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                        A new Home for the film reviews

Finally completing the film reviews having their own pages Now ,below are the links to each of the films pages and all listed in their country of Origin ,of course all the older reviews are all done Now from Old School and Hong Kong Classics through to Americana and Thai Action.

These are just the reviews for new releases on DVD or Cinema ,when i get the chance to go!.I try and keep nothing here before 1999 if i can. Enjoy.

**Please note not all films are live yet as some older reviews are having a  face-lift so to speak.

           New release reviews on site - Hong Kong /China

Rise of the Legend 2014 - Eddie Peng and Sammo Hung star in Roy Chow's film

Kung Fu Jungle 2014 - Donnie Yen stars with Wang Baoqiang in Teddy Chen's new film

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 2014 - Philip NG stars in this action packed remake

A Touch of Sin 2013 - Chinese fact based drama with a shocking reality

Firestorm  2013 - Andy Lau stars as a determined Hong Kong cop in this action fest

Unbeatable 2013 - Dante Lam's MMA film with Veteran star Nick Cheung ,Eddie Peng

Journey to the West CD  2013 - Chow Sing Chi /Derek Kwok direct some Monkey Magic

Man of Tai Chi 2013 - Keanu Reeves directs his first feature and it's a fighter 

Special Identity 2013 - Clarence Fok's returns to action with Donnie Yen and Andy On

Badges of Fury 2013 - Action Comedy with Jet Li,Wen Zhang and Colin Chou.

Sword Identity (The) 2012 - Traditional film about fighting tactics in swordplay.

Last Tycoon (The) 2012 - Chow Yun-Fat,Sammo Hung,Huang Xiaoming shine in this epic

Bullet Vanishes ( The) 2012 - Lau Ching Wan and Nicholas Tse star in this murder mystery.

Guillotines (The) 2012 - Andrew Lau delivers a feast for your eyes .

Grandmaster (The) 2012 - Wong Kar Wai's biopic of Wing Chun master Ip Man.

CZ12 2012 - Jackie Chan stars once again as the Asian Hawk in this big budget film.

Naked Soldier 2012 - The third in the Naked series by Wong Jing. 

Mr & Mrs Gambler  2012 - Chapman To and Fiona Sit star in this Wong Jing comedy

Assassins (The) - 2012 - Chow Yun Fat stars in this period drama about the King of Wei

Bounty (The) -  2012 - Chapman To stars in this film from Fung Chih Chiang.

Legendary Amazons 2011 - Frankie Chan retells the 14 Amazons story ,Jackie Produces.

White Vengeance 2011 - Daniel Lee gives us another Wuxia Epic

Inseparable 2011 - Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey in fine form in this comedy .

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2011 - Tsui Hark and Jet Li reunited ( 2D Version)

The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake 2011 - Herman Yau delivers another Bio-Pic.

MY KINGDOM -2011 - A story of Peking Opera in 1920's Shanghai, co-stars Yuen Biao.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake 2011 - Ching Siu -Tung directs Jet Li.

1911 Revolution  2011 - Jackie Chan's 100th Film and a Mammoth task it was. 

Wuxia 2011 - Peter Ho Sun Chan directs Donnie Yen in this Homage to 70's Kung Fu.

The lost Bladesman 2011 - Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen star in this epic.

Choy Lee Fut 2011 - Sammy Hung and Kane Kosugi want to learn Choy Lee Fut.

Shaolin 2011 - A remake of the Jet Li classic from Benny Chan .

Gallants 2010- A modern Take on Old School Kung Fu in this Kung Fu comedy.

The Legend is Born-Ip Man 2010 -  The Early years of Ip Man with Dennis To.

Bruce Lee'My Brother 2010 - The story of Bruce's early years in Hong Kong.

Detective 'D' 2010 -  Tsui Hark directs a masterpiece with Andy Lau starring.

Legend of the Fist 2010 - Donnie Yen returns to the role of Chen Zhen or does he?

Reign of Assassins  2010 - Michelle Yeoh returns to Kung Fu.

Confucius 2010 - Chow Yun Fat stars as the Legendary Confucius .

Bad Blood 2010 - Simon Yam ,Andy On ,Bernice Liu in this Triad martial arts flick.

Ip Man 2 2010 - Donnie Yen returns as Ip Man in the sequel to the 2008 Hit film.

