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**Spoiler Alert** 

For a less In -depth look at the story , read the summery below this  review.

Slowly but surely we will cover all of Mr,Chan's movies on K.I.T.G. .

Now it may see strange that the first Police Story film i cover is the most up to date one , of course the reason for this is I'm writing this in September 2010 which is Andy On month on site and as Andy played a pivotal role in the film , that is the reason.

But rest assured the other films in the series will get the same treatment in good time.

With New Police Story Jackie took a new approach to the story ,instead of reprising the role of Kevin Chan or Ka Kui as known in some versions, Jackie as he was older and more experienced in film making at this point wanted to pay tribute to the earlier films , but at the same time add a more intense sense of drama to the project.

Shot in 2004 the film came after Jackie had had enough of American film making and returned to his roots to prove he could still deliver the goods for his Asian market . The film would be directed by Benny Chan who previously had directed Jackie in 'Who Am I'.

New Police Story starts with Inspector Chan Kwok-Wing  being drunk and generally out of control in a bar in Hong Kong,upon leaving we see him stumble about ,get left behind by a Taxi driver who does not want him in his cab ,he then gets robbed and kicked then ends up intoxicated to drunk to walk anywhere and collapse in a alley.

He is saved by a young man who retrieves his wallet and helps him,from here the story moves back one year and we see Chan come to the aid of a hostage situation , by disguising himself as a reporter he confronts the kidnapper and fights to save the hostages life and as a result gets shot ,but luckily due to wearing two bullet proof vests is OK .

A short time after we see a group of robbers in the process of robbing a bank , they have kidnapped a worker and sent him crashing through the window by swinging him from the rooftop of the banks building, closely followed by our assailants.

But upon robbing the bank they get there captive to call the Police , and when they arrive the Police are confronted by a group of robbers with a arsenal of weapons who want nothing more then to kill the Police.

The case is given to Inspector Chan ,who along with his team vow to get the Gang within three hours. Now earlier in the first gun battle with the robbers a couple of the Police come face to face with one of the robbers , one gets shot while the other manages to reveal the face of one (a girl) who has dropped her stash and gone back to get it.In the scuffle and with help from her fellow gang members get away but without the stash.

The inured Police officer is a friend of Inspector Chan , his name Sam (Dave Wong).

Chan visits him in hospital prior to going on the mission to catch the thieves.Sam tells Chan to be careful,Chan replies 'No worries.

So the thieves hide out is a big warehouse on many levels ,Inspector Chan arrives with his team,a group of nine other officers who spilt in to two teams to infiltrate the building.

But upon entering all is not what it seems and when radio communication is lost between teams and our courageous cops enter what like is a assault course with traps they know somethings up.

The crooks have been waiting for them and now have the police playing in to their hands for their fun and games.

One by one the team get beaten shot and injured until only Chan is left , he makes his way to a central location only to find his team Hung up like meat in a freezer ,  though still alive they are badly injured . Now the crooks arrive to finish their game ,they challenge Chan to a series of games.The prize if he wins is the life of his men.But one by one Chan is losing and one by one his men are being dropped to their death.

In the end he barely manages to save one  ( his future brother in law) only to have him die by smashing his head on to a concrete step as the young man passes out while Chan is trying helplessly gather his lost souls.Chan then notices the building is rigged to blow and the clock is ticking ,in a rush to get his men out while the building explodes around him our helpless inspector fails  to save any of his team.

Now we shoot back to the present day , Inspector Chan is on a years leave after the incident . He wakes up in his apartment , and finds a young man hovering , he shouts ''who are you , what are you doing'' the young man replies i'm PC1667 ( Nicholas Tse) sir i am your new partner , and that he has been reassigned the case .

After  some coxing , he Chan believes him ,also PC1667 tries  to get Chan back together with his girlfriend who was also the sister of one of Chan's unit who got killed.

Now while out the two come across a couple of robbers who have just mugged some one (the same two that attacked Chan before) With a bit of encouragement from PC1667 they arrest the two and go to the station.

Getting Chan back to the Police station , he slumbers in his office , when Commander Chiu walks in with his men and ridicules Chan .

