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Kingdom ( Review by Cloudtoe )

I am not quite sure how I missed this Korean Original Netflix series. So what's it about ?
It is set in 15/16 century Korea and it is visually stunning. This is not a tacky horror flick, but a very stylish series, from action sequences, scenery, costumes and some amazing hats ( you will know what I mean when watch ).
I watched dubbed version.
So on to the story - there is rumour that the King has died. The Crown Prince - Lee Chang ( Ju Ji Hoon ) has been denied access to the palace and accused of treason. The Crown Prince decides to investigates whether the rumours about his father, the King are true. The Crown Prince begins searches for his father's physician with the assistance of his faithful Guard. 
They come across an abandoned village sealed to the outside world. Inside they discover dead bodies tied up. The local mayor is informed and the bodies are taken back to the main town. A peasant ( their keeper ) warns that they will awaken. He is mocked, but as dawn approaches ' they' awaken. Then the fun begins.
Zombies are everywhere increasing in numbers as they bite their way through the countryside.
Not telling anymore as don't want to spoil it, but it is an entertaining jaunt through the Korean world of the time, politics, brutality and humanity.
I am told that is based on historical fact, apart from the zombie bit, but who can really say ?

( And as a little add on, the more Asian dramas and films I watch I have noticed something. The voice actors for the English dubbing are becoming increasingly more familiar to me. I am starting to recognise their voices everywhere. Do a little Google search on filmography of Greg Chun. You will be surprised how many credits he has for voicing characters ).

Review by Cloudtoe 01/10/21

Ji Jun Hoon

Actor/ Model

Fashion Model who broke into television and film after doing commercials .
Starred in some big Korean blockbusters such as 2018s A Spy Gone North.

Ryu Seung Ryong


A actor who started out in the Theatre, progressing to film and becoming one of Korea's leading surporting actors. In 2019 he took the lead in the film Extreme Job, The second highest grossing film in Korea.
He's also one of the actors that have starred in more then four films that have taken in more than 10 million viewers.


Director:Kim Seung-Hun

Season 2: Park In Je

Screenwriter:Kim-Eun Hee

Producer: ASTORY

Starring: Ji Jun Hoon

Ryu Seung Ryong

Language: Korean / Dubbed English

Year: 2019

Studio: ASTORY


No' of Episodes: 12

No' of Seasons: 2


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