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  DEJAVU - Koda Kum - Dream Music Park

 copyright© Rhythm Zone 2011


DEJAVU – Koda Kumi

Well here it is the Ninth Studio album from Japanese singer /writer Koda Kumi , hailed as the Japanese Christine Aguilera by Jonathan Ross in just 10 years she has become one of Japan's biggest selling recording artists and one who has kept J-POP in the mainstream in other regions in spite of the insurgence of the New Korean Wave of music which is becoming ever more popular ,not just in Asian regions but even worldwide.

Now to the album , consisting of 15 tracks with a fine mix of Dance R&B tracks to love songs and ballads. There should be a good proportion that most buyers would like (if not every track) .

But the real bonus about this release is the lucky ones that have purchased the Limited Edition First Press CD & DVD package .

Consisting of the original Audio CD and not one but two DVD's ,the first one contains music videos for a selection of tracks from the album. On the end of the first Dvd is the first part of Koda Kumi's Dream Music Park concert which has got to be one of the biggest extravaganza's performed by a solo Pop artist I have ever seen . Consisting of a selection of music from the current album and previous works Koda gives a performance many artists would feel envious of.

Fact! Koda Kumi is as good sounding live as her recordings ,in fact she she's probably better. Tie this in with a video story playing between sets to introduce new stage sets and give the performers a chance for a a quick change and a breather,

I must admit I put this on just to get a glimpse of how she was in concert and found myself totally hooked by Koda and her performance,not just in song but in dance along with her dance team.

So when the disc ended I quickly put in disc 2 (which houses the 2nd part of the concert ) to be taken in further by the Koda Kumi magic.

More then 3 hours later at the end I was still not tired of her ,i could have sat through another set or two quite easily .

The Dejavu album plays host to three singles the first being ''Gossip Candy ' (Lollipop) released on 7th July 2010. Followed by ''Suki de suki de suki de'' / Anake Dake Ga '' in September 2010.

February 2011 saw the release of ''Pop Diva''. All three singles performed well placing 3rd / 1st / 3rd respectively in the Orican Daily Charts .

Suki De Suki de Suki de / Anake Dake Ga is a concept single consisting of three separate ballads all with music videos which make up a story . ( all three videos are on Disc 1 of the Limited Edition package) .

So if your new to JPOP then you can not go far wrong exploring Koda Kumi ,and if your a stalwart and a Koda Kumi aficionado then this won't let you down.

Quite Frankly AWESOME!

But then don't take my word for it ,Check out the videos below.



Scenes from Dream Music Park in 2010

Still from the Music Video  of ''Lollipop'' (below)



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                                                Track List
Disc1: CD
No. Title Lyrics Music arrangement Length
1. "Prologue to Dejavu"   Koda Kumi Lil' Showy   1:13
2. "Pop Diva"   Lil' Showy Lil' Showy   3:32
3. "Lollipop"   Koda Kumi, Ian Curnow, Jane Vaughan, Julie Morrison Koda Kumi, Ian Curnow, Jane Vaughan, Julie Morrison   3:23
4. "Okay"   Koda Kumi, HIRO HIRO, Ice Mike, Noel "Detail" Fisher   4:04
5. "Aitakute" (逢いたくて / Wanna Meet) Koda Kumi, Noritaka Izumi Noritaka Izumi Noritaka Izumi,
Strings Arrangement
: Udai Shika
6. "Passing By" ((featuring B. Howard)) Koda Kumi, B. HOWARD, J. Forster, T. Wilds B. Howard, Ice Mike   4:46
7. "At the Weekend"   Koda Kumi, Nathan Duvall, Hiten Bharadia, Allan Eshuijs Nathan Duvall, Hiten Bharadia, Allan Eshuijs   3:11
8. "Interlude to Dejavu"   Koda Kumi, Lil' Showy Lil' Showy   0:58
9. "Melting"   Koda Kumi Daisuke Mori Yūsuke Tanaka, Takashi Kondo 4:23
10. "Hey Baby!"   Koda Kumi Shinjirō Inoue Nao Tanaka 2:35
11. "Choi tashi Life" (ちょい足しLife / Fulfilled Life) Koda Kumi Hideya Nakazaki, Ice Mike Yoshimasa Kawabata 3:45
12. "Anata Dake ga" (あなただけが / Only You) Koda Kumi Markie, Sizk SiZK 5:12
13. "Suki de, Suki de, Suki de." (好きで、好きで、好きで。/ Love, Love, Love) Koda Kumi Katsuhiko Sugiyama Shinjirō Inoue 5:01
14. "Bambi"   Koda Kumi, Miriam Nervo, Olivia Nervo, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson Koda Kumi, Miriam Nervo, Olivia Nervo, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson   3:04
15. "I Don't Love You !??"   Koda Kumi FAST LANE   3:32




Studio album by Koda Kumi
Released March 2, 2011
Recorded 2010-2011 (Japan)
Genre J-pop, Electropop, Dance, R&B, Pop rock
Label Rhythm Zone
Producer Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi chronology
Eternity: Love & Songs
Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 3
Singles from Dejavu
  1. "Gossip Candy"
    Released: July 7, 2010
  2. "Suki de, Suki de, Suki de/Anata Dake ga"
    Released: September 22, 2010
  3. "Pop Diva"
    Released: February 2, 2011


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