Telling them this is the man that led his team to death. In steps PC1667 to say that Chan has been assigned the case , Chiu is not convinced , Chan just wants to go home but PC1667 insists Chan can complete the case and Chiu agrees for a wager that the loser shall Kowtow , then Chan replies No the Loser will resign and Chiu happily agrees.

Of course Chan does not care he has no reason to continue as he feels to sorry for himself. But PC1667 insists he should get revenge as the criminals have made his incident in to a video game.Chan shouts 'why are you so insistent to get me back on the case ,as Chan walks away PC1667 replies I'm Kwoks brother Frank (kwok a member of Chan's unit that got killed) .

So now the seed is set,Frank and Chan visit Sam the Cop who got injured ,he's now out of the force and runs a bar which has links with the triads.

They visit Sam ,but actually getting to see him takes some doing as they try and chuck them out ,a fight ensues and Frank ends up fighting them all while Chan  tries and gets his courage together while locking himself in a cupboard.But seeing Frank get beaten he bursts in to flight .

After a brilliant array of Chan Foolery as they use the surroundings to fight the goons.Eventually Sam appears and the guys talk,Sam gives a Watch to Chan which is a clue to the crooks .

Through the watch which is a XGAMERS watch they trace the possible whereabouts of the gang ,but also Commander Chiu hs been watching and confronts Sam as well.

Arriving at a Xgames convention which takes place on a rooftop of a large building they scout around ,and as they do Chiu arrives with Sam in tow . Chiu gets Sam looking to identify the Girl if she's there.But when it looks like alls going to plan the gang strike shooting Sam down ,amidst the gunfire the crooks run around as Chiu's men try and corner them.Chan rushes to Sam's side ,as he lay dieing he reveals he stole there money and they found out,he gave up Chan's plan to arrest them .

Chiu looks on in disbelief.

With Sam dead , Chan wants to get his man and in a feat which funny enough is on par with tthe rooftop drop Jackie  does in 'Who Am I' as the crooks assail down the vertical drop of the building with Chan and Frank in pursuit.

The chase goes through the streets of Hong Kong and showcases a host of top line stunts that shows Jackie still has it ,some pay tribute to the former films in the series while others are new.

I won't spoil this for anyone that's not seen the film ,but just to say it's about 10 minutes of pure Jackie magic.

Now of the two crooks the girl Sue Chow has been shot and getting back to their hideout Joe the leader comforts her before shooting her dead . Joe Now wants revenge himself ,he plans to meet Chan's girlfriend Ho Yee ,Ho Yee gets a message to meet Chan at the station , but upon arriving Chan is no where to be seen , Ho Yee takes a seat in the conference room.

In walks Joe posing as a Police officer with a box,as he lays it down on Ho Yee's lap ,he opens it and says please give this Chan he ties it around Ho Yee's neck.Hell some gift 'A Bomb'

Chan has been trying to pursue Joe and led on  a goose chase , which leads him back to the station .Chan comes face to face with Ho Yee and the Bomb ,now he must try and save her .Getting her to the safe room with the help of Frank , they try and diffuse the bomb ,but when Chan is not looking Ho Yee cuts the wires ,but all is fine , that's  till the secondary trip is triggered and everyone runs for their lives .

A huge explosion brings havoc to the station , Ho Yee is injured and Hospitalised.

Things look bad for our inspector Chan.

Now with the destruction caused Chan and Frank are reprimanded , but whats worse is that Frank is not a Policeman and Chan is accused of helping a impostor .

Thrown in Jail the two are helped by a female PC called SASA ,

who has been helping Frank with the case.

Escaping the station the two sneak out with some help from fellow officers.

Knowing that the criminals will strike again they need to crack the game to find which target is next ,with the help of Sasa  they try and reveal the next target  , her friends complete the next level of the game to reveal the next target ,a high profile bank in the main commercial district , with lots of people about Chan and Frank have got to be careful,Sasa has to try and keep the Police away as the criminals enjoy shooting cops for fun.

 It's here the final  confrontation will be decided , as the gang grab the money they see that trouble is brewing ,Chan and Frank enter and clear the building of pedestrians.

Things take a turn when the boys parents arrive and one of the crooks tries to get out ,Joe stops him dead  by shooting him ,this starts a gun battle and when they spot Chan they know it's time to settle this.

