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Bruno B here KITG's own video game expert .

Video Gaming is a huge business nowadays, the revenue generated by the big players in the gaming world  outstrips the film and Music business at times. 

Plus Gaming is a great way for escapism as you actually get to be the protagonist or antagonist through your onscreen avatar.

Gaming is universal and the first games where made as arcade machines and later moving onto home computers and then home consoles where the American's and Japanese  have dominated for the past 50 years.

Gaming is a part of pop culture now with influences from Western and Eastern culture being represented in gaming.

This page links to special features on Games consoles , Game reviews and special features on certain games and series .

Of course at Kick'em in the Ghoulies we concentrate on the beat'em up genre from one on one fighters to sprawling oriental Role playing games.  If it has that Oriental touch your find a review or feature here. 


This first section is our review section , below are listed the games we have reviewed on site , the listing gives the title ,the review platform and the release date of the game.

Video Game Reviews
 Release Year
Samurai Showdown  - Version Reviewed XBOX One
Xbox One/PS4 /Switch
Soul Calibur 6  - Version Reviewed Xbox One
  Xbox One /PS4 / PC
 Killer Instinct Complete Edition  2013
 Xbox One /Xbox One S /X
 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 -WiiU Edition
               Wii U
 Bayonetta - Version Tested Xbox 360 / Wii U
Xbox 360 / PS3 /PS4 / Xbox One /PC / Wii U / Switch
  2009 / 2014 / 2020
 Sony Playstation
 Atari Jaguar
 Atari Jaguar
Way of the Exploding Fist -  Version Reviewed Sinclair Spectrum
Spectrum /C64 /Amstrad CPC /Acorn Electron /BBC Micro

Our next section deals with our Top Ten Beat'em Up Games across various systems . 

Again the below list links to each page for each of the systems we have compiled a Top Ten for along with a small overview of the system they are on. 

Video Game Top Ten Beat'em Up's across various formats
Atari Jaguar Top Ten Beat'em Up's
 Neo Geo CD  Top Ten Beat'em Up's
 Nintendo 64 Top Ten Beat'em up's
Nintendo Gamecube Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Nintendo Wii Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Nintendo Wii U Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Nintendo Switch Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Super Nintendo Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Sega MegaDrive Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Sega Saturn Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Sony Playstation Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Sony Playstation 2 Top Ten Beat'em up's
Sony Playstation 3 Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Xbox OG Top Ten Beat'em Ups
Xbox 360 Top Ten Beat'em Up's
Xbox One / S / X  Top Ten Beat'em ups

Our Next Section features special feature write ups on Games ,systems and accessories . 

Special Features
  Feature soon
Cool Baby Retro Arcade  4.3 inch Games Machine
  Cool Baby
Sinclair Spectrum 


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