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                             Music Review
Exclamation Mark !   - Jay Chou - Full Album - 2011

 Copyright © JVR Music / Sony Music  Entertainment Taiwan 2011


There's no denying the talent behind 32 year Old Jay Chou, a Musician , Singer /songwriter and producer ,Known more in the West due to his portrayal as Kato in the recent Green Hornet film . Of course if you follow Asian cinema then of course you may have seen him in films such as ''True Legend'', ''Treasure Hunter'' and Curse of the Golden Flower opposite Chow Yun Fat.

But Jay's true love is music and he has been Taiwan's big export to the mainland and Hong Kong for many years ,having won the World Music Awards four times ,Jay is no stranger to success.

Here we look at his recently released album ''EXCLAMATION MARK!'' .

Exclamation Mark! Is Jay's 11th Studio album and was released on the 11th November 2011 ,though some countries had the release date postponed due to the high number of pre-orders for the album.

Produced by Jay's own label ''JVR'' and published by Sony Music .The album consists of eleven tracks and also came with a bonus DVD featuring two Music Videos.

  Stylizing Jay's music is hard because he takes his inspiration from so many sources, being trained in classical piano and Cello Jay fuses POP with RnB ,new wave ,RAP and Classical to bring a style to his albums which are quite unique.



Taking the tile track ''Exclamation Mark! ,it's a upbeat dance style track which has a accompanying Music Video which sees Jay as a CGI character who is a special agent kind of guy on a mission ,it's fun filled colourful video which captures the heart of the song it's made for.

But later tracks venture into ballads and quirky Pop to bring a uplifting sound to the for-front, One track takes it's lead from Classical Chinese Instruments and Chinese Opera giving you a chance to hear Jay hitting those high notes which he is so capable at doing.

I enjoyed the album immensely and can whole hardheartedly recommend it to fans alike and to anyone wanting to try something new .

Maybe one day Jay will make a English Language album for his Western Fans ,as if he can star in a Hollywood film then there's no reason he should not release a album to.

So on his 11th Studio album ,Jay Chou delivers the goods and we all look forward to his next venture whether it be Music or Film .


                                              Track List
No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "驚嘆號" (Jīng Tàn Hào Exclamation Mark) Vincent Fang 3:51
2. "迷魂曲" (Mí Hún Qǔ Enchanting Melody) Vincent Fang 3:49
3. "Mine Mine"   Jay Chou 4:26
4. "公主病" (Gōng Zhǔ Bìng Princess Syndrome) Jay Chou 3:39
5. "你好嗎" (Nǐ Hǎo Ma How Are You?) Josh Lo (羅宇軒),
Chavy Lee (李汪哲)
6. "療傷燒肉粽" (Liáo Shāng Siou Bah Chàng Healing Dumplings) Jay Chou 3:06
7. "琴傷" (Qín Shāng Piano Wound) Vincent Fang 3:20
8. "水手怕水" (Shuǐ Shǒu Pà Shuǐ Hydrophobic Sailor) Jun-Lang Huang (黃俊郎) 2:40
9. "世界未末日" (Shì Jiè Wèi Mò Rì The World's Not Over) Vincent Fang 4:21
10. "皮影戲" (Pí Yǐng Xì Shadow Puppetry) 從從 3:27
11. "超跑女神" (Chāo Pǎo Nǚ Shén The Goddess of Racing) Vincent Fang 2:35




Released 11 November 2011
Genre Mandopop, Hip pop
Language Mandarin
Label Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan
Producer JVR Music
                                  Stills, Photo's ,artwork,

Stills from the MUSIC videos for Exclamation Mark ! (Below)

A Animated Jay Chou is the star of the Title Track.


In the Second Video Jay Plays one of a group of Hustlers 

 © JVR MUSIC / Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan 2011

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