While Joe shoots anything that moves Chan and Frank try and pursue but as they try and get away ,Chan pursues Tin Tin and they end up in Lego Land , convincing Tin Tin to fight like before the two confront each-other in a battle of fists and feet ,this is great as once again we are treated to Jackie and Andy On showing some dynamic martial arts.

All comes to a end when in running comes Frank chased by Joe with is Rifle shooting everywhere ,in the crossfire Tin Tin gets shot  and Chan calls for help.

A nice touch is as Chan exits Lego Land he puts the head back on Mr Lego . Chasing Joe to the rooftop where he has Frank hostage. Chan has to play Joe's Game again but this time the pressures on Joe.

Surrounded by Police and his father who just happens to be a Police Officer , and one that abused Joe as a kid.

The pressures to much as Joe loses the game ,he empties the gun but raises it pointing it at the police ,knowing full well they will shoot him down.Joe may be dead but now Frank is falling to his death and Chan must save him .In another superb stunt the dynamic Duo survive .

Back at the hospital Ho Yee is Released and the truth behind Frank is revealed ,but i will let you find that one out for yourself.

The credits role and once again Jackie Chan along with Benny Chan have made a magnificent film that showcases Jackie's talents.

But not only that the film once again shows the powerful acting of Daniel Wu (Joe) who was supposed to fight Jackie at the end but got injured earlier and could not do the fight.

But then we got to see Andy On (Tin Tin) perform once again and in a way I'm glad he got the chance as he is a awesome fighter.

Nicholas Tse (Frank) showed again that he's at the top of his game and a joy to watch

.And along with the rest of the cast of so many well known stars New Police Story is a fine tribute to the earlier films.

Score out of Ten = 9

Review Date: 29-09-10  / Updated September 2020

Sertes Nake

A summery Review of New Police Story - No Spoilers

Benny Chan Proved back with ' Who Am I '' that he is a very capable film maker and one that can  show Jackie Chan not only perform at his best but also add that little extra to Jackie's performance to offer something new.

It's the sense of tension throughout the film , where Chan is fighting his demons , it's here we see Jackie Chan the actor and it's impressive , it was evident in Who Am I , but your have to see the uncut print to get the full effect of that film. 

Jackie Chan also pulls out the stops in the action department to , here revisiting earlier stunts with a different twist.  Some which pay homage to the earlier films . 

Yes there are some use of wire work in a couple of stunts , but most of this was for insurance purposes and with bigger budgets , Jackie was taking safety more serious around this time.  I guess after working Stateside where he had no choice in how far he could endanger his life , he seemed to take a bite out of there book a bit.

But it does not mean the film is any less dynamic to watch and as always Jackie was doing all the stunt work , but was just being a bit more cautious not to land in Hospital. 

Also with so many Talented stars in the film it was a film with a lot riding on it . 

Benny Chan's direction is sublime in the film, he manages to capture the main stars at their best , as the tension builds throughout the film it's not all a down ward spiral for Chan and his cohorts. There are some great  comical elements which break up the somewhat depressive story surrounding Jackie Chan's character. 

But add in the many moments where Jackie springs into action and you can see how his mind was working to bring the action into the millennium , offering something new with each scene. 

Daniel Wu is brilliant as the slightly Psychotic rogue intent on destruction and what ever cost. Shame his injury stopped him fighting Jackie in the end scene , but once again Andy On saved the day here and offers Jackie a very worthy adversary .

I really wanted Yu Rong-Guang to lock horns with Jackie as his duel with Jackie in Shanghai Noon was fun. Plus i just wanted to see him get some action but alas his role did not allow it. 

Benny Chan did a wonderful job  of  bringing the Police Story serious back to life .  As  Jackie always has liked to explore different avenues and  stories  and really only does these sequels if he can improve or match the originals. 

Of course where not going to see Jackie do the things he did when he was twenty years younger , but by bringing in different elements the films become more a overall ride where the story starts to get you thinking more. 

In short New Police Story is a fine homage to Jackie's earlier films  and came at a time when Hard core fans where longing for the Chan of old as he was restricted to what he could do in his Hollywood movies at the time.

