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Ninja Shadow of a Tear - DVD Review


 Starring:  Scott Adkins , Kane Kosugi , Kazu , Mika Hiiji , Shun Sugata

Directed By : Isaac Florentine


Ninja Shadow of a Tear

Name three things that when combined culminate into enjoyment beyond belief!

I know your not quite sure , well let me enlighten you , the recipe for this enjoyment is simple yet cleverly compliment each other impeccably.

The recipe - take martial artist and actor Scott Adkins and have him star in a film ,

next , get martial artist and film director Isaac Florentine to direct ,

then add Ninjas.

You should be pretty excited now if you like your martial arts films, but how do we add to this recipe for action and make it even better.

Well you take Kane Kosugi , martial artist and son of real life Ninja Sho Kosugi ,add Kazu Patrick Tang ( Ong Bak 2, Warrior King 2, Dragon Wolf) and Japanese actor Shun Sugata ( The Last Samurai,Kill Bill,Tokyo Gore Police) and now where really excited.

There's no doubt that action star Scott Adkins is definitely at the top of his game in the action stakes when it comes to Western Martial arts stars. He repeatedly delivers the goods in his films, Though not always the main star he often adds that much needed boost to the proceedings. But when Scott gets his own vehicles he gets to let loose his amazing kicking ability combined with his athletic Ariel skills.

In this the sequel to his 2009 film Ninja , also directed by Isaac Florentine Scoot reprises his role as Casey Bowman . After his hectic time in the first ninja film Casey has settled down with his new wife Namiko who is pregnant with their child.

When Casey goes out to get his wife a gift he is confronted by two muggers who try to relive him of his gift, he hands them his wallet and after a altercation involving some handy footwork between him self and the two thugs ,one of which is played by Kazu.

Thinking nothing of it he returns home , Namiko is concerned but Casey is not to bothered. When Namiko wants some medical supplies at night Casey ventures out to buy the products she wants, but upon his return he finds his wife murdered in a most brutal fashion.

Distraught and angry Casey must come to terms with his wife’s death and that of his unborn child, Nakabara a mentor and family friend who attends the funeral suggests Casey should come to his Dojo in Thailand to get away and come to terms with his loss.

But first Casey has something he needs to do , he figures he must find the guys that mugged him , they had his wallet and new where he was, they had to be involved.

After tracking them down to a rival dojo Casey confronts the Dojo's students in a blistering fight which features Ron Smorenburg as one of the students.. After interrogating the students he finds out the whereabouts of the muggers who he finds and confronts once and for all.

Remembering Nakabara's offer Casey decides to go to his Dojo in Thailand.. It's here that Casey will discover that the murder f his wife might be part of something much bigger then a simple mugging affair and that it might be attributed to his late wife's Fathers Dojo which Casey now runs back in Japan.

Nakabara tells Casey a story about the three top students of the Koga Dojo who where Nakabara's Father , Namiko's Father Takeda and another named Isamu .

When the Old Sensei of the Dojo passed on Isamu challenged Takeda for the rule of the Dojo and in battle Takeda killed Isamu witnessed by Isamu's younger brother Goro who vowed revenge on the Takeda family.

Nakabara tells Casey how Goro has now become a major force in drug running in the region of Myanmar ( Burma) , he tells Casey to go back to the States for his own safety as it looks like Goro may be exacting his revenge on the Takeda family of which Casey is part of now.

Of course you know Casey will not listen and sees his only option is to confront Goro head on and to do this he will need all the luck he can get.

Nakabara tells Casey how his father was in the Japanese military as a elite Ninja unit and that they had buried weapons in the Jungle in the Myanmar region during World War II .

With map in hand and revenge on his mind Casey has had his fuse lit to cause havoc in a region of Asia many dare not venture into let alone to confront a master criminal , but it looks like Casey may be getting more then he bargained for as he adds him self to the endangered list as going to Myanmar is not the best of ideas.

This sequel to Ninja is a fine film that is a showcase for Scott's ability , from street fights, Dojo battles and fights in a war torn jungle region Casey gets to don his Ninja outfit ,which this time is more subtle then in the previous film.

Using Shuriken ,Katana and hand to hand combat Casey will have to infiltrate Goro's lair but not before dealing with the a corrupt Police force in Goro's pocket and double crossing acquaintances out for a fast buck.

Ninja Shadow of a Tear has a standard run time of around ninety minutes approx and for much of that run time Casey is Kicking ,Flipping,Punching someone or something.

Legendary actor Shun Sugata is dominating in his role as the evil Goro and Kane Kosugi shows he is as fluid as his father when it comes to combat. Of note Kane Kosugi is the lead in the forthcoming Tekken 2 movie which also stars Gary Daniels reprising his role as Bryan Fury , but early reports suggest it does not fare to well even against the original .

Isaac Florentine has added another fast paced action film with a highly polished look which encompasses the martial arts spirit whilst delivering 90 minutes of enjoyable action.

Ninja Shadow of a Tear is a must see for all Ninja ,Scott Adkins or Isaac Florentine fans.

Sertes Nake

©NU Image / Swingin' Productions / Millennium Films 2013





Directed by Isaac Florentine
Produced by
Boaz Davidson
Frank DeMartini
Tom Waller
Written by Boaz Davidson
(as David White
Scott Adkins
Kane Kosugi
Mika Hijii
Shun Sugata
Music by
Logan Mader
Gerard Marino
Cinematography Ross W. Clarkson
Edited by Irit Raz
Nu Image
Swingin' Productions
Distributed by Millennium Films
Release dates
20 September 2013
Running time 95 minutes
Country United States



 Character Cast

 Scott Adkins as Casey Bowman

Kane Kosugi as Nakabara

Mika Hijii as Namiko Takeda

Shun Sugata as Goro

Vithaya Pansringarm as General Sung

Mukesh Bhatt as Mike

Jawed El Berni as Lucas

Futoshi Hashimoto as Toji

Tim Man as Myat

 Takato as Hiroshi

Ron Smoorenburg  a Dojo fighter

Patrick 'KAZU' Tang as Mugger no'1




 source : wikipedia


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