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Dreamshell RC1 is the latest version of the home brew operating system for the Sega Dreamcast.

Now the old version ( beta 4) was great and gave the ability to play many games from older machines and emulators. But the one thing it had trouble with was Dreamcast games, while it did run quite a few ,some lacked music ,cut scenes or where very hard to play due to stuttering game-play when played.

Well now that SWAT have released the final version of Dreamshell 4 ,the all new RC1 ,things have changed. 

It is much easier to get Full Dreamcast Games to run from the SD card without huge worries, of course there are still a lot that won't cut it. But there is a hell of lot more now that run smooth then they did on the Beta4 version.

With a slightly new interface and a more polished look the new Dreamshell still has it's quirks ,but as this is always a work in progress ( SWAT are always looking to improving it) I'm sure in the future we will all be running Dreamshell 5 and so forth. 

What's nice about this version is you can run it of the SD card like the older version but it all works smother now. 


Boot Loader Screen 

 In fact running it from a CD is a tad harder then beta 4 , Getting the Dreamcast to see the SD adapter is a problem ,but in all honesty you should run this from the SD card and just use the boot loader to initiate it .

What's more now you can assign Game covers to the games you have on your SD card to, download game covers and make them size of 256x256 and load them into the covers folder ,make sure they are named identical to the SDISO you have in your Games folder or they wont tally up . 

Now there are even more games you can play on the SD card . 


SD adapters for Dreamcast ,whoooayyy!


So if you have not tried this Dreamcast phenomenon then i suggest you get your self a SD card adapter for  

There are even VGA and SD card combo devices that give you the best of both worlds ,Dreamshell in Hi-Def VGA mode ,and it's awesome ,see the video on our original page about Dreamshell - Dreamcast Special.



Great Games that run nice on the SD card with RC1
Demolition Derby style game and Tokyo Bus Guide ,wow!


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