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Ghost Punting

Welcome to the second in our 2013 Halloween special reviews. For our second film we chose a 1992 Hong Kong classic starring one of the most famous groups of actors and actresses, yes it's the Lucky Stars.

Here our group of friends are on holiday and get involved in ghostly adventures when their holiday cabin just happens to be near a haunted house.

The film opens with a young couple on the run from gangsters, there caught and the male of the couple ( Natalis Chan) is killed by the gangster's henchmen.

It then cuts to the credits and the introduction of the lucky stars who are arriving for their holiday on Lantau Island.

As always Kidstuff ( Sammo Hung ) is treated like a servant by the group and ends up carrying all the bags. As with all the group there all crazy about pulling every girl that walks past.

Richard Ng plays Sandy, who believes he can use spiritual forces to control people and gain through this. While Eric Tsang is the baby of the group, Roundhead.

Along with the others, your feel right at home as all will make you feel at home.

The fun starts when the group here noises from a house near their cabin, Sandy decides to investigate and brings Kidstuff along for support.

It becomes apparent early on that spiritual forces are at work and Sandy gets photographic evidence. They decide to report this to Kidstuff's love interest in the previous films, yes the delightful Sibelle Hu reprises her role as Barbara the police officer.

Barbara sends a group of highly trained and very beautiful Police Women led by Leung Lai Ti ( Elaine Lui), this of course leads to the guys getting up their usual tricks of trying to grope the girls using some of the most absurd ideas possible.

When it comes to investigating the haunted house the guys decide to don sheets and Halloween masks to scare the girls into their arms, but of course, when they actually run into real ghosts the experience gets all the more serious when Lai Ti gets possessed by a male ghost which just happens to be the ghost of the guy we saw killed before the opening credits.

Once the ghost has explained his reasons for the possession the group decides to help him find his girlfriend and exact revenge on the mob boss that killed him.

Now, this was made in 1992 and by now the Lucky Stars films were quite well known, but unlike the first few in the series the comedy is not as funny, I think maybe finding new ways for the guys to get their feel so to speak has been thin on the ground.

It's not to say that it's not entertaining, but I remember in the first few films scenes where I fell on the floor laughing. It's a funny thing with slapstick style comedy there's a line where it stays funny and a line where it loses the punch it needs to make you laugh.

But with this entry into the serious, the inclusion of the ghostly storyline adds something fresh to the series and something which at the time was very popular in Hong Kong cinema.

But it's the action that you're be concerned about, and even though Sammo's role is not as large as in previous installments he's on hand for the all-important fight scenes though not blistering in offering anything new, they do prove just how competent Sammo and his team are at delivering hard-hitting action with a comical element at the same time.

Elaine Lui ( a firm favourite of K.I.T.G.) also gets to show her moves in a great girl-on-girl fight.

One thing is for sure this ghostly adventure for the boys offers up some real entertainment in the action stakes whilst maintaining its light-hearted side.

It always amazes me how Hong Kong films from this time are exciting to watch, no matter how often you may have seen them. It really does show the golden age of Hong Kong cinema and one which many miss.

Score out of Ten = 7

Review Date: November 2nd, 2013

Reviewer: Sertes Nake

Page update : October 2021


Sammo Hung

Martial Artist / Director / Actor / Stuntman / Producer / Choreographer

One of the Seven Little Fortunes, Sammo Hung Kam Bo also known as Big Brother has been in the Hong Kong film industry for more then fifty years, Sammo was one of the top action Directors  at Golden Harvest during the Studios hey days in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Since then he has founded quiet a few different studios, including the former D&B with Tycoon Dickeson Poon.

He has broken into the American TV market with the CBS series Martial Law, and continues to work as Director, Action Director and even mentor to many of todays stars.

And all this whilst maintaing a fluid action actor career in more then a hundred movies.

Eric Tsang

Actor / Director / Producer / Stuntman / Master of Ceremonies / TVB General Manager / Comedian

Born in 1958 Eric Tsang has become a household name in Hong Kong and China, his father was a former Football Player, and Coach who later went on to become a Hong Kong Policeman.

Forced to flee Tsang's father fled to Taiwan after the 1976 Police Corruption investigation of which his father was one of the ones found guilty.

Tsang made his debut as a Stuntman in Hong Kong cinema and had a small cameo in the 1972 film, the 14 Amazons by Shaw Brothers.

Over the years Tsang has starred in numerous films, maybe three hundred or so. Many in big co-starring roles. 

Tsang's louder then life persona has given him a gateway to persue a caeer in many positions throughout the Fim and TV industry. 

Tsang was appointed the Deputy General Manager of TVB in January 2021.

Married Twice and father to four children, one of which is International Director Derek Tsang.

Standout Film roles

Enter the Dragon - 1978
My Lucky Stars - 1985
Millionaires Express -1986
The Last Blood - 1990
Accidental Spy -2001
Infernal Affairs - 2002
Infernal Affairs 2 - 2003
Infernal Affairs 3 - 2004
Wo Hu - 2006
Dragon Boys - 2007 - TV Mini-series
Kung Fu Dunk -2008
A Inspector Calls -2015
Monster Hunt -2015
The Last Thieves - 2019

Credits and Characters

Directed by Sammo Hung
Corey Yuen
Eric Tsang
Ricky Lau
Produced by Teddy Yip
Written by Barry Wong
Starring Sammo Hung
Eric Tsang
Natalis Chan
Stanley Fung
Richard Ng
Charlie Chin
Music by Sherman Chow
Cinematography Jimmy Leung
Chan Yuen Kai
Editing by Hai Kit Wai
Studio Choice Film Productions Co., Ltd.
Distributed by Newport Entertainment Ltd
Release date(s)
  • 27 March 1992
Running time 94 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese


Sammo Hung Eric / Kidstuff / Tse Koo Choy
Stanley Fung Rhino Skin / Rawhide
Richard Ng Dai Sang Dei / Sandy
Charlie Chin U.S. Ginseng / Herb
Eric Tsang Buddha Fruit / Roundhead
Natalis Chan The Ghost
Sibelle Hu Barbara Wu / Baa Wong Faa (means "Tyrant Flower") Slang nickname given to tough policewomen.
Elaine Lui Leung Lai Ti
Mondi Yau Yau Siu Chau
Chin Ho Siu Chau's boyfriend
Marianne Chan Pretty-As-Snow
Teddy Yip Card Player
Ng Ka Man
Ricky Lau Store owner on Lantau Island


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