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Welcome to our Film reviews page for films from the Rest of the World, Here we deal with films from the United Kingdom , Europe , Australia , South America and Russia.

I know this section won't be as vast as the others as they rarely put out martial arts action cinema or the kind of action cinema the site covers. But for the few films that are out there your find the link to the review below.

Click the Films name to go to the review, If the films name is not highlighted in Green then the Review page is under a rebuild and will go live as soon as the rebuild for that film is complete.

Film Reviews For the Rest of the World
Golden Girl - Documentary Film 
Reviews By : 

Sertes Nake  aka  The Snake- The one and Only .

Jay Morey - Our resident Expert on Sammo Hung .

J.B. - Another regular contributor to the site.

Cloudtoe - Site Moderator and fellow artist

The Flying Ninja  - Regular IMDB Reviewer -- Used by Permission

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