True Legend 2010 - Vincent Zhao & Andy On in a retelling of the story of Beggar So

 14 Blades 2010 - Donnie Yen returns in this period film about a elite group of guards.

Bodyguards & Assassins 2009 - Based on fact and starring a all star cast .

Little Big Soldier 2010 - Jackie Chan in a story he wrote 20 years ago directed by Ding Sheng

Mulan 2009 - Jingle Ma's take on the Legendary story of the girl warrior  - Bluray

Storm Warriors 2009 - Elkin Cheng and Aaron Kwok return ,this time directed by the Pang Brothers

Kung Fu Chefs 2009 - Sammo Hung ,Vanness Wu  cook instead of fight in this

Champions 2008 - Dicky Cheng & Yu Rong Guang get set to take China to the Olympics.

Shinjuku Incident 2009 - Jackie Chan enters the World of the Yakuza in this tough tale.

Red Cliff II  2009 -  BluRay review coming soon,Special uncut edit comprising parts 1/2

Warlords 2007 - Jet Li, Andy Lau,Takeshi Kaneshiro star in this warring epic.

Wushu Young Generation 2008 - Sammo stars alongside New Talent in this Jackie produced Film.

IP MAN 2008 - Donnie Yen plays the legendary Wing Chun master.

Legendary Assassin 2008 - Wu Jing stars in this light heart-ed action fest.

Red Cliff 2008 - Blu Ray review coming soon. Full uncut edit.

Banquet (The) 2006 - Zhang Zi Yi and Daniel Wu star in this epic tale - Bluray

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles 2005 - Zhang Yimou  directs Takakura Ken.

The Promise 2005 - Epic Fantasy film about a love triangle -Bluray

Looking for Mr, Perfect 2003 - Shu Qi and Andy On in this fun Ringo Lam action comedy

Throwdown 2004 - Johnnie To's Kurosawa Tribute ,and a story about Judo.

New Police Story 2004 - Jackie Chan ,Daniel Wu,Andy On,Ken Lo, Nuff said !

Black Mask 2 2002 - Andy On in the Jet Li role in this Sequel to the original.






           New Release Reviews on Site -   Taiwan

  Coming soon**

Seediq Bale ''The Flag of Sun'' - 2011 - Part 1 of  Taiwanese Epic from Wei Te Sheng

Seediq Bale  ''The Bridge of Rainbow'' 2011 - Part 2 of  Taiwanese Epic from Wei Te Sheng

Warriors of the Rainbow ''Seediq Bale'' -2012 - International cut of We Te Sheng's film.

Monga - 2010 - A look at the gangs of Monga circa 1980. Directed By Doze Niu**

Treasure Hunter - 2009 - Jay Chou and Eric Tsang star in this surprise hit of 2009.

                New release reviews on site - Japan

JUDGE 2014 - A comedy starring Satoshi Tsumabuki ,directed by Akira Nagai

Dead Sushi 2012 - Noburo Iguchi directs another mind blowing film ,Rina Takeda stars.

Karate Robo Zaborgar 2011 - Noburo Iguchi's take on a classic Japanese TV series

HELLDRIVER 2011 - Yoshihiro Nishimura's third solo feature has some Zombie Magic.

Kunoichi  2011 - aka Ninja Girl ,Rina Takeda in her first UK release film ,but her third in all.

GANTZ 2011 - Manga becomes live action in this first of two films based on GANTZ.

Mutant Girls Squad 2010 - These gals could take on the X-Men no problem.

Gothic & Lolita Psycho 2010 - Go Ohara sends in the Lolita Girl to kick some Butt!

13 Assassins 2010 -  Takashi Miike remakes a classic Samurai flick from the 60's

KARATE Girl (KG) 2011 - Rina Takeda is back and this time she has a sister.

Alien vs Ninja 2010 - Seiji Chiba directs this crazy action fest with rubber suited Aliens

Big Tits Zombie 3D 2010 - Sola Aoi and Risa Kasumi fight slice and dice Zombies

Higanjima Escape from Vampire Island  2009 -  Live action Manga

Yatterman 2009 - Takashi Miike adaptation of the 70's Anime from Japan.

Rogue Ninja  2009 - aka Nuke Nin ,another Ninja film from Seiji Chiba.

