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Golden Girl

Golden Girl follows the story of Swedish Female Boxer Frida Wallberg. Known as the Golden Girl Frida Wallberg was Sweden's heroine of boxing, having won 48 of her 53 fought matches as a amateur she soon got noticed and after turning professional in 2004 the  former Nordic and Swedish champion set her sights on the tough professional circuit. 

By 2005 she had won the WIBF Intercontinental Super Featherweight title. 

This 80 minute  documentary focuses more on her lead up to her WBC title fights against Olivia Gerula , Amanda ''The Real Deal '' Serrano and Diana Prazak.  

With footage from all the main fights and training sessions this film put together in 2016 by Susanna Edwards also shows how the people around prize fighters also want their pound of flesh . 

As a Martial artist or amateur fighter it's for the glory , honour and self satisfaction. But once you take the professional route and money takes hold it's not just you . It's something this film shows that at the heart of it all money drives people to push others to a point where that safety net disappears  .

That net is other people caring if what your doing is safe for you and not noticing the signs that something may be not right. 

In 2010 Frida Wallberg beat the Canadian Olivia Gerula for the WBC title , she was considered to be the best female boxer in the world , she reconfirmed this by defending her title against Gerula again iin 2011. 

A lot of the focus of this film is also around the fight with Amanda Serrano in 2012  , footage shows that the fight was tough and that Serrano was no pushover , something Serrano has proven again and again since then. But Frida won the match against Serrano retaining the Super Featherweight WBC title . 

Focus shifts once again as her then boyfriend come trainer gets the help of another trainer to focus on Frida's power behind her punches. Basically by utilising her body more she could deliver the knockout blows she needed to win. Now where talking nearly ten years ago when women's boxing was not as popular as it is now ,like many combat sports this has grown .

It's quite amazing to see footage of Frida sparring multiple male boxers to train for a fight. She definitely was a power house fighter for her weight class. 

But the resounding end fight which is the main focus of this film resulted in a life changing moment when up against Australia's Diana Prazak in defence  of her WBC title she suffers a series of blows that clearly give her  cause for concern. Even watching the footage of the fight you can see Frida was  fazed by some of the blows ,yet her corner let her fight on. She gets knocked down once and gets back up , and in the eighth round of the ten round fight she goes down again. By this time  her face is oozing blood the fight is ended and Prazak wins the fight taking her title. 

But back in Frida's corner not all is well as Frida blanks out from the blows she just took. 

Frida Wallberg had suffered a Haemorrhage on the brain and had to have surgery to drain the escaping blood. 

Frida Wallberg will go down in history as a class fighter whose career was cut short . Unable to Box anymore the injury she sustained has had ongoing effects and will for the rest of her life. 

If you look at later interviews with Frida Wallberg she confirms that what probably brought it all on was not having the right people around her . 

No one was looking out for her health and well being , they where all looking out for the paycheck at the end of her punch.  Which is often the case in the professional combat arena. 

Golden Girl is a interesting insight into how Frida's fame came about and how the she was pushed and pushed to get a end result. It's a worth while watch and anyone interested in boxing should take a look .

Susanna Edwards has done a fine job of compiling the footage and showing the journey of a young women's dreams becoming reality only to be shattered in the final innings. 

Sertes Nake 



 The Documentary Golden Girl is available to view on Amazon Prime Video , which is where we watched it. It's one of a number of Documentaries following various fighters and their careers. 

Directed By Susanna Edwards 

 Year : 2016

 Frida Wallberg Boxing Record Professional

Fights : 12

Wins: 11

Wins by KO: 2

Losses: 1

Drawn: 0

Frida Wallberg against Amanda Serrano in 2012


Frida Wallberg in her last fight in Stockholm against Diana Prazak of Australia.

I have not posted any videos of these fights as i think it would spoil the documentary which if your into your boxing you should view .