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                              Film Review
                     Ninja Cheerleaders

Starring : George Takei , Michael Pare

Directed By : David Presley


Ninja Cheerleaders

You know by the title of this that this going to one of those American teen movies that we see so often ,ot does not matter the subject matter they all end up being the same film.

But if you want to see Girls in in Mini skirts all over the place then these type of films are the place to visit . Of course I rented this film ( NO I did not buy it, I'm crazy not mad) because of the Ninja element and that these young girls are going to kick arse in short skirts. . Of which they do .

Now the film is of course low budget but stars some good actors like George Takei ( Star Trek) and Michael Pare (Streets of Fire).

The story is simple our three young girls( April, Courtney and Monica) are cheerleaders who are working in a strip club as dancers to pay their way into Ivy League Collage . The club is run by their Japanese Ninjitsu instructor Hiroshi ( Takei) Now the club was the former premises of a gangland boss by the name of Victor Lazzaro ( Michael Pare) who has been in imprisoned and has just been released.

Hiroshi has been running the club after he bought it after the premises was auctioned off after Lazzaros assets had been confiscated.

But Now Lazzaro is out he wants his club back and kidnaps Hiroshi and the safe containing the girls Ivy League Tuition fees. He wants the girls to get the deed to the club and hand it over or Hiroshi will meet a fate worse then death( how is this possible) ,and of course they will lose their money.

So it is up to the girls to save Hiroshi whilst maintaining the look of normal life ,ie' going to school,practising their cheer-leading and taking part in a strip competition at the club to win $50'000.

After a a few altercations with the girls Lazzaro sends out his secret weapon , a young Ninja girl from Japan by the name of Kinji .

So that's it , the film won't win any awards and the acting on most part is below par, except for Takei and Pare and a couple of others who bring a touch of polish to the proceedings , to be honest the three main players played by Ginny Weirick, Trishelle Cannatella and Maitland McConnell do a OK job and of course are pretty to boot.

Now the action is pretty below par most of the time and you cane see this is played for laughs more or less ,the girls just get to show there bodies off most of the time and that's what the films about really , one of the craziest things is a cameo by Lateef Crowder who is a student in Hiroshi's class, he ends up sparring one of the girls ,it's at this point that you see real martial arts meet young girl pretending to do martial arts , of course our young girl beats him , yeah of course this man starred opposite Tony Jaa in ''Tom Yum Goong'' and he's going to get beaten by a school girl !

So my advice if want to see young girls in short skirts ,rent this ,if on the other hand you want to see martial arts action give this a miss, in fact other then wanting to see young girls in short skirts give this a miss completely . But then again it's inoffensive and it has girls with short skirts in , I don't know make up your own mind.

Score out of Ten = 5

Take three of if you don't like girls in short skirts.

Review Date: 11-07-2011

Sertes Nake


                                      Cast and Credits
Directed by David Presley
Produced by Christopher Roosevelt
Frank Desmarais
Written by David Presley
Starring George Takei
Trishelle Cannatella
Michael Paré
Country United States
Language English




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