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                  Mutant Girls Squad

 Starring : Yumi Sugimoto, Yuko Takayama,Suzuka Morita

Directed By : Noburo Iguchi,Tak Sakaguchi,Yoshihiro Nishimura


Mutant Girls Squad

Yes we have another Japanese sci-fi action film with lots of fighting and crazy shocking antics gracing the screen .

Now the bonus about this film is that this film is directed by the trio of directors who are famous now for this type of film, the film is directed in three parts by Tak Sakaguchi ( who also plays a transvestite mutant) Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura.

The film stars in the lead role Yumi Sugimoto as Rin , a young school girl whose life at school is one of being bullied and just working to get through the day ,her parents are very loving and care for Rin very much. Now the day Rin turns sixteen ,her parents tell her they will have a surprise for her , she goes off to school and like always gets picked on and made a fool of by the other girls.

But on this occasion she experiences a sharp pain in her arm .

When she gets home her parents are waiting to celebrate her sixteenth birthday ,but also to tell her that she is in fact a mutant known as Hiruko , a ancient clan who once lived on the planet without problem ,but not being excepted by the human race. Rin looks bemused that is till her father reveals his mutated chest which basically looks like two aliens trying to get out of his body .

Not really perplexed by this ( I would be shitting myself if I was her ) Rin looks surprised but is quite calm ,her mother who tries to reassure her and explain something to her , at this moment the house is attacked by soldiers from the Anti Hiruko force.

Rin's parents are slain as they try and protect Rin, with this all going on Rin's arm mutates into some robotic arm with tentacles on .

These tentacles are able to slice through practically anything,making small work of someone’s head (yes folks the body parts fly in this one) , as Rin escapes she is spotted by locals and branded a alien ,here the film goes into overdrive as Rin must find safe haven as at every corner she is confronted by a horde of humans who are out for blood.

After causing a bloodbath in her home town Rin gets approached and saved by Rei ,another mutant who works together with a group of mutants hell bent on returning power to the Hiruko clan ,they are led by Kisaragi ,your average Transvestite Samurai (Tak Sakaguchi) who is power hungry and quite a snazzy dresser.

If you thought whilst reading this or watching the film ,that how mad is this and that it can not possibly get any madder your truly wrong. .

Rin gets introduced to the other Mutants in the Hiruko clan ,but to harness her power she is forced to wear a Iron mask ,and this can not be removed until she has realised her power and how to use it.

Now the group are all girls apart from Kisaragi ( and he's a transvestite)

,its' here that Rin will meet her new family from a young girl with sword blades obtruding from her tits to another with a chainsaw up her arse.

She becomes quite good friends with Yoshie ( some one likes Nintendo) a tentacle armed girl with a soft side.

Rei works Rin quite hard, and Rin exceeds everyone expectations and realises her power early on , lucky really as eating food through a straw for a year was something she was not looking forward to.

Rin is picked to head a attack on a anti Hiruko meeting headed by the government and the military .But when Rin is ordered to kill the wives and children as well she holds back ,more so when she realises that one of the kids is one of her school bullies ( I say take her head off) , it all ends with Rei doing the nasty deed , but Rin will still have to confront General Koshimizu ,who has devised a anti Hiruko weapon.

After dealing with the general with help from Yoshie ,it looks like Rin may have a few issues to deal with.

It's from here where the film takes a turn to the crazy side ( and you thought it was mad now) , it looks like Kisaragi is intent on killing every human out there and create a Mutant world , meanwhile Rin tries to convince the others about not hurting innocent humans, Yoshie agrees to help her stop Kasaragi and the others , but Kasaragi has been recruiting other Hiruko to perform suicide bomb attacks.


Rin ends up confronting Rei and the outcome will decide the final fight with Kasaragi who seems to transformed himself into bitch of a monster intent on killing everybody.

Now this is one of these films that may offend some viewers if there not used to watching such films from Japan. To be honest the violence is so over the top that it is very satirical in places .

Also the film blends a good use of special effects from the prosthetic field as well as CGI . It's something akin to the old horror slasher movies of the 70's and 80's and make it all the more intense as I always feel that man-made gore effects shock more then the CGI kind which often numb the required reaction from the audience watching the film.

This is what makes Mutant Girls Squad such a winner ,it comprises some very comic book style characters in brightly coloured outfits with outrageous weapons and abilities , Westerners may be used to films like XMEN for their mutant filled action ,but for the more discerning offerings from the East this purely adult orientated action fest is eighty five minutes of laughs ,shocks and over the top action to satisfy anyone whose a fan of Japanese gore cinema. .

The three directors have focused all their efforts to make a seamless story with each director getting to put his footprint on the segment they directed without upsetting the storyline or making you feel like your watching different films ,something many multiple director films fail to do.

Mutant Girls Squad was shown in America at the New York Asian Film Festival in July 2010 , it had it's Canadian premier also in July 2010 at the Fantasia Film Festival .

At the Sitges Film Festival in Spain it won Best Motion Picture in the Midnight Extreme section.

Mutant Girls Squad was also shown at the 2010 Zipangufest Japanese Film Festival in London ,which is where the K.I.T.G. Team originally viewed the film.

As of this review the film is only available on region American 1 DVD with English subtitles

or Hong Kong region 3 DVD or VCD with English subtitles .

So if you want to own this film your going to have to import. Unfortunately not many of these type of films get releases in the UK ,Cineasia did release Machine Girl and RoboGeisha ,but Machine Girl was one of the first to get noticed in the West ,so was a high profile DVD release . I believe 4Front released Tokyo Gore Police by Yoshihiro Nishimura and there where a couple of others . But for most part the USA seem to get most of the films and if they do get released in Europe or UK there usually is a long wait for them to arrive, it may be down to getting the ratings from the BBFC , but other then that I don't know.

Mutant Girls Squad is excellent companion to collectors of these type of films and one those people should track down.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date: January 2013

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Directed by Noboru Iguchi
Yoshihiro Nishimura
Tak Sakaguchi
Produced by Yoshinori Chiba
Toshiki Kimura
Gen Satō
Written by Noboru Iguchi
Jun Tsugita
Starring Yumi Sugimoto
Yuko Takayama
Suzuka Morita
Naoto Takenaka
Chiharu Kawa
Music by Takashi Nakagawa
Cinematography Shu G. Momose
Studio Nikkatsu
Release date(s)
  • May 22, 2010
Running time 85 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese


 Characters / Mutants


  • Yumi Sugimoto as Rin
  • Yuko Takayama as Rei
  • Suzuka Morita as Yoshie
  • Kanji Tsuda as Rin's father
  • Maiko Ito as Sayuri, Rin's mother
  • Tak Sakaguchi as Kisaragi
  • Asami Sugiura as female samurai with eyepatch
  • Kentarō Shimazu as Nonagase
  • Naoto Takenaka as Defence Minister Koshimizu Hiroaki
  • Miyu Wagawa as Tadokoro Mina
  • Rie Hayasaka as Sumire
  • Naoi Nagano as Chiako
  • Cay Izumi as Sachie
  • Maki Mizui as astro-mutant






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