ROBOGEISHA 2009 - Noboru Iguchi Directs this Crazy piece of FUN 

High Kick Girl 2009 - Rina Takeda stars in this hard hitting Karate Film.

Geisha vs Ninjas 2008 - Low budget but ultimately fun  fight fest  by Go Ohara.

Chanbara Striptease 2008 - Akira Hirose directs this titular movie.

Machine Girl 2008 - Ami Hyuga is going to kill her Brothers tormentors .

Shaolin Grandma 2008 - Yes it's true 'A grandma that does Kung Fu or Not in this case

K20 Legend of the Mask 2009 - Takeshi Kaneshiro is our Hero in this top film.

Kuro Obi 2007 -  aka Black Belt , a hard hitting film about Karate during the 1940's

                   New release reviews on site-South Korea

The Admiral Roaring Currents 2014 - Historic feature with Choi Min Sik.

Kundo -Age of the Rampant 2014 - Ha Jung Woo and Gang Dong Won star

New World 2013 - Park Hoon-Jung's crime epic starring Lee Jung-Jae

Boomerang Family 2013 -Song Hae-sung directs this thought provoking  comedy

Fists of Legend 2013 - Kang Woo Suk's latest action film set in the world of Live TV

HOPE 2013 - A harrowing story about a eight year old girl ,stars Lee Re,Sol  Kyung-gu

Hide and Seek 2013 - A gripping thriller that will shock you from Director Huh Jung.

Berlin File (The) 2013 - Ryu Seung-Wan's latest action film hits our screens.

Young Gun in the Time 2012 - A budget film that excels in many ways .

Thieves (The) 2012 - Korean ensemble cast Crime Caper film .

War of Arrows 2011 - Epic Drama from Kim Han-min,starring Park Hae-il.-Bluray

Couples 2011 -  A Korean Comedy which will leave you exhausted from Laughter.

The Showdown 2011 - Park Hoon-Jung directs this period action drama.

The Unjust 2010 - What happens when the Police and prosecutors collide?

Blades of Blood 2010 - Revenge,Courage and Betrayal in this Korean Epic.

I Saw the Devil 2010 - Choi Min Sik and Lee Byung-hun star in this tense film.

Sword wth No Name (The) 2009 - Kim Yong-Gyun's epic Joseon Dynasty story- Bluray

Demon Empire 2006 - aka ''The Restless'' ,A epic fantasy film that will leave you spellbound.

City of Violence 2006 - see Ryu Seung -Wan director special below

Geochilmaru   -  A group of fighters have their own tournament to be crowned Geochilmaru.

Crying Fist 2005 - See Ryu Seung-Wan director special below

Arahan 2004 - see Ryu Seung-Wan  director special below

Fighter in the Wind 2004 - The story of Karate Master Mas Oyama 

Silmido 2003 - Based on actual events about a elite South Korean Military Group

Sword in the Moon 2003 - Korean Wuxia style film with Choi Min-soo 

No Blood No Tears 2002 - see  Ryu Seung-Wan director special below

Musa The Warrior 2001 - Epic film  part of the 2014  London Korean Film Festival


              New release reviews on site - American

The Silent Force 2001 - Loren Avedon goes on a one man vendetta .

Fatal Blade 2001 - Gary Daniels and Kiyoshi Natajo join forces to avenge.

The Circuit 2002 - Olivier Gruner is a ex Underground fighter who must fight again.

Redemption 2002 - Don Wilson,Richard Norton,Cynthia Rothrock,Chris Penn ,HaHa

Fist of the Warrior 2004 - Ho Sung Park in a tale of revenge and Honor.

Undisputed II 'Last Man Standing' 2006 - The Iceman faces his toughest opponent Yet.

Alien Agent 2007 - Mark Dacascos is a Alien enforcer sent to stop a Alien Invasion .

The Last Sentinel 2007 - Don Wilson is the last of an Elite military group .

The Wrestler 2008 -  Mickey Rourke returns to our screens in this great film.

Ninja Cheerleaders 2008 - George Takei & Michael Pare star in this comedy.

Against the Dark 2009 - Steven Segal in a Horror film ,Hmmmmmm

Afro Samurai Resurrection  2009 -  A wacky animated tale with Samuel Jackson

Blood & Bone   2009 -  Michael Jai White serves up justice with his feet

TEKKEN  2010  -Jin Kazama wants revenge for his mother and someones going to pay.

