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                          Gaming Home
For all your gaming needs across all systems from today and yesteryear .Check the links below.


                                                Game News
The Latest news of whats Hot and whats Not,from the latest videos and screen shots of the latest fighting games out there Now.Click Here!
                                          Video game reviews

Video game reviews - So for reviews of new and classic games ,this is the page you need ,from Way of the Exploding Fist to King of Fighters XII.

                                           Virtua Fighter Page

Virtua Fighter Page - Virtua Fighter is the purists fighter ,it's so real in it's concept that in reality this is the only fighter you need whether it on The Saturn,PS2,Dreamcast or 360 or beyond. * This page is under going a update -back online soon

                                  The King of Fighters Page

The King of Fighters - Yes a page dedicated to this hard core 2d fighter from SNK Playmore. Right from the beginning to the latest installment, This page is updated as each version gets reviewed  across the formats.


Shenmue  -Yes a game that encompasses all about the martial way .Shenmue is a landmark game that no gamer or martial artist should miss ,it's pure genius and takes hold of you and does not let go .Never again will a game be this good ! Well maybe the one below .

                                          Nintendo Wii U
Wii U  -  A look at Nintendo's 8th generation console and how it fairs against the current generation and if it can hold it's own against future hardware coming over the next two years, Wii U could really be the make or break for Nintendo as they have sunk a lot of their resources in to making the console.
                  Top Ten Best Fighters across each platform

Top Tens / In a bid to give as many games of the genre a mention ,it would take to long to review all,or track them down for review.And cost the site  a arm,leg and head for that matter.At the moment no ones giving the site  free games to review( i know it's crazy).So the plan our resident games expert  will compile a top ten list for each of the systems according to Martial embodiment.

So your have a page with a list of the relevant game systems which will link to the list .There is a chance that there are not ten games to list in the genre ,like on the Atari Jaguar which i know did not have ten fighting games ,( i can only think of six titles ) So it looks like that will be the first ,makes it easy  starting with the letter 'A' .Watch this space. 

                                                 Coming Soon

Yakuza - Yes another SEGA classic that once again in it's film like story and heart stopping martial arts moves grabs hold of you takes over your life.


Sertes Nake - the Owner of this site.

Bruno  B -  the sites Games expert and main contributor to the games section.

Cloudtoe- A avid gamer who always has something to say.



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