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              K.I.T.G. Banner star for October 2010

             Loren Avedon

Born: 30th July 1962

Martial artist and Film Star 

5th Dan Taekwondo  /  8th Dan Hapkido

If your on this site reading this ,then you most likely would have heard of 'No Retreat No Surrender' The film basically shot Jean Claude Van Damme to fame and gave a good vehicle for it's star Kurt McKinney.

But when both stars refused to return for the sequels ,Ng See Yuen and Roy Horan needed to find somebody to take their places ,phoning round dojo's in the States they got round to the dojo that our Mr,Avedon was training in.The guy that answered the phone did not quite understand what it was all about ,so the phone was passed to Mr,Avedon.Alll he new was that Ng See Yuen was looking for someone with good skills to star in his latest film ''Raging Thunder''.As Loren had answered the phone he was given a audition and ended up winning the part.

But that's the first time most of us would have heard of Loren Avedon ,he had been a child actor starring in commercials and then also a model.As a matter of interest Loren is the nephew of Famous Photographer Richard Avedon.



Loren Started training at a reasonably young age .(Unlike Me finally getting my arse in to gear when 29).Anyway he was 11 years old living in England and at that time Bruce Lee mania was everywhere ,he saw one of Bruce's films and was hooked ,but it was not until the summer of 1980 that back in the States and finishing High School that he walked in to a Dojang and signed up .He was actually training like every day.But was also lucky ( or at least i would say is mighty lucky ) he got to train with masters Phillip and Simon Rhee and Bill Wallace as well as other top instructors.

What better grounding for your Taekwondo then to be taught by two of the finest exponents of it.

                                                The films

So film wise Loren go to star in some of the classics ,of course 'No Retreat No Surrender 2 ' was the film that got him in the limelight within the martial arts scene.Taking the lead role and having the likes o Max Thayer and Cynthia Rothrock alongside assured the film would get the showings and i know within the UK it was one of the big martial arts films of the late 80's.


No Retreat No Surrender 2 ''Raging Thunder' aka Karate Tiger 2

But it did not stop there Loren had signed a 3 Picture deal with Seasonal and he followed this with Blood Brothers ,aka No Retreat No Surrender 3 ,in this film he got to star with Keith Vitali a well known and respected Champion Fighter and one many will know from Jackie Chan's Wheels On Meals.

Blood Brothers again was a massive video release and one that had cemented Loren's Action Star status.The third film was King of the Kickboxers in this film Loren plays Jake  a man who's past catches up with him when he finds out that the man that killed his brother in front of him ten years earlier is making Snuff movies in Thailand.

The film starred Billy Blanks as the main villain and also starred Keith Cooke from the China O'Brien films.

Of course Loren has not only made 3 films he has starred in around 18 features.He did a few films before the Seasonal contract with the Action Brothers group ,which is Jun Chong's  company.One was called ' L A Streetfighters ' aka Ninja Turf in the States,along with Jun Chong,Phillip Rhee ,James Lew the films showcased great martial arts ,but of course the films B-Movie status always made them straight to video movies.But great entertainment none the less.

And then we have films Like Silent Force and Circuit made later on .There are quite a few films out there but not all readily available .For instance i only just got Silent Force and films like The Last Spy ,Droid Gunner and Virtual combat still evade me.

Loren also starred in Tiger Claws 3 which he also Action choreographed and was the 2nd unit director for .Now that's a film that goes for a pretty penny when it comes up for sale ,i don't think many pressings where made of these on DVD as i have seen them go for £50.00 at times. 

On top of that Loren also writes films as well .


As i said before Loren was starring in Commercials as young as 5 years old and has been on TV hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer ,Martial Law,Thunder in Paradise and the mighty Baywatch.


   Loren in NRNS2 against Mathias Hues               King of the Kickboxers with Billy Blanks


Loren as Jake in King of the Kickboxers

                      Loren Avedon at Clash of the Titans 5  in  1991



                                           What next ?

Who knows what time will bring,Loren Avedon is one of the top action stars of 80's and 90's martial cinema ,each one of his films has showcased great martial arts performed by a man dedicated to the art .If you have read about Loren else where you would have read about the deals he turned down hoping to get better deals and then losing the contracts to Don Wilson as the production companies did not want to budge.Also the  incidents with Lorenzo Lamas and Sheri Rose ,but then as i was once told by someone i worked for many years ago .You go through life and be sure you are going to meet people that stab you in the Back or have no Honor .It's just unfortunate that Loren met two in the same time frame .


Now Loren has many interests and apart from Film which we all hope he will return to in some form or another soon.

Loren has spent the last few years with his family ,residing in Hawaii he built a compound for them.Then there's Loren's interests in Online media which he has developed with others like Online E commerce solutions and search engine tools .

To learn more visit Lorens official site .below or on the links page.


                                       Loren in Berlin 2010


Now all i have to do now is Thank Loren for agreeing to be featured on my sites banner for a month .I was lucky enough to meet Loren at the 2010 Martial arts movie Convention in Berlin ,where i asked him .

In true style and as a true martial artist he said yes and thanked me. Here  on this site we Honor Martial artists ,some have inspired others to achieve their goals and others have even lent a hand in a more hands on approach.

On this Page we Honor Loren Avedon a genuine Mr,Nice Guy and Friend .

Thanks Loren

I also have to thank Loren's official website ,run by one of our very own members .

Thanks Saj .

Loren Avedon meets The Snake in Berlin


                                              Latest News

January 2011 29th  -  Loren is involved in a Martial arts audition for all budding screen stars and stunt people ,all will take place at the Palace Theater in Hilo,new movies on the Horizon


January 2011  -  The USAT MAC is thinking about appointing Loren the President of it's  Hawaii Branch ,if all goes to plan Loren will bring Taekwondo to the island and host Championships  and events. 
                                     Loren's Films on site

No Retreat No Surrender 2 - 1987 - Loren plays Scott  in this top action film.

No Retreat No Surrender 3 - 1990 - Brothers join forces to avenge their father.

King of the Kickboxers - 1991  - Jake Donahue is going to have to face his past and Win.

Silent Force - 2001 - Frank Castle Eat your heart out,Frank Stevens is here!

L A Street fighters aka Ninja Turf  - 1985 - Review soon

The Circuit - 2002 - Loren is  FBI agent in this Olivier Gruner Vehicle.


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