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                         Music Reviews
                 Welcome to the new Music review section

This is the new home to your favorite music reviews from stars like, Boa,Utada,Super Junior ,Rain  Bi and many more .

Older reviews have been updated giving each it's own page ,there are still a few to do ,but as a new review is up this month i thought i would launch the ones i have done and add the others over the coming weeks. 

Till then the old page is still up but will be deleted once all have been updated. 

 Enjoy  discovering the latest tunes from the East ,as i always say Music is Global no matter what country or language it is performed in. Just click on the album link to see the review.

                                             Korean Artists

Miss A  , Miss A is back with their first full album  A CLASS  , release July 2011

GD&TOP, Big Bang's G Dragon and TOP do a duo album and it's pretty good ,2010/11

Boa Kwon , Hurricane Venus album ,release August 2010

Boa Kwon, IDENTITY album ,seventh Japanese studio album, release 2010

Boa Kwon , The First Album,Boa's first American English language album,2009

J Y Park , Back To Stage ,release date 2007 

                   Chinese, Singapore and Malaysian Artists

Cyndi Wang , H2H ,Cyndi Wang's 7th Studio album released in December 2009

Jay Chou,Exclamation Mark!,Jay Chou delivers the goods with his latest Studio Album 

                                           Japanese artists

Utada Hikaru - Heart Station - release 2008. 

Utada Hikaru - This is the One - Utada's 2nd English Language album released in 2009

Koda Kumi - DEJAVU  - Koda's 9th studio album will blow you away.Release 2011




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