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Not all films from Japan are of the Pinky Style,they have done many traditional films in the Samurai and Martial arts,Yakuza and Futuristic   genre's ,here we explore some of those films from Zatoichi to Yo-Yo Girl Cop and more.


Films from Japan Reviewed on site

Judge 2014 - A light Heart comedy with Satoshi Tsumabuki.

Dead Sushi 2012 - Rina Takeda gets to confront fish in this crazy fun film.

Karate Robo Zarborgar 2011 -Classic 70's TV series retold,directed by Noburo Iguchi.

HELLDRIVER 2011 - Yumiko Hara is our Heroine in this Nishimura zombie fest.

Kunoichi 2011 - Rina Takeda is back in this short and sweet film from Seiji Chiba.

GANTZ 2011 - The first part of a two part live action Adaptation of a Famous Manga.

Karate Girl (KG) 2011 - The High Kick Girl is back ,this time for honor.

Mutant Girls Squad 2010 - The Hiruko are in danger of Extinction ,until now.

Gothic & Lolita Psycho 2010 - Rina Akiyama is our heroine in Go Ohara's new film.

13 Assassins 2010 - Classic Samurai action remade by Takashi Miike.

Alien vs Ninja 2010 - A crazy madcap Film from Director Seiji Chiba.

Yatterman 2009 - Live Action version of 70's Japanese anime by Takashi Miike

Rogue Ninja 2009 - Seija Chiba unleashes the Ninjas in this film with Mika Hijii.

ROBOGEISHA 2009 - Armpit swords ,Tit Machine guns and more in this Blinding film.

High Kick Girl 2009 - Rina Takeda stars as our high kicking Karate exponent.

K-20 Legend of the Mask 2009 - A superhero film with a twist.

Geisha vs Ninjas 2008 - Go Ohara directs this fun fight film .

Shaolin Grandma 2008 - Grandma does Kung Fu or so she thinks.

Machine Girl 2008 - Minasi Yashiro is Ami Hyuga ,Ami Hyuga is MACHINE GIRL.

Chanbara Striptease 2008 - A Young Girl travels back in time to unleash her tits.

Kuro-Obi 2007 - Karate at it's hardest in this magnificent film.

Yo-Yo Girl Cop 2006 - Girls in Short skirts and tight fitting clothes fight for justice.

47 Ronin 1994 - Kon Ichikawa's retelling of the classic story with Ken Takakura.

Yakuza (The) 1974 - American /Japanese classic with Robert Mitchum ,Ken Takakura

Karate Bullfighter 1975 - The first in a trilogy of films about Karate Legend Mas Oyama.

Chivalrous Geisha 1969 - Fuji Junko ,Takakura Ken star in this classic.

Seven Samurai 1954 - Akira Kurosawa's landmark Samurai Film gets a look in.

Sanshiro Sugata 1943 - Akira Kurosawa's first directed film ,aka Judo Saga.



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