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                            Film Review
     Looking For Mr, Perfect

Starring: Shu Qui ,Andy On ,Simon Yam ,Ruby Wong , Lam Suet , Chapman To

Directed By: Ringo Lam - 2001 

Release Date : 2003

copyright© Mei Ah Entertainment 2003

I have always looked forward to watching films by Ringo Lam ,as i am always assured of being entertained ,even if the subject matter is quite nasty or gritty which is often the case with Ringo's films.So when this came out back in 2003 i instantly purchased it ,as it offered a other side to Ringo.

For here was a action comedy starring the lovely Shu Qui and All time favorite of mine ,Mr Simon Yam .On top of this we had Lam Suet and new face on the Block Andy On .

Back then i got most of my films on VCD ,now i have searched my VCD collection so as to review this film for our Andy On month and i must say ,what a good time i had watching this again as it really is a lovely film to to relax to .

So Shu Qi plays Grace a Hong Kong Police Woman who after a under cover job goes slightly wrong (the suspect dies) .Grace is forced to go on leave ,so she goes away with her friend Joey  who is a model going for a photo-shoot in Malaysia and Grace is going for the ride and relaxation.

What she does not know she is about to enter a world of Illegal dealings ,black market weapons trades and more in a adventure James Bond would be busy in.

Arriving at the Hotel Joey and Grace check in and are met by Joey's employer for the photo-shoot Bobby ( Lam Suet) who also happens to be a creepy womanizer.

Upon arriving the girls are watched by two characters who call themselves No1 and No 2 ,they are in fact agents trying to track down a Missile Guidance system which is being sold by a group of Criminals to a third party through a contact at the Photo-shoot.Our criminals led by a man called Poon and his cohort girlfriend .

It's one evening when our Agents track down the guidance system and confront Poon and his goons ,getting in to a fight which brings new meaning to the word entertainment  as Poon dances a jig and engages combat with our agents No 1 who has been tired up by Poons Girlfriend and No2 ( Andy On).The scene is one of fresh air and innovative as our fighters battle to retain the weapon,but in the end the Criminals get away leaving our agents with nothing.

Now prior to arriving Grace has had dreams ,that seem familiar when she arrives at the hotel,what makes it more weird is the presence of a Tall man in a white suit appearing at the hotel who also appears in her dream.

For Grace is a Girl who has not found her Mr Right even though she has two boyfriends ,one a Doctor and the other a business man .These two guys plague our Grace ,offering Flowers ,chocolates and other advice and never leave her alone for a minutes peace.This is also another reason to go to Malaysia with Joey.

Now Being that our agents are watching everyone ,including Bobby ,who happens to be the key they think,they decide that the girls are involved and plant hidden camera's and Microphones in their room while their out.

This only leads to more trouble for our agents as while one is agile and young the other is mature and no gymnast ,this does not help when the girls return while our duo are in their room.So as No'2 gets away over the balcony ,poor old No'1 takes his chances storming out the front door when it opens .But hey Grace is not gonna stand by ,she gives chase while No'2 tries to help Grace or not help as the fact may be.

The chase takes a turn when No'1 absconds on a Jet Ski ,but hey Grace is there on another Jet and gaining.Now it's up to No'2 with Joey in tail to stop them before someone gets hurt,but it looks like the only people hurting are the holiday makers waiting for a nice water bullet ride when No'2 steals the boat their hooked up to.

The chase takes a chance to show us how beautiful Malaysia is ,while No'1 and Grace wreck the place ,crashing parties ,disrupting weddings and more.In the end No1' gets away when Grace goes a tumble leaving No'2 and Joey to save her.

Now Grace has found her man in her dream  N0'2  (Alex) So even though they are friends Alex still has to find out what the girls know so No'1 (Teddy) decides  Alex should date Grace

But what makes them more suspect is when a petty thief called Crab from Hong Kong interrupts the deal between Poon and our third Party (Bobby) .He steals a case Bobby has which contains a disk for the guidance system.Getting chased and hiding he goes to Grace's room as they Know each other from Hong Kong.But it's when Crab reveals a Blue print for the Guidance system that our secret agents No1 aka Teddy and N0 2 aka Alex think that their on the right track.

It's now up to Bobby to track the thief as Poon wants a clean get away,So when Bobby discovers Crab in Joey's room he reports to Poon and this results in Joey and one of Grace's suitors (the business man played by Raymond Wong Ho-Yin) getting kidnapped fro the ransom of the missing disk that was in the case ,that just so happens Crab threw away.

Now it's up to Alex and Grace to retrieve the disk,first they try and outsmart Poon by having Crab show them their Boat ,but this just results in Poon turning up and threatening everyone.Now they must find the Disk and free their friends .Scouring through rubbish for half a night they have no luck ,so have to go to the meet for the exchange and try and bluff.This of course goes wrong just as Crab comes running with the real disk .

Now the fight will begin as a hidden arsenal is at hand, a case of angry Wasps  that is which gets unleashed on Poon and his men.Now to try and recover the Missile Guidance system Grace and Alex will have to work together .Alex gives chase on his Bike while Poon and Girlfriend set off.

The chase takes us on a roller coaster ride resulting in the Missile System getting damaged and Poon's car crashing.

On foot Alex gives chase to confront the duo and fight they will .This is a brilliant piece of fight action using all sorts of props and Fruit right out of a Jackie Chan movie.Both Simon Yam and Andy On give top performances along with Ruby Wong.

The film comes to a final conclusion of the criminals out on a limb and our agents,Lovers and Police personnel all happy.

Looking for Mr,Perfect is a wonderful film with many intricate moments, and has many more memorable scenes i have not mentioned to enjoy as well ,It's one film all should see and if your a Andy On fan or Shu Qi  fan then you should not miss it.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date:21-09-10




          Grace ,Bobby and Joey                                   No'2 meets his match


Poon and his girlfriend get Rough


Alex faces Poon and his girl as They Dance a furious Fight


No'1 ''Teddy'' avoids Grace


Alex spies on the girls                        Mr,Poon get what he wants


Joey Causes a rift between our two Lovers (above and below)


 Shu Qi
... Grace 

Andy On ... Alex

Isabel Chan ... Joey 
 Simon Yam ... Poon

Ruby Wong ... Poon's Girlfriend

David Wu ... Richard

 Raymond Ho-Yin Wong ... Vincent 

Shiu Hung Hui ... Teddy 

Lam Suet
... Bobby Chan 

Chapman To ... Crab

Kristal Tin ... Mrs. Chan

Nelson Cheung ... James

Godfrey Ngai ... Ken

Cody Lee ... Tina

Yiu-Cheung Lai ... Grace's Superior Officer 



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