarie Li ... Grace Mayfield (uncredited)

Anthony Madera ... Young Lookout (uncredited)
 Joe Ordaz ... Jesus (uncredited)

R.C. Ormond ... Thug #2 (uncredited)
 Neal 'Xingu' Rodil ... Capoeira Fighter (uncredited)

Joseph Stephens Jr. ... Cop (uncredited)

Carlos Zapata ...

Kickboxer #2 (uncredited)


Mortal Kombat ''Rebirth'' trailer



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