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 European Premiere Film Review

Starring:Daniel Wu ,Kevin Spacey

Director: Dayyan Eng



I viewed Inseparable at this years Terracotta Far East Film Festival in April.It was the second to last film of the festival and one many had turned up to see, the reason for the films big turnout was the fact that it starred one of China's / Hong Kong's biggest actors ,Mr Daniel Wu.

But also it was the first Chinese film to feature a Big Hollywood star in a leading role.

The star in Question is two times Oscar Winner Kevin Spacey.

How Director Dayyan Eng and the producers approached Kevin for the role is something I will have to find out, but to have such a pairing in a Chinese production was a big deal.

The film is a Comedy with some very serious undertones . Daniel Wu plays Li , a young man who between his high pressure job and his home life with his wife reporter who seems to always be rushing of on a job here or there ends up having difficulties dealing with life in general.

On the very day he's about to commit suicide ,a knock at the door stops his attempt ,on the other side is Chuck ( Kevin Spacey) who apparently has a parcel which was delivered to his apartment by mistake.

Chuck notices the noose hanging from the light fitting after slight conversation and leaves , Li again attempts to do his deed,again a knock at the door ,who just happens to be Chuck ,stops his attempt .

Chuck tells Li that if he needs to talk about things ,due to seeing the noose.

After some talking Chuck persuades Li to think about what he's doing.

Chuck leaves and says to Li that if he needs to talk he will be around ,he only lives above him in his apartment block.

The next day Li sees Chuck who wants to show him something on the roof.

Going up with him ,Li is amazed that Chuck has created garden oasis on the rooftop ,without the knowledge of the apartments supervisors.

The two get talking ,Li explains about his job ,that's in PR ,asking Chuck what he does ,Chuck tells Li he is a Hitman for the CIA jokingly ,or jokingly Li thinks ,until Chuck once again confirms this.

Chuck promises to help Li by getting Li to do a series of tasks to open his mind and let him see life from a different view.

When Li's wife turns up the tree get together ,Li's first task is to flatten some ones tyres in a underground car park without getting caught by the CCTV cameras.

Exhilarated by the experience of the event ,Chuck tells him he must move onto the next stage.

The next day the pair are out and they witness a altercation between a young Man and a older man, they are arguing about damage to the young man’s new car which has been damaged slightly by the older man's cart.

Annoyed by the way the young guy is bullying the old guy Li intervenes ,the young guy tells Li it's not his business and confronts him,grabbing a crow bar Li exacts his style of justice for the old man by letting loose on the guys car.

And all of this to the amazement and joy of the watching crowd.

After getting away ,Li is so hyped up that he feels alive and his troubles seem eased.

Chuck has been a life line to him ,Li believes they can help others by becoming crime fighters ,Li even makes a suit for himself ,so he can fight crime in disguise.

But it seems his relationship with Chuck is getting him into more trouble then he bargained for when he decides to help his wife on one of her cases ,he ends up taking it to far and getting arrested.

His wife does not understand what he's doing ,even though as far as where concerned she has been in favour of his recent antics, and it's this that confirms that all is not as it seems , who is Chuck really ? And why does Li's apartment look like it's only himself that lives there at times,and why is Li's wife so annoyed at his involvement in her cases.

Inseparable is a clever film which shares many factors with other films, many will see it as a copy of American film Kickarse at first ,but as you get further in to the story it's roots go deeper.

The pairing of Wu and Spacey is brilliant ,they work well together ,much of the film is in English as well as Mandarin so viewing is fairly easy without having to read subtitles all the time.

It's noted that Kevin Spacey has much respect for Daniel Wu's professionalism and enjoyed his experience on the film, he has also remarked apparently that he would do so again.

There are many elements to the film which will have you laughing , it's great when Li gets his costume made up and goes out to meet Chuck ,only to be confronted by Chuck in a costume that looks like it was made in some high tech lab.

Congratulations must go to director Dayyan Eng who has compiled a fun fresh comedy with some very true life meaning truths.

It seems that the trend for big Hollywood stars is set to continue with the recent ''Flowers of War '' from Zhang Yimou who cast Christian Bale ( BATMAN) in the lead role . Then we have the forthcoming film about Tai Chi which stars Keanu Reeves .

It could be many Hollywood actors and actresses are bored with the scripts they are getting from Hollywood writers and studios.

Hong Kong ,China and Korea seem to take more chances on more obscure films and scripts and it's this freshness that may be attracting them to working overseas.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : June 2012

Reviewed By : JB


                                      Posters and Stills
Directed by Dayyan Eng
Produced by Dayyan Eng
David U. Lee
Written by Dayyan Eng
Starring Kevin Spacey
Daniel Wu

Gong Beibi

Yan Ni

Peter Stormare

Kenneth Tsang Kong
Cinematography Thierry Arbogast
Release date(s)
  • October 8, 2011 (Korea)
  • May 4, 2012 (China)
Country China
Language English





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