The King of Fighters 2010 - Maggie Q,Ray Park star in the film version of SNK's Classic

Never Back Down 2  2011 - Michael Jai White trains 4 young hopefuls to compete .

Assassination Games 2011 - Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins are Back.

Expendables 2  2012 - Stallone and the crew are back for more action .

Six Bullets 2012 - JCVD is a man with nightmares in this action packed film.

Kill'EM All 2012 - Raimund Huber's latest film about Kidnapped Assassins.

EL-GRINGO 2012 - Scott Adkins on the run with a bag of cash in Mexico. 

Art of Submission 2012 - MMA action with flair in this riveting film with Ernie Reyes JR

The Package 2012 - Steve Austin smashes heads in this B-movie hit

Welcome to the Jungle 2013 - Adventure based comedy with Jean Claude Van Damme

            New release reviews on site - Thailand

Vengeance of an Assassin - 2014 - Dan Chupong stars in Panna Rittkrai's last film.

Tom Yum Goong 2 - 2013 - Tony Jaa loses another elephant.

DragonWolf - 2013 - Kazu stars in this English Language film by Raimund Huber.

Kick (The) 2011 - Thai/ Korean Co-production ,Prachya Pinkaew Directs.

BKO 2010 -  Panna Rittikrai makes action and forgets everything else.

Blood Of Warriors 2010 - aka Bang Rajan 2 ,Siam Warriors fight for freedom 

The Sanctuary 2009 - Mike B and Russell Wong star in this fun action flick.

Ong Bak 3  2010  - Tony Jaa is back as Tien and this time he's broken.

Raging Phoenix 2009 - Jija Yanin Vismistananda returns to our screens !

FireBall 2009 - Muay Thai and Basket ball come together in this fast paced film.

Ong Bak 2 2008 - Tony Jaa fights in varied styles in this ancient story.

SOMTUM 2008 - Nathan Jones,Dan Chupong in this great fun film with kick.

Chai-Lai Angels 2006 - A take on Charlies Angels from Thailand

           New release reviews on site - Rest of the World

Misfire - 2014 - Gary Daniels stars in this Mexican production shot in English.

Killers  - 2014- The Mo Brothers hard hitting thriller will leave you shocked.

BERANDAL -Raid 2 - 2014- Iko Uwais returns as Rama , directed by Gareth Evans.

Ninja' Shadow of a Tear- 2013 - Scott Adkins returns in Isaac Florentine's sequel.

Lady Assassin 3D - 2013 - Vietnamese fantasy Martial arts film in 3D.

Man From Shaolin 2011 - Zhang Li Peng returns as the Shaolin Monk in New York

The Last Kung Fu Monk 2010 - Zhang Li Peng heads to New York 

Tarung -City of Darkness 2011- Nayato Fio Nuala directs this Indonesian film.

The Raid 2011 -Gareth Evans directs Iko Uwais in a second venture .

The Clash aka: Bay Rong 2010 - Johhny Tri Nguyen and  Ngo Thanh Van return

By the Will of Ghenghis Khan 2009 - Andrei Borissov's story of the great leader

Merantau  2009 -  Iko Uwais in this story of one man and his journey of life!

Ninja 2009 - Scott Adkins stars in this action fest from Israeli director Issac Florentine

Kiltro 2006 - A Chilean martial arts film starring Marko Zaror

The Rebel 2007 - The Nguyen Brothers star in this Vietnamese fight flick.

Death Bet 2008 -  A Australian fight flick  about underground fighting.

                        Director Specials

Here we look at a range of directors from around the world ,all have delivered hard hitting action .In this series we take a brief look at the directors career and mini review a selection of his/her  films. 

Ryu Seung-Wan - The Action Kid -  This Korean Director and writer  is our first

                   Check out our Classic film reviews to

Don't Forget to check out our sections on films before 2000. With sections on Older American ,Japanese,Thailand, Pinky Violence ,Hong Kong Classics and Old School Kung Fu. All Live now.

                              Reviews contributed by !

The Snake - My self of course the owner of this site.

JB - Another member contributes.

Jay Morey - our expert on Sammo Hung .

Stuart Smith - Our resident aficionado on Richard Norton & Jeff Speakman.

theflyingninja - A new reviewer joins the ranks who has done many reviews on film for IMDb and it's those reviews that we will share on with our readers.


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