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Kill'em all , great name for a martial arts film . I was looking forward to this as it's from the director of Bangkok Adrenaline ,a film I really enjoyed ,though not a award winner.

Again of interest for me was that it was written by Ken Miller , a guy I kind of new through Rick Baker years ago. Ken had put on some film shows on at the Scala in conjunction with Rick Bakers Eastern Heroes.

Then another factor was that unlike Bangkok Adrenaline this film has some well known star talent on show. Taking the lead is film and TV star Johnny Messner ,though not a full blown fighter he's good in action and I always enjoy watching his work.

But then the film also stars Kung Fu legend Gordon Liu (chai Hui Liu) and the late Joe Lewis in his last film role before he passed away last August.

The film also stars Tim Man who also choreographed the action and Female lead Ammara Siripong who plays SOM.

Now the plot and story seems OK on paper , along with some other stars our group are all Assassins. Now a group known as The Cabal are a assassination organisation led by Snakehead (Gordon Liu) , Snakehead does not want any other assassins around so he devises a game where rival assassins are kidnapped ,drugged and taken to a desolate location ( Big Empty Warehouse) , there they are put into a room know as the Killing Chamber .

Inside the killing chamber they must duel each other until only one survives ,and all at the whim of Snakehead who dishes out instructions when they can duel ,eat sleep and so forth.

Starting with eight assassins ,who are intent on hating each other instead of figuring why they are here and not plan escape.

Of course after a few fatalities the remaining group decide to make a break for it, which consists of our main stars .

Now they must try and escape a load of rooms (that all look very similar) whilst fighting Snakehead's minions (lots of ninjas and a couple of bodyguards of his), now from the action point ,the film is pretty good ,Tim Man handles the action quite well but it looks like his style of choreography suits himself perfectly ( as he is one of the main stars) , now as far as Joe Lewis is concerned I thought he could have been given more input from his own style and create some fights , his action was adequate but did not show him with any uniqueness.

For me that was a shame as it was his last film and one he made not long after having a brain tumour removed . I thought it was amazing that he performed as he did ,though it looked like they padded him out to make him look bigger as when I saw him in 2011 in England he looked a lot leaner. We where gutted when he passed away in late 2012.

Ammara Siripong fared better in the action stakes ,performing some good moves and fluid movements but even here at times it looked like she was performing actions she was uncomfortable with. , even if she wasn't it looked that way at times.

Johnny Messner reverts to guns when available ,but his boxing style street fighting brought nothing new to the mixer.

While Tim Man as The Kid has some blistering fight scenes ,on one occasion taking out a entire room of attackers , some of who are faced painted crazies , don't ask why.

But it's the final where the films action takes a turn , a turn for the better, for our remaining heroes must go up against Snakehead. And I must say even in his older age Gordon Liu ,can bust some moves. Thing was he was so good, his presence on screen and persona came across with such force that you new you where watching a master at work.

So there we have it a not so bad film from the fight action point of view ,but with added bonus of a excellent end fight.

But there’s more, compared to Bangkok Adrenaline Kill'em All looks bland, using just the one location for the brunt of the film gives makes it look tedious in places ( The Raid suffered the same ) then to make it worse is when the film starts your introduced to the assassins as they work , from the first ten minutes it looks like your in for a international fight fuelled ride.

The premise of the story was OK ,i would have done it different to give it variety. And I actually have the idea in my head,but I'm not going to tell you all here ,i may turn it into a script.

Score out of Ten = Some good fights ,but very Grey backdrops 5

Review Date : February 2013

Reviewer : Sertes Nake


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Director: Raimund Huber
Writer: Ken Miller

Starring: Joe Lewis , Gordon Liu, Tim Man ,Johnny Messner ,Amara Siripong

Language: English

Running Time: 86 Minutes

Country: USA

 Production company : Epic Pictures Group

Filming local : Bangkok Thailand





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