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A page dedicated to this craze which is sweeping across the WEST, Previously thought of as a quirky  Japanese past time , now it seems the Western hemisphere has the bug, but unlike a fancy dress do ,Cosplay sees the practitioners go to amazing lengths to portray themselves as their fave Anime , video game or film characters. 

 With national and International Competitions held globally with some top prizes for the best in each class.


Cos-players can spend anything from £40 .00 to £15'000 or even more recreating the costume of their choice.   

Many online retailers have appeared (mainly based in China) who manufacture many costumes from Anime an video gaming. So now even people who did not have the patience or know how of making their own costume can now purchase the main bulk of their costume and add their own personal touches afterwards.

Having experienced the magnitude of the craze ,this year we will delve deeper into the past time ,by getting a hands on experience.  

Watch this space.


In Cosplay it is quite common  for Males and Females to portray themselves as characters of the opposite sex.Though more common to the Female to Male crossplays where in a average convention you might have a 20% ratio of females dressed as male characters .

It's easier for the girls to crossplay ,with the aid of some clever make up many girls pass as boy characters, of course big busted girls wanting to do so have do something about flattening their chest, binding is the common thing to do.

As for the guys posing as girls, of course body hair can cause problems with the illusion, and good make up is needed to pass even for a fleeting second as a female character ,also it's more suited to smaller framed people,so as you can see from the picture below the guy on the right in the Sailor Moon outfit should not be crossplaying . 

Now below are some good  crossplayers  who have spent time practicing the look.



 Who are   who?

              Are you in any of the pictures on this page ?

As the page increases covering more events ,the likely hood of capturing visitors to this site will increase.

So if you feature in any of the pictures on this page please leave a message in the shout box at the bottom of the page.

                    Hyper Japan Spring 2012
 MCM eXPo at London's Excel - May 25th - 27th

Batman and Batgirl protecting the city
Master Chief on Patrol
Even Pikachu have to eat and shop!
Whats Going on here then ?
 The Lorax
 The Aliens are Back
Check out our MCM feature page for more photo's here!
                  MCM Expo October 2012

For photos and content from October 2012 MCM Expo please visit our dedicated cosplay site . page feature is @  http://www.cosplayheroes.co.uk/mcmexpooctober2012.htm

               Hyper Japan Christmas 2012


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