Chan The Man is Back 
Thai DVD Cover

Benny Chan

Director / Writer / Producer

Benny Chan was a Film Director who Started work in Television as a production Assistant for Johnnie To. He later progressed to director of TV series  and in 1990 got to direct his first feature , Moment of Romance which starred Andy Lau and was produced by Johnnie To.
This led him on to greater projects like The Magic Crane in 1993 , Who Am I in 1998 and Shaolin in 2011. 
Benny Chan was Nominated for best Director at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards for New Police Story .

In 2019 Benny Chan was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal  Cancer while he was filming Raging Fire with Donnie Yen . 
Sadly Benny Chan passed  away in Hong Kong on 23rd of August 2020 .
He was only 58 years old.

Jackie Chan

Martial artist / Actor / Stuntman / Director / Producer /Singer /

Born 7th April 1954

The clown Prince of Kung Fu who has legions of fans around the world. 
Jackie literally is the biggest Action star in the world. His films sell in every region . With more then 100 films under his belt , Jackie has dealt with many subjects in his films and all while maintaining a action style throughout his films, Though he has many times wanted to do other styles he knows if he does so his films won't appeal to his fans.
Whether it's a modern Day Cop Drama , A period piece set in the Far East or the West or even the future Jackie always delivers the goods on screen.

Cast and Characters


  • Jackie Chan as Inspector Chan Kwok-Wing
  • Nicholas Tse as Frank Cheng
  • Charlie Yeung as Sun Ho-Yee
  • Daniel Wu as Joe Kwan
  • Lee Ting Fung as Joe Kwan - Age 6
  • Charlene Choi as Sa Sa
  • Dave Wong as Sam / Wong Sum
  • Hayama Hiro as Max Leung
  • Terence Yin as Fire
  • Yu Rongguang as Commander Chiu
  • Chun Sun as Joe Kwan's father
  • Lui Yau-wai as Joe Kwan's mother (as Lisa Lui)
  • Coco Chiang as Sue Chow
  • Andy On as Law Tin-Tin
  • Liu Kai-Chi as Chief Tai
  • John Shum as Eric Chow
  • Ken Lo as Kwong, Wing's team member
  • Asuka Higuchi as Kwong's wife
  • Steven Cheung Chi-Hang as Green-haired thief
  • Kenny Kwan as Red-haired hief
  • Wu Bai as Father of Frank Cheng
  • Deep Ng as Rocky, Wing's team member
  • Tony Ho as Chui, Wing's team member
  • Timmy Hung as Tin Ming, Wing's team member (as Hung Tin Ming)
  • Tin Chiu Hung as Chiu, Wing's team member (as Hung Tin Chiu)
  • Carl Ng as Carl, Wing's team member
  • Andrew Lin as Hoi, Wing's team member
  • Samuel Pang as Sam, Wing's team member
  • Philip Ng as Wing's team member
  • Ken Lo as Wing's police member
  • Winnie Leung as Female Hostage
  • Eric Kwok as Male Hostage
  • Mandy Chiang as Chui's girlfriend
  • Mak Bau as Negotiator
  • Ringo Chen as Tourist
  • Jun He as Disco Bouncer
  • Park Huyn Jin as Disco Bouncer
  • Wu Gang as Disco Bouncer
  • Stephen Rohn as X-Game Player
  • Stephen Julien as X-Game Player
  • Bradd Buckly
  • Ho Wai-Yip as Police Officer Outside Convenience Store

Jackie Chan Stunt Team
  • Brad Allan
  • Nicky Li
  • Ken Lo
  • Mars
  • Wu Gang
  • Park Hyun Jin
  • Lee In Seob
  • Han Kwan Hua

(c) JCE Movies 2004


Stills from the film

Stills Taken from the Last fight Jackie has with Andy On


Wing (Jackie ) and Tin ( Andy On) face off

Tin looks none to pleased (above)


Wing and Tin Rumble in Lego Land (above & below)




Directed by Benny Chan
Produced by Jackie Chan
Willie Chan
Barbie Tung
Solon So
Written by Alan Yuen
Starring Jackie Chan
Nicholas Tse
Charlie Yeung
Charlene Choi
Daniel Wu
Music by Tommy Wai
Cinematography Anthony Pun
Editing by Yau Chi-Wai
Distributed by JCE Movies Limited
Release date(s) Hong Kong:
September 24, 2004 (2004-09-24)
Running time 123 min.
Country Hong Kong