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    BloodFist III - Forced To Fight

Starring: Don''The Dragon '' Wilson, Richard Roundtree

Directed By: Oley Sassone



 After the average Bloodfist 1 (an inexplicably big hit at the time) and its hurried, boring sequel, i wasn't too overjoyed at the prospect of watching Bloodfist 3... but to my surprise i quite enjoyed it. Although originally not intended as a Bloodfist sequel at all but just another Don "The Dragon" Wilson film entitled Forced To Fight (hence him playing an entirely new character), Bloodfist 3 is, for me, the moment the series finally became watchable.

The film opens in your typical, hell-hole martial arts film prison, where our hero Jimmy Boland (Kickboxing World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson) discovers his young friend being raped by a load of black prisoners. His friend is then murdered, which prompts Jimmy to embark on a spree of ass-kicking which results in the gang-leader lying dead. Jimmy is then transferred to the toughest coll block in the prison, where the black and white inmates are at each others throats. Its hard to really define what happens next as the film has a curious lack of storyline which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what the film is about... but there's a lot of fighting and our hero starts uniting everyone to friendship with the help of respected long-termer Samuel Stark (Richard Roundtree), restoring harmony with his fists of justice and Starks words of wisdom.

Don "The Dragon" is as wooden as ever, with that same scowly expression on his face at all times, but he gets away with it here as his character is supposed to be a moody, quiet outsider. His fighting is still below-par when compared to other martial arts stars such as Gary Daniels or Van Damme, but it is a definite improvement over his sloppy display in Bloodfist 2. At least the fights here have a semblance of having been choreographed! All in all, Don "The Dragon" is a lot better here.

The film is also surprisingly gritty, with a lot of ripe prison-talk and some pretty intense scenes - the rape scene and a brutal stabbing scene being the most notable. The switch-your-brain-off innocence of the first films is replaced here by a fairly harrowing prison drama that may stay in your mind a little while after the credits have rolled! Overall, a definite improvement for the Bloodfist series. Don "The Dragon" Wilson provides the fights, while Richard Roundtree provides the drama - he is excellent here, and has always been a hugely under-rated actor, in my opinion. As far as martial arts films go, its not up there with Bloodsport or No Retreat, No Surrender; as far as prison films go, its not up there with The Green Mile or even Felon, but its still an enjoyable enough film, and even - unheard of for a Bloodfist film - thought-provoking in places! Don "The Dragon", to his credit, gets better with each film he makes, and the next in the series Bloodfist 4: Die Trying is even better.

Review Date : 28th October 2009

Reviewed By: theflyingninja



*theflyingninja is a avid martial arts film fan and has done many reviews over the last few years.All of which have appeared on the IMDb site.



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 Richard Roundtree as Samual Stark

Don''The Dragon'' Wilson as Jimmy Boland

                                           Cast and Credits
  • Don "The Dragon" Wilson as Jimmy Boland
  • Richard Roundtree as Samuel Stark
  • Stan Longinidis as Leadbottom
  • Gregory McKinney as Blue
  • Rick Dean as Wheelhead
  • Richard Paul as Goddard
  • Charles Boswell as Taylor
  • John Cardone as Diddler
  • Brad Blaisdell as Pisani
  • Tony DiBenedetto as Tony D.
  • Andre Rosey Brown as Clint
  • J.W. Smith as Sporty Black
  • Laura Stockman as Connie
  • Kevin N. Davis as Stewart
  • Pete "Sugarfoot" Cunningham as Champ
  • Bob Schott as Weird Willy
  • Joe Garcia as Chicago
  • Angelo Callahan as French Fry
  • Jon Freedman as Guard
  • Max Hunter as Inmate Palmer
Directed by Oley Sassone
Produced by Roger Corman
Written by Allison Butnett
Starring Don Wilson
Richard Roundtree

Gregory McKinney
Richard Paul

Rick Dean
Stan Longinidis

Charles Boswell
John Cardone
Laura Stockman
Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham
Music by Nigel Holton
Cinematography Rick Bota
Editing by Eric L. Beason
Distributed by Concorde Films
Release date(s) January 3, 1992
Running time 88 minutes
Country  United States
Language English
Preceded by Bloodfist II
Followed by Bloodfist IV: Die Trying




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