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Something new for our Martial art practitioners out there. A series of articles written by members and myself ,which we may hope to inspire you all out there to get up ,get fit and get training. Enjoy

    Pain by Cloudtoe ,previously on the Wiki Page
I have just discovered this page and feel the need to share a few of my thoughts and feelings. And share my words of wisdom with the less fortunate. Perhaps this could even be a regular feature, depending of whether I can be bothered or not. I can be an agony uncle for all those failed martial artists out there.

Todays topic - Pain

There is always pain in training - '' pain is just weakness leaving the body ''. We all experience pain either through the pain of defeat ( not experienced this one myself yet ) or the physical pain of strains ( over- training ) or injuries inflicted by others ( kicks. punches, strikes etc. ).

Bruce Lee said be like water... ( click videos for full quote ) and the essence of martial arts is mental focus, which is what we all need to train, whether for fitness, self defense or competition. Without the mental focus we will never attain our true potential.

Martial arts unlike boxing or other contact sports is a disciplined art that gives the practitioner, with time, a mental strength to deal with the problems of life as well as chummy who thinks you have spilled his pint. Remember train hard, whats a few bruises and remember - '' girls dig scars... ''

The Cloudtoe.
  The Ancient art of Dodging  by Greeneyedninja
Hello, this is The Greeneyedninja of
Being a practitioner of Ninjutsu, I see something missing in many martial arts practitioners(not their Arts, just in them themselves) that I would have likely never noticed if I didn't practice Ninjutsu, where this is fundamental.
                                      The ancient art of Dodging.

Of course, there is always some dodging, but it seems a little... stiff. Simply moving backwards, the most common, if not only dodge I usually see, is only slightly effective. It has two fatal weaknesses.
1.Since it is easier to run forwards than backwards, you can easily be overtaken if your opponent attacks multiple times without pausing.
2. You are still directly in front of your opponent, in their line of fire. To counter attack you will have to push towards them just like they pushed towards you. They will probably dodge, just like you did, by moving backwards, setting off an endless loop of wasted energy.
There are much better ways to dodge your opponent.
Here are a few:
1. The simplest change is to step diagonally backwards, not straight backwards. This simple change will force your opponent to change direction instead of just running in a straight line to keep up with you. While they are turning to try to face you again, they are wide open for a counterattack.
2. The sidestep. The key here is to just move one foot behind the other. This is a ridiculously simple yet effective, especially against jumping attacks such as a tackle or a flying side kick.
3. Duck. This even works against most punches. But remember, it's faster and less predictable when you duck by bending your legs, not by bending you waist. After you've done that, just spring up like a jack-in-the-box and counter-attack.
Thank you for your time. Check out my site for more techniques to make you a better martial artist.
    Rolling by The Snake - Previously on Greeneyedstealth wiki
Rolling or Break-falling
What ever art you train in the one thing i think all martial artists should be able to do is Break-fall and roll,as with many arts from Kung Fu ,Jiu-Jitsu,Judo Karate and my friends very own Ninjitsu .Break-falling can and in most cases save your life.

Why you might ask ,well i give you this i know of some one who many years ago while standing on a crowded train platform in London was pushed (accidentally )from behind ,because the platform was overcrowded due to delays.Now the train was coming in to the station at this point.In any normal scenario he would have been crushed by the train.But for one thing ,he was a trained in the art of Jiujitsu so he new how to break-fall ,as he was pushed and fell forward he instantly went in to a classic break-fall position throwing his body backward ,thus staying on the platform.He lived to tell the tale and continues to teach his art.

Now of course there are various break-falls from the Roll in which you would Tuck in and roll across your shoulders on either left or right side (turning your head at the same time) Though some people roll completely forward over both Shoulders .(watch Chuck Norris)

Second you have the side break-falls where you sweep your leg from one side of your body to the other and land smacking the mat with the same arm as the side of the leg you sweeped.

Thirdly you have spins ,in this you would have to be in a press up position and throw your arm through from one side of your body to the other with force ,thus creating you to spin.

In fourth position we have the back break-fall ,this is one where you land on your shoulder blades arching your back at the same time and smacking the ground with both arms which takes the force out of the fall.

Then comes the front break-fall (the one my friend used o save his life) Now with this it's done in a few ways ,in karate a lot are taught to just stand and fall forwards on to your arms and toes keeping your body off the floor.So for instance if you stood at the edge of a mat you would fall directly on to the mat.Now this is not one i would use as i shall explain the one that saved my friend. Now stand at the edge of the mat and as you fall throw your body backwards with your feet you should land with your hands in front of the mat thus moving your body away from danger.

Lastly we have the Fore-flap,like the back break-fall but to get in position you would take a position of your hands on the floor and roll over your head thus landing in a back break-fall.

So there you go Break-falling is imperative to learn.I shall add a video in  soon,so keep a eye out.
I am The Snake .


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