Kick'em In The Ghoulies

"It's The Only Way To Survive"



Kazuki Kitamura,Oka Antara ,Rin Takanashi

Directed By 

The Mo Brothers



aka Kirazu

For most part Indonesian cinema in the West has consisted of the films by Gareth Edwards and Iko Uwais. But now the seed has been set we hope that more cinema from the region gets the recognition in the West.

Billed as from the makers of the Raid , this Indonesian / Japanese co-production is a clever piece of cinema, yes Gareth Edwards production company Merantau films where involved in production but so where Japanese juggernauts Nikatsu and about another six companies.

Directed by the Mo Brothers the film follows the life of two men in two countries that end up having a connection through the internet .

Bayu is a Indonesian Journalist who becomes a victim of a robbery and in the process ends up killing the perpetrators this is also captured on camera and after dealing with what he has done Bayu uploads the video to a video sharing site , his video gets the attention of one viewer who seems to find a connection with Bayu ,they message each other about the video.

The viewer in question is located in Japan , and a socio-path by the name of Nomura.

Thing with Nomura he is the worst of the worst of socio-paths . Nomura is a wealthy young man who can charm the ladies and manipulate the people he wants, and all this is so he can full fill his craving for killing.

Back in Indonesia Bayu being a journalist becomes intrigued by his videos views and responses, in turn Nomura gives him advice on protecting the IP of his video as it was easy for Nomura to find him.

Bayu past also plays a big part with his destiny , Bayu spent ages trying to uncover the criminal activity of a Indonesian Politician named Dharma with out success which destroyed Bayu's marriage.

With his new found ability to kill Bayu decides to become a killer for justice and in the process record said killings and upload them for others and Nomura to view.

But when the tables are turned and Nomura shows Bayu some of his own videos it strikes a alert sign with Bayu , mainly because Nomura is a serial killer and torturing young girls and other innocents.

This does not help one Hisae Kawhara a local florist who lives alone with her autistic brother who Nomura befriends .

Killers is a intense ride that will surprise ,it's violence is pretty raw in places and the contrast between Bayu's life in Indonesia and Nomura in Japan seems far apart

Bayu's recent actions sees him turning into the person Nomura is.

Running at 137 minutes Killers is a very entertaining thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the varying story of Journalist turned vigilante and the serial killer who kills for his own pleasure playing against each other is a overload of violence for very different reasons .

On one hand your be cheering for Bayu and his death wish style of justice and then the story will flip and your be privy to one of Nomura's sadistic sacrifices.

For Nomura he feels he has found his soul mate ,for Bayu he finds himself thrust into a lifestyle he does not want but escaping it maybe harder then he thought.

The Mo Brothers have provided a recipe for killing with a smorgasbord of blood but well leave it up to you to see where the desert starts. But it's definitely after eight.

Sertes Nake


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Directed by Mo Brothers
Produced by Yoshinori Chiba
Shinjiro Nishimura
Takuji Ushiyama
Kimo Stamboel
Timo Tjahjanto
Written by Takuji Ushiyama
Timo Tjahjanto
Starring Kazuki Kitamura
Oka Antara
Rin Takanashi
Luna Maya
Music by Fajar Yuskemal
Aria Prayogi
Cinematography Gunnar Nimpuno
Edited by Arifin Marhan Japri
Guerilla Merah Films
Damn Inc.
Media Prima Productions
PT. Merantau Films
Million Pictures
Holy Bastards
Distributed by XYZ Films
Release dates
20 January 2014 (Sundance)
1 February 2014 (Japan)
6 February 2014 (Indonesia)
Running time
137 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese





Kazuki Kitamura - Japanese psycho Nomura Shuhei

Oka Antara – Indonesian Journalist Bayu Aditya

Rin Takanashi – Japanese florist Hisae Kawahara


source : wikipedia





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