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In a bid to make things simpler for you all to navigate ,welcome to the new Movies Home Page .Here your find all the links to find the page for you .Enjoy.Just click on the highlighted link.


Film Reviews

Film Reviews  - The place to find the latest flicks up for review

Films on Blu-Ray

Films on BluRay - For a selection of Martial action on BluRay -go here.

Old School Kung Fu

Old School - For classic Kung Fu flicks ,this is the place be .Get that whistle out and Blow hard.

Hong Kong Classics
Hong Kong Classics - for great films from the Eighties and Nineties from the former Crown Colony .
Thai Action Reviews

Thai Action Reviews - Thailand is fast becoming the place for top action cinema ,here we review some top films you may have missed.

Americana - Remember those Martial flicks from the states in the Eighties and Nineties, well here they are from Classic Rothrock to Billy Blanks and more.
Pinky Violence

Pinky Violence/ Pinku  - For all those sexy girl flicks from Japan ,check this out,along with a helping of Samurai flicks with a difference.A place to be if your into Reiko Ike ,Hanzo the Razor  or Prisoner 701.

Japan Town

Japan Town - Not all films from Japan contain sexual content you know ,so here are some classic and wacky films from the region.

Berlin Movie Convention 2010

Berlin Movie Con 2010 - A Great event where everyone got to meet the stars,Get Autographs,Pictures taken and even train with the stars .

Feature pages.

The place to find features on your favorite stars,Check below for a list.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee - No martial website should be with out a feature on Bruce ,so here we have our look at the little Dragon.Updated periodically.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan - The clown prince of Kung Fu ,where would Martial art films be without this guy who set many a benchmark and risking major injury and death too.

Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock - Known as the Blond Fury ,Cynthia came to fame in such films as Shanghai Express with Sammo Hung and No Retreat No Surrender 2 .A  Forms and Weapons champion Cynthia also trained in Tang Soo Do.

Coming Soon

Sonny Chiba - A look at this legend from Japan and his films.

Coming Soon

Donnie Yen - A look at the films from Donnie ,He says he will retire from being in front of the camera when he's 50 ( Four Years Time)

The Artists

The Artists - To find features on other artists from Lam Ching-Ying to Andy Lau visit this page .Updated periodically.

Coming Soon
Eastern Heroes / Beymark International  / Martial Club - In the Eighties and Nineties Hong Kong cinema was showcased by a number of people ,whom with out we would not be watching what we watch today,and action cinema might not be the same . I am glad to have Known these people and there Organizations which brought True Action to our Screens .The action cinema world would be a different place with out these champions of Hong Kong Cinema in the Eighties and Nineties.If you where there at those shows across the land from London to Birmingham and Bradford to Nottingham.If you frequented the now defunct Scala Cinema in London and the Prince Charles in Leicester square or the Metro in China town.Let me Know at                                                                         The people who put on the shows and brought us the stars to meet in person.Here i will showcase these people and those shows ,as i am lucky enough to have most of the original fliers for them .Let me Know if you where there. Maybe one day Kick'em in the Ghoulies can recreate those crazy days sitting in a cinema watching three or four films on the trot .





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